contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / MDF / aluminum
contemporary coffee table

Height: 29 cm - 48 cm
Length: 70 cm - 180 cm
Width: 70 cm - 100 cm

A collection of coffee tables which are light and elegant. Original structuresin aluminium, available in two sizes, making it easy to combine them with more elements. These coffee tables ...

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contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 18 in
Width: 54 in

... lines, perfect proportions and range of finishes make the Krefeld Table ideal for public spaces, reception areas, universities and, of course, the living room. Available in side and coffee table ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / polished stainless steel / cast aluminum
contemporary coffee table
SERENO by Fredrikson Stallard

Height: 56 cm
Length: 130 cm
Width: 130 cm

... resolve themselves through the reorganization of symmetry. characteristics Coffee table/sculpture legs in polished cast aluminum or cast aluminum gold plated finished and mdf top ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / ash / American walnut
contemporary coffee table
DIAGONALE by Philippe Bouix

Height: 34 cm
Length: 110, 80 cm
Width: 110, 140 cm

Cocktail table with top in American walnut veneer on MDF with repetitive marquetry and inlays in stained ash wood. Legs in stained ash wood. Manufactured in Europe.

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contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / steel
contemporary coffee table

Height: 33, 27 cm
Length: 95 cm
Width: 98 cm

Two tables, horizontal surfaces such as two-dimensional projections of organic forms, glide over one another, overlap. The result is an uneven and harmonious composition, enhanced by the choice of material and color of ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / steel / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 375, 460, 275 mm
Length: 1,538, 800, 500 mm
Width: 1,220, 800 mm

The Lovers coffee tables describe the complicity of union of two materials, two shapes, two finishes, but with only one structure that connects and sustains them. A style dialogue between two lovers, ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / oak / walnut
contemporary coffee table
ISLAND by Paola Vella & Ellen Bernhardt

Height: 52, 40, 42 cm
Length: 56, 120, 98, 140 cm
Width: 56, 60, 98, 50 cm

... family of coffee tables with different highs and shapes, that can be put one near another, in order to create some big or small islands, depending from the requests of each home space.Top in wood (walnut ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / aluminum / round
contemporary coffee table

A collection of greatly adaptable tables, thanks to the variety of shapes and finishes available. Plato meets the most diverse requirements of domestic and contract areas. Perfect in combinations with Dino, Dininho and ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / steel
contemporary coffee table
COSMO by Box Design

Height: 50, 38 cm
Length: 65, 133, 125, 70 cm
Width: 65, 75, 70 cm

... series of practical and elegant coffee tables with double tabletops. The tables come in six different sizes, in circular, square, rectangular and elliptical shapes. The tabletop is oak ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / lacquered MDF / American walnut
contemporary coffee table
1128 MARAS by Georg Appeltshause

... the side table in the armrest height of the sofa, transforms into a central coffee table of less height. The used materials like American walnut or white lacquered, satinated glass fit ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / rectangular / with storage compartment
contemporary coffee table
CASKET RIGO by Laboratorio Avallone

Height: 30 cm
Length: 105 cm
Width: 130 cm

Low decorated table with a pull-out side drawer. MDF top, covered with striped sliced in relief, with horizontal engravers. Polished chromed steel base. Finishing: mat black / taupe. W 130 D 105 H 30

contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / steel
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40 cm

... white. Different base sizes available. NB: The height of the table varies according to the thickness of the different table tops. The height indicated below refers to the MDF table.

contemporary coffee table / MDF / steel / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45, 57 cm
Length: 103 cm
Width: 70, 113.5 cm

Granville functional coffee table with storage, the product is available in different colours. As shown, matt white lacquered/anthracite grey burnished steel. H45/57xW102½xD70/113½cm

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contemporary coffee table / solid wood / MDF / ash
contemporary coffee table

Height: 36, 57, 56, 47, 37 cm
Length: 180, 130, 80, 65, 50 cm
Width: 70, 65, 50, 130, 80 cm

A series of round, square and oval low tables with the top frame in mdf, veneer and solid ash wood, available in five finishes: natural (fin.96), anthracite grey (fin.93), ash grey (fin.68), walnut painted ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / steel / round
contemporary coffee table
PIÙ by Giuseppe Viganò

A light, crisp and stylish table with a strong, clean design and an elegant, dainty spirit. Material: steel base, MDF top. Available in a matt lacquered finish in the following colours: white, black, ...

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contemporary coffee table / MDF / square
contemporary coffee table
UPLAND by Massimo Mariani

An unconventional, informal chair conducive to conviviality.

original design coffee table / MDF / aluminum / octagonal
original design coffee table
STEALTH by Jan Grad

Height: 40 cm
Length: 78 cm
Width: 138 cm

sculpture-like coffee & side tables / night stands enchanting with their clear-cut, multifaceted charisma. Artisan top-of-the-line product. Interior structure: mitered MDF shapes.

contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / marble
contemporary coffee table
LUNA by Paolo Mauri

... conformity. Essentially like the moon. Lacquered finished in different colors (see table of finishes). MATERIALS A top in marble or solid oak. Base is a turned MDF block.

contemporary coffee table / MDF / powder-coated steel / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 12 in
Length: 40 in
Width: 40 in

... and design are one with the Strut. A proud stance for any gathering. Powder-coated steel frame with polyurethane finish over MDF for the top. • Lacquer on engineered wood substrate with glossy polyurethane finish • ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / oak / MDF
contemporary coffee table
JACK by Björn Mulder

Height: 32 cm
Length: 91 cm
Width: 91 cm

Coffee tables Finch Metal, Spark and Lite are each part of a sofa series of the same name. The base of the tables is the same as those of the sofa series. They are all designed by Björn ...

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contemporary coffee table / metal / walnut / MDF
contemporary coffee table
COOPER by Gunilla Allard

... collection of high tables, which includes a modular table component system.
 Top of 10/12 mm white compact laminate alt. 16 mm MDF with walnut veneer and edge in walnut. Frame of ...

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Lammhults Möbel AB
contemporary coffee table / MDF / square / with magazine rack
contemporary coffee table
TETRIS by Nendo

Height: 31.5 cm
Length: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm

Open and closed segments, like a chessboard. Tetris. From the name of a game, a low table. The upper surfaces are cantilevered, as if suspended in mid-air at the center. The empty spaces for storage compartments, for ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / stainless steel
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm

Round coffe table composed of : * frame and a 3 feet base in stainless steel and * 1 plate Th.4 cm in MDF , oak veneered, carbon colour

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contemporary coffee table / metal / marble / MDF
contemporary coffee table
FRISCO by Castello Lagravinese Studio

Small tables. Structure: in metal. Structure finishing: French Bronze or Gun Metal. Top high (1): marble. Top low (2): MDF. Top low finishing (2): lacquered.

contemporary coffee table / wooden / metal / MDF
contemporary coffee table

Cruz is a coffe-table, or a side-table, whose modernity melts with the natural warmth of its top. The metal tubes forming the structure cross over each other, and reach the wooden top.

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Tonin Casa