cover decorative panel / natural fiber / wall-mounted / satin
cover decorative panel

Width: 50 cm
Length: 50 cm

One square isn’t the other… Certainly not when you’re talking about 3D Squares - our embossed panels. Decorated with a diversity of squares in different measurements and depths. A magnificent view! The very uniqueness ...

furniture decorative panel / fabric / wall-mounted / matte
furniture decorative panel

Width: 832, 416 mm
Length: 1,100, 550 mm

Inspired by delicate delft blue pottery from the Netherlands. The matte black velvet background holds the Belladona steam. Beautiful in any room. Size: A0 - 841mm x 1189mm / Signed Limited Edition of 5 Fine art Giclée ...

polymer decorative panel / wall-mounted / lightweight / 3D
polymer decorative panel

Thickness: 70 mm
Width: 519 mm
Length: 600 mm

Decorative wall board composed of polymer measuring 1000 x 300 x 120 mm (corresponding to 0.3 m² - 3,33 piece/m²). Available in a white base, or matt or gloss laquered finishes in RAL-chart colours, very ...

wood fiber decorative panel / wall-mounted / fire-retardant / matte
wood fiber decorative panel

Thickness: 12 mm
Width: 620 mm
Length: 2,390 mm

... wide selection of wallpapers, which we have divided into three collections: The CLASSIC collection comprises classic decorative finishes and surfaces. Numerous combinations where the classic striped wallpapers come ...

Valchromat® decorative panel / wall-mounted / matte / mosaic look
Valchromat® decorative panel
BRASILIANA by Oca Brasil and Renata Rubim Design & Cores

... in partnership with Renata Rubim Design & Cores. The panels, made of Valchromat in traditional Portuguese tiles of 20x20 formats, are machined, revealing its base and giving contrast between matte and ...

clay decorative panel / wall-mounted / for furniture / 3D
clay decorative panel

For several years a team of designers has been working on the revival of an ancient process of the production of three-dimensionally created surfaces. The recipe, based on bound chalk and china clay, was originally used for decorating ...

composite decorative panel / wall-mounted / backsplash / matte
composite decorative panel

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 450 mm
Length: 1,200 mm

MURETTO VENETIAN panel has longitudinal slats getting a very natural appearance that allows you to cover the entire shower area. It can be combined with standard panels. Available in Slate, Ardesia and Nude textures.

plastic decorative panel / PVC / for false ceilings / wall-mounted
plastic decorative panel

Marvec FS is an extruded flat PVC sheet. Combining weatherability, fire performance and chemical resistance in easily workable gloss and matt surfaces, in clear and white options, Marvec FS is suitable for a range of glazing and DIY applications. ...

mosaic decorative panel / ceramic / wall-mounted / matte
mosaic decorative panel

Egem Mosaic Design creates fashion by constantly manufacturing and selling aesthetic and functional products with an understanding of service and production generated by experience, knowledge and new-unique products.

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Egem Mozaik Dizayn San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.
cover decorative panel / HPL / for furniture / for partition walls
cover decorative panel

Brikley Compact Laminated decorative panels are composed of superposed layers of materials-heat pressed together. The resulting product is strong, high quality decorative element. They ...

plastic decorative panel / wall-mounted / for false ceilings / bathroom
plastic decorative panel

Width: 50 cm
Length: 50 cm

Each box contains 32.9 ft2 / (12 panels of 50×50 cm / 19.6×19.6 in) Wall Forms panels are made of white bone-colored plastic with a wall-like texture. They can be used both in interiors (painted with ...

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Habitarte SAS
bamboo decorative panel / natural fiber / for ceilings / wall
bamboo decorative panel

Thickness: 1.5 cm
Width: 63 cm
Length: 80 cm

INREDA 3D Decorative Panel, a new panel in rectangular format that reminds us of the calm of the waves of the sea. A perfect design for your home or your business. Original, modern and ...

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composite decorative panel / wall-mounted / wear-resistant / matte
composite decorative panel

Width: 750, 1,200, 1,500, 1,600 mm
Length: 750, 1,500, 3,200 mm

Following the success of Calacatta - the winner of the Red Dot Award and the Muuuz International Awards 2015 - TheSize presents Calacatta Gold, characterized by a greyish mesh with shiny golden veins which is ideal for the most exclusive ...

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NEOLITH by TheSize
wood decorative panel / particleboard / for interior / matte
wood decorative panel

Roseburg RediShelf makes shelving simple with our unfinished particleboard (optional clear, UV-cured topcoat) products that are a contractor’s answer to all storage problems. From the commercial office to the kids room, home office and ...

resin decorative panel / wall-mounted / matte / veneered
resin decorative panel

Name: Veneer Resin Panel Product code: ZV-Y-001 Material: Yellow resin with grooves Surface Material: Wood Veneer Dimension: 1200mm x 2400mm Thickness: 10mm Surface Finish: Matt

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MDF decorative panel / polyester / for furniture / matte
MDF decorative panel

Matt panels for design furniture solutions Supermatt is the extra matt panel created for the interior design. Highly resistant to scratches and stains but at the same time with a soft and velvety surface ...

leather decorative panel / PVC / for interior / wall-mounted
leather decorative panel

... easier to transport and assemble. The panels are available in sizes ranging from 25x30 cm to 125+75 cm, with any of the tailor-made alternatives for special sizes. In addition, Millepelli produces special panels ...

wood decorative panel / wall-mounted / matte / high-gloss
wood decorative panel
ACANTIA by Luca Scacchetti

... excellent refined quality that Menotti Specchia delivers with all its products. Room-divider panel in trapezoidal or rectangular section strips. Panel height has to be hold to the distance between ...

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Menotti Specchia Project srl
wood decorative panel / wall-mounted / matte / molding
wood decorative panel

Simple and effective! Anyone looking for a simple wall-panel solution can just affix a second upper border on the wall and paint everything in the same color, transforming the high baseboard into wall paneling. The baseboard ...

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natural stone decorative panel / marble / for interior / wall-mounted
natural stone decorative panel
VENA by Raffaello Galiotto

An interior design covering consisting of irregular horizontal incisions on the stone surface, aimed to explore the expressive potential of light and texture, bringing out every possible color shade the material can assume. Modules cm 80x40x2

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Lithos Design
HPL decorative panel / for interior / for exterior fittings / matte
HPL decorative panel

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MDF decorative panel / acrylic / for false ceilings / wall-mounted
MDF decorative panel

Real wood panels are a genuine alternative to wallpaper and plaster. Madera 200 has invisible joints to create a calm and unified surface, achieving a harmonious atmosphere in the room. Design squares, creative boxes ...

melamine decorative panel / for interior / wear-resistant / smooth
melamine decorative panel

A choice inspired by the following wood species: maple, oak, cherry and walnut, available in a range of inviting colors.

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acrylic decorative panel / for interior / matte / 3D effect
acrylic decorative panel

... stare deep into space. Its reflective, contemporary clear mirrored surface suddenly springs to life with a flick of a switch! Panels can be single or double-sided and are lit with LEDs which add endless variety.Traditional ...

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steel decorative panel / for interior / matte / high-gloss
steel decorative panel

... building construction labels like Bream and Leed. Estetic® BioAir can be used in a large panels of applications, like : ceiling systems walls (inner side of sandwich panels or façade cladding) partitions ...