contemporary coffee table / wooden / glass / metal
contemporary coffee table
ARCUS ST by Timo Ripatti

Height: 55 cm

Arcus ST sofa table, design Timo Ripatti 2001. Base Ø35 x 1,5 mm steel tube. Top glass, 6 mm solid laminate or MDF+laminate or wood veneers. Measurements: h 550 mm. Available also in special sizes.

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contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / plywood
contemporary coffee table

Height: 55.5, 45 cm
Length: 47, 78 cm
Width: 46.5, 78 cm

... Especially since it comes in two sizes, a higher side table and a full size coffee table, which of course combine beautifully! Specs IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS Removable tray ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / beech / plywood
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 100 cm

... lacquered plywood panels, with a 12mm quadrangular glass top with a smoothed off edge. The base is made with a first system of MDF, formed by an inclined plane facing to two orthogonal panels, joined with stainless ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / stainless steel / ceramic
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 85 cm
Width: 70 cm

Coffee table with structure in stainless steel with nickel finishing. Walnut venneered 70cm top and 40cm MDF top covered with Calacata ceramic.

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contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
ENA by Salih Teskeredzic

Height: 35 cm
Length: 90, 120 cm
Width: 90, 60 cm

... Product info: Sizes: W: 90 cm D: 90 cm H: 35 cm W: 120 cm D: 60 cm H: 35 cm Body: Solid oak Drawer surface: MDF - White 9010 Storage functions: One drawer on each side

contemporary coffee table / steel / MDF / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
ALTER by Piotr Kuchcinski

Height: 40 cm
Length: 45 cm
Width: 120 cm

A collection of occasional tables in two heights - 40 or 24 cm. The MDF table top is produced in either veneer or varnished finish and the frame in varnished steel. The main design feature ...

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contemporary coffee table / oak / MDF / birch
contemporary coffee table
TROUVÉ LOUNGE by Gérard der Kinderen

Height: 45 cm
Length: 90 cm - 120 cm
Width: 90 cm - 120 cm

One long and two short legs support an triangle to egg shaped table top. Wooden tabletops and steel legs. Sizes (l x w x h): Different sizes are available: 90-120 (l) x 90-120 (w) x 45 (h) cm. Special sizes on ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / chrome steel / rectangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 35 cm
Length: 123 cm
Width: 66 cm

Volume 0,29 m3 Measures 123 x 63 x 31 Packaging 125 x 66 x 35 20 Kg

contemporary coffee table / metal / oak / MDF
contemporary coffee table
EUGÉNIE by Amandine Chhor & Aïssa Logerot

Height: 40, 16 cm
Length: 70, 62 cm
Width: 70, 62 cm

Eugénie is a sofa table which combines both a light and fine metal structure with the warmness of its two wooden trays. The bottom tray enables to exhibit nice accessories or put your books and magazines. Dimensions ...

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contemporary coffee table / wooden / metal / MDF
contemporary coffee table
BINO by Valentina Carretta

Height: 38, 34, 31 cm
Length: 80, 115, 170 cm
Width: 80, 65, 64 cm

... of three coffee tables. The visual impact is enhanced by the new wooden finishes, offering at the same time an actual wooden alternative. The base is made by a pressed, folded and laquered metal while ...

contemporary coffee table / glass / MDF / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 50 cm
Length: 55 cm
Width: 55 cm

Side table with an MDF structure and high gloss or matt lacquer finish. Choice of colorless top, or painted in the color of the piece. Available in several colors. Measurements L W55cm * H 50cm

original design coffee table / MDF / iron / rectangular
original design coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 103 cm
Width: 64 cm

The Great Tapes are made of MDF, are handpainted using top quality autograde paints, and are decorated with vynil decals. The legs are sandblasted and powdercoated iron. Each table contains 120 meters ...

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Altar Furniture
contemporary coffee table / MDF / powder-coated steel / chromed metal
contemporary coffee table
TRE 90 by Charles O. Job

Height: 30, 36 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm

The lounge table Tre 90 acts through its beautiful proportions (ø 90 cm) and the characteristic base. With two different heights, two Tre 90 tables can have a slight overlap when placed next to each other ...

organic design coffee table / wooden / glass / MDF
organic design coffee table

Height: 12 in
Length: 62 in
Width: 28 in

Lust Coffee Table is a futuristic sculptural art table with a dynamic form designed by Amorph. Lust could be fitted in modern homes or offices featuring as a contemporary style piece. ...

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Amorph Furniture
Scandinavian design coffee table / oak / walnut / solid wood
Scandinavian design coffee table
OSCT by Mathieu FORT

Height: 45 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 100 cm

Inspired by 1950s Scandinavian coffee table design, the OSCT coffee table boasts features which have turned it into an exceptional piece of design. It employs the lines ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / round
contemporary coffee table
BONNIE&CLYDE by Nicola Cacco

Length: 100, 59 cm
Width: 76, 48.5 cm

... with wheels, tops 1000×760 and 585×485 mm. Materials and colors: chrome-plated steel, painted brown and white. Tops: matt MDF white, brown.

contemporary coffee table / stone / oak / MDF
contemporary coffee table
985 by labsdesign

Height: 35 cm
Length: 120, 80 cm
Width: 80 cm

Coffee table Dimension: Height 35 cm: 120 x 80 cm or 80 x 80 cm Table top (divided): Solid oak brushed to give appearance of reclaimed wood or oak H70 or oak H98 and MDF ...

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Rolf Benz Ag & KG
contemporary coffee table / metal / marble / MDF
contemporary coffee table
ISLANDS by Sara Larsson

Height: 48 cm
Length: 76 cm
Width: 62 cm

The Islands coffee table is a little group of table tops, just as small islands joined together to form a flexible and playful table. Islands has 4 tables ...

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A 2 designers
contemporary coffee table / walnut / MDF / stainless steel
contemporary coffee table

... Tango table demonstrates refined design features with round base in chrome plated solid steel as well as stainless steel available in both brushed and polished. MDF table top is available ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / beech / glass
contemporary coffee table

Height: 43 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm

... by curves in structures, and the warmth of natural finishes and upholstery covers the tables, create a perfect harmony throughout the collection. The coffee table "GEMMA PUF SQUARE" ...

contemporary coffee table / MDF / ash / steel
contemporary coffee table
CLUSTER by Jonas Wagell

Height: 42, 52, 62, 72 cm
Length: 60, 105 cm
Width: 60, 105 cm

... an extension of the Cumulus seating system. Table frame in laquered steel. Table top in stained ash veneer on MDF core. 4 heights: 42, 52, 62 and 72cm 2 table ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / MDF / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
AJOURS by Normal Studio

contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / MDF / exotic wood
contemporary coffee table
ARCH by Marco Sousa Santos

Height: 76 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 180, 200 cm

MDF veneered, exotic wood, Finish: Natural oil or Lacquered Size: 220 ( L ) X 60 ( W ) X 30 ( H ) Cm

Scandinavian design coffee table / oak / MDF / maple
Scandinavian design coffee table

Height: 42 cm
Length: 89 cm
Width: 68 cm

The table was named by the form similar to the open gemma. The elegance of the table is highlighted by dispersing at the basis and narrowed from top to bottom legs. It can be used separately or in a combination ...

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contemporary coffee table / MDF / lacquered MDF / triangular
contemporary coffee table

Height: 40 cm
Length: 77 cm
Width: 77 cm

... finely structured, powder-coated table top as a timeless, elegant coffee table in lounge areas, hotel or living rooms and harmonises with the side table CHRONOS. PLEKTRON ...

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