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Revolving mirror-standing lamp with 6 mm high temperature...


Pure reflection. Better for health and environment. Saint-Gobain Glass launches its

A new generation of mirrors with patterned, adjustable
intensity, integrated lights DESIRE is a merger of technology and design : the first range of LED illuminated mirrors produced by Glassolutions, a real "tour de force" in this sector.
Created in close collaboration with architect and designer, Fabrice Knoll, a hotel and spa specialist, this new...


Simple is a furnishing system composed of
shelves and cabinets, characterised...

Flaminia proposes a series of mirrors studied to unit their function
to a...


The extra-wide mirror emphasises the generous proportions of the NEOREST collection....

The extra-wide mirror emphasises the generous proportions of the NEOREST collection....

The extra-wide mirror emphasises the generous proportions of the NEOREST collection....

Even the MH mirror with its strip light (LED) is...

TOTOs NC Series vessel basin was the starting point for the curved shape and colour of the...


One is the new collection of furniture and illuminated mirrors for your bathroom. Bathroom units for Roca countertop and wall-mounted basins with...

Series of units made of 19 mm DM and finished in Oak, Walnut or Gloss Lacquer protected with acrylic varnish and gloss lacquer finish, designed for...

Bathroom units made of natural ash-colored wood.

Compatible with Veranda countertop wash-basin.

The series consists...


Collection 2morrow
Model A372A0
Width 1000 (mm)


Delos Mirror with lighting IP 44, Design by EOOS, 1 sensor switch optional L/R/0, Energy...

Fogo Mirror with lighting (width variable) IP 44, Design by Duravit, 1 sensor switch bottom right,...

Starck Furniture Mirror with lighting IP 44, 1 compact fluorescent...


illuminated, wall mounted, on pivoted rail
adjustable in three...

illuminated, wall mounted,...

non illuminated, wall...

2 laterally illuminated...


Mirror with frame in transparent polycarbonate.


Specchio con cornice in legno disponibile in: laccato bianco opaco, rovere tinto (wengé, grigio, bianco a poro aperto, naturale,...

Mirror with transparent undulated...


A range of mirrors available in horizontal and vertical versions, with edge-to-edge mirror surfaces or with a lacquered, decorated...

Simple and functional the Endless mirror is decorated with a circular...

The special engraving of the mirror Vertigo makes it a scenographic object...

Wave mirror has a bent and lacquered glass frame, various finishes, and it is available also...


EL ME60 ELEMENTS Mirror without light with facet

Ø0,00 cm

EL MEB60 ELEMENTS Mirror with light and switch with facet and incl. bulb

Ø0,00 cm
2 x T5 . 14 W . 230 V


LUZ 3 Mirror illuminated


LUZ 5 Mirror illuminated


BS 13/V Cosmetic mirror illuminated chrome - 7x magnification

Ø17,00 cm

BS 12/V Cosmetic mirror illuminated chrome...


Bowl talks about beauty. Conceived as a piece of jewelry, persecute preciousness in every little detail that makes each object. In shape dimension, the collection is inspired by the harmony and contrast between forms, volumes, spaces and materials....


This prestigious model is exemplary of BROT savoir-faire throughout the generations.


This vanity mirror with built in lighting hit the top of the charts as soon as it was launched. Its neat lines perfectly suit your contemporary decor. The elongated form of the mirror...

This magnifying lighted mirror (24cm diameter) is on a swivel that permits you to adjust it both vertically and horizontally.

Functional and long-lasting, it is highly appreciated...

This magnifying lighted mirror is supported by a single arm that permits you to adjust the mirror both vertically and horizontally.

The mirror can extend up to 27 centimeters (10 7/8 inches) from...

This magnifying lighted mirror is supported by a double arm that permits you to adjust the mirror both vertically and horizontally. The mirror can extend up to 44 centimeters (17 5/16 inches) from the...


Hand polished extralight mirror. Metal back panel....


our light mirrors put the washstand in...


This mirror series is exceptional. Every wall mirror consists of up to 111 single mirror elements,...


How to choose this product


An illuminated mirror has integrated lighting to aid in shaving or applying makeup. Bulbs can be fluorescent, incandescent or LED. An illuminated mirror may be a wall-mounted, counter-top, portable or floor model. On ArchiExpo, such items are arranged by characteristics including style, material or features.


As well as facilitating personal care tasks, these mirrors can help create a pleasant room ambiance. Some models are combined with a television, radio, clock or even an ironing board. Some functions are especially useful in homes, hotel rooms or other commercial settings with limited space.

How to choose

Decide whether the mirror will serve a specific function or as ambient lighting. Personal care models should have well-positioned illumination reproducing daylight as closely as possible. LEDs are an energy-efficient example. Incandescent bulbs emit yellowish light and consume more energy.

Consider how the style harmonizes with the space. There are minimalist geometric designs, as well as those with particular motifs or unusual forms. Wall-mounted models must not be too heavy for the supporting structure. Those made with safety glass or tempered glass minimize the risk of injury if the mirror breaks. Determine ease of maintenance, including replacing the bulbs.

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