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The wooden-stainless steel staircase comprises wooden steps supplied in various types of wood (Beech, Oak, Doussie, Wenge, Teak, Iroko) and with several finishes (oil, bleached, polyurethane varnishes, etc). The thickness of the step and riser (73-80...


Battig Design manufactures special projects for municipalities and governments. Battig...


Stairs for both indoor and outdoor spiral, modular stairs, metal shaft and bars and railings...


Cantilever stairs laterally fixedy, 60 mm thick wooden steps.

Stainless steel railing with 6 rods diameter 12 mm, double...


A bold model that became the center of attention at our...


How to choose this product


A metal staircase can offer advantages over other types. Stainless steel and aluminum are lightweight, durable and resist corrosion. Malleable metals can be used to create curved handrails or other interesting forms. Prefabricated models are economical. Other materials are sometimes added to a metal structure to improve visual, acoustic and tactile qualities.

On ArchiExpo, these stairs are arranged by properties such as type (e.g., straight or spiral) or metal.


Such staircases are suitable for both interior and exterior use. They may be functional and/or decorative, including prefabricated models designed for maintenance access or emergency escape. Folding or retractable versions are sometimes used for loft access in confined areas.

How to choose

Consider available space and the possible need for a spiral or semi-circular model. The staircase should suit its intended use and comply with local regulations. For example, a maintenance staircase may have to meet specific requirements. Verify appropriate handrail, tread and riser dimensions.

If form is important, consider how the finish will fit with the surroundings, whether the stairs need to let light pass through, be soft or sound absorbing. A metal structure with glass steps may maximize light transmission, while wooden treads reduce noise and add a natural quality.

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