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foundation micropile - GEWI®

Advantages and Characteristics

robust coarse thread remains threadable even when dirty or damaged
can be cut off and spliced at any given point
excellent load transfer into concrete structures...

foundation micropile - MINIPALI AUTOPERFORANTI AP45

The micropiles are given mainly in jobs of under-foundation and in the anchors field.
They therefore considered small diameter piles (less than 300mm) and consist of malta or cementitious mixtures and appropriate armor steel.
The implementation...

foundation micropile - MINIPALI AUTOPERFORANTI AP45

Micropiles allow solving some problems concerning the execution of foundations thanks to the possibility of using equipment having reduced sizes and encumbrance, and to the minimum disturbance caused to the soil and pre-existing structures.

MICROTREVI I is particularly suitable for being executed in soils that can be drilled...

foundation micropile - MINIPALI AUTOPERFORANTI AP45

Terratest has the technical capacity and know-how to install micro-piles using its highly-qualified personnel to offer the best solution and to execute the project once that solution has...


Foundations are invisible and indispensable. Even the...


Anchors, nails and minipiles can provide temporary...

foundation micropile - CEPRINI

Micropiles are small diameter drilled and grouted friction piles. Each pile includes steel elements that are bonded into the bearing soil or rock...

foundation micropile - CEPRINI

Micro and Mini piles, are a specialised type of piling and include various forms of driven pile and screw pile.
Micro Piles


foundation micropile - .

Pile and Beam
This system can be used with all our mini piling options and is used in place of a knuckle pile where...

foundation micropile - .

Angle Pile
This system is a mini-pile drilled through either side...

foundation micropile - .

Micro-piles enable the implementation of foundations for new structures or
the reinforcement of old structures...

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