Light dimmer switches

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Light dimmer switches
light dimmer switch - 22.3.2

All 22.3 operative components are designed...

light dimmer switch - 22.3.6

All 22.3 operative components are designed to snap fit into any of the 22.2 mounting...

light dimmer switch - SOLINA®

Plug-in, no wiring required
Green LEDs indicate light level
Lights softly fade to on/off
Acoustically quiet operation
Tap on/off to favourite level; tap off
Tap twice for full...

light dimmer switch - CAMEO®: CLW-SLVU-P

The CLW-SLVU-P is a Cameo® in-wall remote dimmer which features field-replaceable and engravable buttons. Available in designer colors and configurable with 2 buttons or in a rocker layout, the CLW-SLVU-P uses a "universal" design, capable of interfacing with the CLW-DIMEX-P and CLW-DELVEX-P.
The CLW-SLVU-P is a Cameo® in-wall...

light dimmer switch - CAMEO®: CLW-DIMEX-P

Now making a Cameo® appearance are Crestron® in-wall dimmers and switches, modeled after the popular, modern look of Cameo keypads. Available with adjustable button layouts and designer colors, the Cameo dimmers and switches are even more versatile and affordable than previous generations. Like their cousin keypads, button caps can be swapped in the field, making it...

light dimmer switch - CLW-LDIMEX

Transform any standard lamp into a fully controllable Crestron device with the CLW-LDIMEX.

The CLW-LDIMEX is a plug in dimmer designed to operate as part of a complete Crestron automation system communicating via the infiNET EX™ wireless control network. Without the need for additional control wiring, the CLW-LDIMEX easily acts in place of standard in-wall dimmer or light switch for...

light dimmer switch - DM-SG-4SM-W

Stylish push-button wall plate for on/off, scene selection and raise/lower control.

User programming mode...

light dimmer switch - 173080

AC 230V, 50Hz

light dimmer switch - BANQUISE

- The polar white colour of this range means that it perfectly fits with all environments,...

light dimmer switch - BLANC

- In compliance with EN60669 European standard. It offers special phosphorescent inserts for...

light dimmer switch - ALTIRA: ALB45190

The Altira range consists of the following functions :
Control inserts and luminous control inserts
Comfort control inserts: dimmers, movement detectors, time delay switch, thermostats
Security control inserts: key and key-card switches
Power socket-outlets: French and German...

light dimmer switch - MEMORY 2 GANG

An impressive lighting effect in a double pack one dimmer for two lamps.

Until now, each dimmerneeded its own flushmounted socket or had to be accommodated in the distributing cabinet including the wiring. Now this has changed - with the new Busch Memory 2 gang Dimmer two lamps can...

light dimmer switch - BUSCH-UNIVERSAL-DIMMER®

Regardless of the type of lighting you require - the Busch-Universal-Dimmer®...

light dimmer switch - AWSMT-IBW

The Leviton Renoir™ II line of architectural wall box dimmers supports an unparalleled number of...

light dimmer switch - AWWMG-W

The Leviton Renoir™ II line of architectural wall box dimmers supports an unparalleled number of...

light dimmer switch - ZMDSW-1W

The Z-MAX Digital Switches are 100% digital, using the Luma-Net...

light dimmer switch - REI06-WC

Renu in a snap! Renu is the smart new line of decorative electrical products from Leviton. Install Renu and get a fresh stylish look, plus the ability to change the color of any Renu device...

light dimmer switch - VPI06-1LW

Levitons Vizia+ collection of lighting and fan speed controls offers elegant, digital design...

light dimmer switch - C4-KD120

Transform a standard light switch or dimmer into a fully customizable keypad and dimmer. This...

light dimmer switch - C4-APD120

This elegant dimmer is compatible with a broad range of dimmable load types including...

light dimmer switch - 100-51046

This push button allows you to dim two light points...

light dimmer switch - 100-51046

Dimmer for dimmable Philips LED fittings...

light dimmer switch - DIALOG: D 95.420.02

Button fixture for touch dimmer...

light dimmer switch - WI-FI CIRCA: WCD-1XXXXX

The Savant Wi-Fi™ Circa Dimmer (WCD-1XXXXX) is a wall-box device which provides control of a variety of dimmable forward...

light dimmer switch - ELS

Regulates and shuts down the artificial light output in accordance with the level of natural light
Controls the light level individually
Imperceptible automatic dimming
Easy installation, clicked onto the lamp or integrated into the housing
ELS 1-10 V

light dimmer switch - 0041635

The OriDIM system is ideal for small rooms. The system can be controlled by a wall plate and/or a sensor, facilitating scene-setting in combination
with optional occupancy detection and light-level regulation at the same...


How to choose this product


Modern light dimmer switches operate by rapidly switching the current on and off, supplying less energy and furnishing less light. On ArchiExpo, these devices are arranged by properties such as operating method (e.g., rotary) or type of light (e.g., fluorescent).


Such switches are found in residential, public and commercial settings. They are used for mood lighting in restaurants, safety lighting in cinemas and theaters, and to the adjust brightness to user preference, be it at home or in the office.

How to choose

Consider the energy efficiency of the switch. Ensure that it is suitable for the light on which it will be installed. There are knob, slide and pushbutton models, some programmable. Determine sturdiness, durability and whether the style is appropriate for the decor.

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