LED borderlights

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LED borderlights
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LED borderlight - ZX2

Energy-efficient continuous row luminaire with a lighting efficiency of 110 lm/W
Two side-mounted rotary levers allow tool-free mechanical and electrical installation on the ZX2 trunking
Combination with reflectors not possible
Aimed at presentation and sales...


High-performance illumination with adjustable...

LED borderlight - PENTURA MINI

Pentura Mini LED is an extremely slim batten that offers the energy-saving benefits of LED technology, coupled with excellent lighting performance bright, uniform...

LED borderlight - COVE

Even versus the most efficient fluorescent lamps, LED has an advantage in Cove applications due to the directional nature of the emitted light. With the GE LED...

LED borderlight - TETRA AL10

This linear LED system combines versatility with superb quality of light. High colour rendering (93 CRI) and steady colour temperatures enable to meet the high standards of lighting industry.

LED borderlight - LINES

module to retrofit...

LED borderlight - FINE

Mini surface or recessed fitting with LED strips with superb luminous flux distribution....

LED borderlight - 25

Continues lines of light, without limits.
Each led module can be cut every 8 cm, this gives architects and lighting...

LED borderlight - LT-LINE 500

LED Line, in pas sivated

LED borderlight - LINEA

LED Line, aluminum body with
polyester paint...

LED borderlight - DELTALINE 1

These light shaping fi xtures are meant to highlight the masterpiece from...

LED borderlight - EPSILINE

+ Lengths per project available
+ Glare and...

LED borderlight - REGLASY

+ Lengths per project available
+ Glare and...

LED borderlight - BOOKLED

It doesn't always need to be the fitting which attracts attention....

LED borderlight - 04-52A-63A-00

LED tube for replacing fluorescent tubes in interior...

LED borderlight - 04-327-600-00

A base for supplying a LED...

LED borderlight - 09-156-000-00

The NEOLUX standard profile is made from very high quality anodised aluminium, with a height of 9 mm, for fitting NEOLUX Flex LED with power ratings of 3 to 19.2 W/m and with a...

LED borderlight - ROUND


LED borderlight - WINGS


LED borderlight - U


LED borderlight - CORNER


LED borderlight - PROFILE 2.0

The restricted size makes...

LED borderlight - SNACK 1.0

Perfect for shelves,...

LED borderlight - SNACK 1.3

Perfect for shelves,...

LED borderlight - FORMLITE


With this novelty YACHTLITE exclusively realises a pressing request from shipyards, designers, outfitters and ship owners, who have...

LED borderlight - TRIPIX 300 AND 1200™

The Tripix 300™ and Tripix 1200™ are attractively designed IP66 rated LED strips using tricolor LEDs for superior...

LED borderlight - PMB-4

Equipped with 4 x 30 W COB LEDs in the colors red, green and blue
3, 5, 12 or 15 DMX channels selectable for numerous applications
Rugged housing and an appealing design
Base for standing installation

LED borderlight - PRISMLINE

When color rendering is important, the...

LED borderlight - LINEAR 5555

High power outdoor projector, aluminium body and front glass protection. Linear 7055 have been designed to offer the highest lumen flux and complete our offer for facades,...

LED borderlight - LINEAR - 44200 - 16 by Nicola Del Lungo - Daniele Monelli

Small size show case led lighting system. Aluminum housing with special surface treatment....

LED borderlight - MICROLED - 47100 by Nicola Del Lungo - Daniele Monelli

Very small downlight with aluminum body and chrome head.
An extremely powerful...

LED borderlight - RIGA PLUS IP40

Light fixture with high-performance LED light sources.
Floor, wall, ceiling installation by means of fixing clips (not included).
Monochromatic or RGB light.
Body in UV-stabilized transparent polycarbonate.

LED borderlight - LINE

Led Line of technology LED with possibility of infinite colors thanks to the combination of colors RGB.
Luminaria conceived for a use urban and placed in the apartment that admits rolled transit. Elementary form of a light that it does not contaminate...

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