contemporary coffee table / wooden / glass / metal
contemporary coffee table
ARCUS ST by Timo Ripatti

Height: 55 cm

Arcus ST sofa table, design Timo Ripatti 2001. Base Ø35 x 1,5 mm steel tube. Top glass, 6 mm solid laminate or MDF+laminate or wood veneers. Measurements: h 550 mm. Available ...

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contemporary coffee table / HPL / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
NARU by Greutmann Bolzern

Height: 40 cm

The Naru coffee table was designed to complete the Genio lounge collection. As a classic high quality coffee table, Naru can also be used with other products. Available ...

contemporary coffee table / solid wood / laminate / square
contemporary coffee table
PAR3 by Bernard Vuarnesson

Height: 40 cm
Length: 53, 105 cm
Width: 52.5, 105 cm

... right to be used in the bedroom, living room as low table or as a support for small environment. Coffee table with solid wood structure and three reversible tops. The top support ...

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contemporary coffee table / wooden / laminate / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 38 cm
Length: 60 cm
Width: 60 cm

A robust table with very masculine detailing that is made to steal the attention from all other wooden furniture. See for yourself!

Scandinavian design coffee table / oak / walnut / teak
Scandinavian design coffee table

Height: 50 cm
Length: 160 cm
Width: 78 cm

... three-legged coffee table is a further development of his earlier eye shaped table, but as the expression goes, "everything has to be bigger in America". Despite its size, and thanks ...

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Finn Juhl
contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / solid wood
contemporary coffee table
AK 2510-2582 by Nissen & Gehl

Height: 40, 51, 46 cm
Length: 90, 140, 84 cm
Width: 50 cm - 100 cm

A series of light and stylish coffee tables in many sizes and forms which can be combined in many ways. The coffee tables are available in solid wood or in compact ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / maple / metal
contemporary coffee table
BOND by Märta Friman

Height: 320 mm

Coffee table with table top in oak, maple veneer or white laminate. Frame in oak or maple / nature. Height 320 or 500 mm. Metal glides. Approved by Möbelfakta – quality, ...

contemporary coffee table / steel / HPL / round
contemporary coffee table
AGRA by Enrico Franzolini

Height: 40 in
Length: 90, 80, 70 cm
Width: 80, 90, 70 cm

Low table Indoor Base steel chrome - steel paint with glossy finish Top HPL – HR Outdoor Base steel paint with glossy finish Top HPL

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contemporary coffee table / oak / beech / birch
contemporary coffee table

Height: 28 cm
Length: 90, 105, 120 cm
Width: 90, 120, 105 cm

multitasking furniture. hpl black or white. matrix is build up storeywise. one can choose between three different heights of each shelf and combine them. inside compartments or optional back panels provide stability. ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / laminate / round
contemporary coffee table

Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm

Create your dream coffee table, choose among a large range of colours and combine them to suit your own style, space and needs. Coloured options have a laminate top with a hardwearing ...

contemporary coffee table / wooden / crystal / iron
contemporary coffee table

Height: 42 cm
Length: 95 cm
Width: 95 cm

Small table in solid iron rod forged by hand with wooden shelf. Also available with laminated, marble or extra-clear tempered crystal shelf. Iron base presented in charcoal grey varnished finish

contemporary coffee table / laminate / round / commercial
contemporary coffee table

Height: 496 mm
Length: 500 mm
Width: 500 mm

... family composed of side, mid and nesting coffee tables.Ray, designed by Studio Kairos, is a coffee table series developed for new home furniture collection of 2016. It ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / stainless steel
contemporary coffee table

Height: 35 cm
Length: 120, 60, 80, 100 cm
Width: 80, 100, 60, 120 cm

Coffee table with 12 mm High Pressure Laminate top in different colours. Top available also in oak or walnut. Handmade base in bright or mat stainless steel or in lacquered steel in glossy ...

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Lestrocasa Firenze
contemporary coffee table / aluminum / HPL / white
contemporary coffee table
CUMULUS by Thomas Pedersen

... language, which can be seen the whole way down to the aluminum casted legs. The tabletops are constructed of high-pressured laminate with a black core and the common denominator for the Concord family are the high polished ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / laminate
contemporary coffee table

Height: 36, 48, 40, 44 cm
Length: 135 cm
Width: 70 cm

... maritime world, the table top and legs a solidly anchored in proud furniture traditions – solid and impervious. The table top is made with the best quality laminate and solid timber edging. Coffee ...

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PBJ Mobler ApS
contemporary coffee table / metal / laminate / tempered glass
contemporary coffee table

Height: 51 cm
Length: 55 cm
Width: 40 cm

metal parts: chrome - painted silver tempered glass smoking tables: clear glass - frosted glass - grey or white HLP laminate

contemporary coffee table / steel / laminate / paper
contemporary coffee table

... and hovering look combined with solid materials and a tabletop that can be turned upside down - changing the colour of the table! The central element of TURN180 is the tabletop plates. 160 resinous sheets of paper glued ...

contemporary coffee table / chrome steel / HPL / square
contemporary coffee table
BILLY 3 by Mauro Fadel

Height: 32 cm
Length: 60 cm
Width: 60 cm

Coffee table with chrome steel frame and HPL top .

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contemporary coffee table / metal / HPL / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

The KEY WEST collection offers unlimited solutions of outdoor furniture, creating different meeting points, indipendent each other or connected with the beam, to furnish with outdoor armchairs, outdoor sofas, outdoor chaiselongues ...

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Roberti Rattan
contemporary coffee table / aluminum / HPL / square
contemporary coffee table

Height: 72 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm

contemporary coffee table / chestnut / HPL / powder-coated steel
contemporary coffee table

The mr.hyde 2 coffee table top and the 2 extractable disc are in 6 mm thick HPL, topped with a 1 mm layer of wood (finish Y31 chestnut). The structure below is in powder coated steel (finish C08 black). Mr.hyde ...

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contemporary coffee table / fabric / laminate / round
contemporary coffee table
CUBIC by R. Tapinassi & M. Manzoni

Height: 32 cm
Length: 92, 62, 112 cm
Width: 62, 112, 92 cm

... guaranteed for 10 years. Polyurethane foam padding in different densities, upholstered with composite acrylic fibre. Glossy black laminated top. The covers can be removed from all pieces.

contemporary coffee table / metal / oak / beech
contemporary coffee table
MONTMARTRE by Jonas Wagell

Height: 40 cm - 110 cm
Length: 40 cm - 180 cm
Width: 40 cm - 110 cm

Montmartre table is a serie of simple tables including small, low tables for lounge areas all the way to large tables for restaurants and conference use. The simplicity ...

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contemporary coffee table / oak / ash / birch
contemporary coffee table
CAP by Roger Persson

Height: 90, 46, 72 cm
Length: 50 cm - 125 cm
Width: 50 cm - 125 cm

The inspiration for Cap table (2014), comes from those big wooden cable drums. Its name, however, is an allusion to the cap of a mushroom, as these tables can spring up like mushrooms in different sizes, ...

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contemporary coffee table / steel / HPL / tempered glass
contemporary coffee table
BADA by Stc Studio

Height: 74, 40 cm

... collection of tables with white or black compact HPL (High Pressure Laminated) tops, extruded aluminum columns, and squared steel bases covered with paint, onto a primer coat: white, black or forged ...