Lozenge patterned roof tiles

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ArchiExpo features many types of tiles in numerous shapes and colors, such as terracotta and concrete versions. Configurations include flat, Spanish and interlocking tiles. Lozenge-shaped roof tiles fall into the latter category, and are made of terracotta.


These tiles are suitable for traditional sloped roofs.


Lozenge-patterned roof tiles are interlocking, though they should not be confused with interlocking lozenge tiles, which are laid at a 45° angle to the slope of the roof.

How to choose

Choice of such tiles will depend on project type and location. Their use adds to the traditional appearance of the roof.


- Traditional aspect

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Lozenge patterned interlocking clay roof tile (aged) LOSANGE IMERYS Toiture

The Huguenot Losange is a lightly profiled large format interlocking clay tile made at Pargny-sur-Saulx in the Champagne region. Although this type of tile is traditionally...

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Lozenge patterned roof tiles
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