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contemporary nesting tables / sheet steel / painted steel / round
contemporary nesting tables

The theme of the tray, in white, black or with a copper finish, is picked up to create three tables, whose lightness results from the steel frame. They can even be stacked. A fourth model, which is higher than the others, ...

contemporary nesting tables / wooden / glass / metal
contemporary nesting tables
B 97

Height: 52, 57 cm
Length: 47 cm
Width: 46, 53 cm

... variety of uses. In its dimensions, the table set B 97 is reminiscent of Marcel Breuer’s nesting table B 9. Its altered construction, however, offers a practical advantage: due to the ...

Bauhaus design nesting tables / wooden / glass / metal
Bauhaus design nesting tables
B 9

Height: 45, 55, 50, 60 cm
Length: 45, 52, 59, 66 cm
Width: 39 cm

... four-piece set tables B 9 developed out of this idea. The small tables can be used in diversified ways – as side tables in seating groups, as practical storage surfaces or as the perfect ...

contemporary nesting tables / marble / chrome steel / triangular
contemporary nesting tables
DOC by Evangelos Vasileiou

Height: 36 cm

Set of 3 pivoting nesting tables with brilliant-chromed steel structures and tops in Carrara marble. The 3 tables are interlinked, enabling them to be positioned at will around the arc ...

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contemporary nesting tables / curved glass / rectangular
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 45 cm
Length: 56 cm
Width: 50 cm

These 3 nesting glass tables are in moulded glass 10 mm thick. The dimensions shown above are those for the largest table. The medium and smaller sizer sizes have the following dimensions ...

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contemporary nesting tables / oak / laminate / lacquered steel
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 41 cm
Length: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm

... system enables the user to transform 3 tables into 2 or even 1 low table. The above-indicated dimensions correspond to the table in closed position (with 3 superposed tops). With all ...

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contemporary nesting tables / wooden / metal / oval
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 30, 48 cm

Available in the small table or bedside table with drawer version, Sign by Studio Kairos is a set of accessories designed for the bedroom but also adaptable to other areas of the house. They stand out ...

contemporary nesting tables / curved glass / rectangular / black
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 37.5 cm - 45.5 cm
Length: 40 cm - 56 cm
Width: 40 cm - 50 cm

Set of coffee tables in 10 mm-thick curved glass. Also available in extralight glass, Black 95 (NERO 95) glass or back-silvered bronze glass and in customized sizes.

contemporary nesting tables / curved glass / rectangular
contemporary nesting tables
CHARLOTTE TRIS by Prospero Rasulo

Height: 38, 42, 46 cm
Length: 39, 48, 57 cm
Width: 40, 44, 48 cm

Set of coffee tables in 10 mm-thick curved glass. Also available in extralight glass.

contemporary nesting tables / curved glass / rectangular / black
contemporary nesting tables

Set of bedside tables in 10 mm-thick curved glass. Also available in extralight glass, Black 95 (NERO 95) glass or back-silvered bronze glass and in customized sizes.

contemporary nesting tables / steel / marble / round
contemporary nesting tables
BIS Y 714 AL1

Height: 48, 40 cm
Length: 90, 65 cm
Width: 90, 65 cm

Small table in ground, laser-cut steel. Frame finishes: - bright light gold, - matt Champagne gold, - bright chrome, - bright black chrome, - matt satin bronze, - bright pink gold, - matt pink gold. Top finishes: - Bronze ...

contemporary nesting tables / glass / tempered glass / stainless steel
contemporary nesting tables
T35R by Pierangelo Gallotti

Height: 39, 42 cm
Length: 35, 80, 45, 100 cm
Width: 40, 50 cm

Set of three coffee tables in 8 mm tempered transparent glass. Bright stainless steel metal parts. Satin stainless steel or protected brass or embossed white or black lacquered metal parts on request.

contemporary nesting tables / oak / walnut / MDF
contemporary nesting tables
NIDO : NDD101 by José Martínez-Medina

Height: 50.5 cm
Length: 55 cm
Width: 35.5 cm

Practical re-edition of a nest of 3 tables, with oak or walnut wood finish and beautiful details in the structural dovetail joints. Original design from 1964. They are delivered assembled. Materials: · E1 (low formaldehyde ...

contemporary nesting tables / glass / rectangular / by Studio Lievore Altherr Molina
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 30 cm - 52 cm
Length: 45 cm - 130 cm
Width: 33 cm - 69 cm

Coffee table with polished chrome structure and clear, extraclear, plated or lacquered mono or two-tones glass top.

contemporary nesting tables / lacquered wood / curved glass / smoked glass
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 43, 39, 35 cm
Length: 59, 48, 40 cm
Width: 49, 44, 40 cm

Smoked, extralight clear or lacquered mono or two-tones, bent glass coffee table.

contemporary nesting tables / leather / square
contemporary nesting tables
BRISTOL by Marco Dessi

Nesting tables in a completely new interpretation. An elegant table-duo with an unusual design and a variety of applications: This allows Bristol, for example, to be moved over a sofa ...

Art Deco nesting tables / mahogany / triangular / by Pierre Chareau
Art Deco nesting tables
FLT 016

Pierre Chareau's research on circular movement is very present in his work, as shown by this fan-like table designed around 1924

contemporary nesting tables / leather / Macassar ebony / brushed stainless steel
contemporary nesting tables
MINIMIZE by André Schelbach

MINIMIZE is the name given by Yomei to its multipurpose side table / coffee table. This table is characterised by its clear lines and unsurpassed elegance. Available in a choice of 5 ...

contemporary nesting tables / metal / rectangular / commercial
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 40, 50 cm
Length: 40, 50 cm
Width: 40, 50 cm

All the angles have been rounded in the CUBE collection to highlight the smoothness of its lines and material. One, two or three cubes, shelves and different sized cubes which interlock to create new tailormade compositions.

contemporary nesting tables / walnut / beech / rectangular
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 55 cm
Length: 66 cm
Width: 45 cm

Three piece Nesting tables, of simple lines, that belong to our collection of Contemporary High Quality Furniture. Original design of the ArtesMoble brand, that takes advantage of the space with three ...

contemporary nesting tables / teak / rectangular
contemporary nesting tables

... to make the room complete. But within the dyrlund collection there are not only superb coffee tables and TV cabinets but also our very beautiful nests of table. Most of our pieces are offered in a ...

contemporary nesting tables / glass / oak / rectangular
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 40 cm - 48 cm
Length: 48 cm
Width: 40 cm

Extra clear tempered glass frame. Shelf in grey wenge stained oak veneer

classic nesting tables / mahogany / triangular
classic nesting tables

Height: 70 cm
Length: 39 cm
Width: 49 cm

Another unique Christopher Guy design consisting of two exquisite nesting tables carved from solid mahogany featuring iconic Chris-cross legs.

traditional nesting tables / wooden / oval
traditional nesting tables
ALSACE 76-0229

Height: 60 cm
Length: 40 cm
Width: 60 cm

Clean and fresh, , a deceptively uncomplicated pair of nested occasional tables showing gentle symmetry in their oval tops, with dramatically plunging straight legs.

traditional nesting tables / wood veneer / hardwood / rectangular
traditional nesting tables

Height: 68.6 cm
Length: 56 cm
Width: 53.3 cm

... appropriate for a small lamp table. The middle table is round and the smallest table is a square. A slightly splayed Satin Ebony leg miters up into the Taupe Silver Leaf top for a sharp ...

contemporary nesting tables / metal / leather / fabric
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 69.9 cm
Length: 71 cm
Width: 55.9 cm

... x 31.110H in CONFIGURE TYPE: NORMAL PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Drawing inspiration from a vintage Hermes piece, these elegant nesting tables feature removable leather wrapped trays. Both beautiful and functional, ...

traditional nesting tables / leather / stone / oak
traditional nesting tables

Height: 60 cm
Length: 70 cm
Width: 50 cm

The Trio occasional table is shown in Cherry wood with a Versailles Grey finish with Honeycomb on the top and lower shelf. There are three tables of different dimensions with a central shelf in the smallest ...

contemporary nesting tables / glass / rectangular / white
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 41, 38, 45 cm
Length: 48, 56, 40 cm
Width: 50, 40, 45 cm

Different sized tables that can be used to form a nest.Available in trasparent, extraclear or white laquered glass. Thickness 12 mm Load 40 kg

contemporary nesting tables / concrete / cement / square
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 27 cm
Length: 50, 100 cm
Width: 100 cm

... , made of concrete, can combine among themselves and integrate into any space. Arrange cushions and use TWIN as a side table or center piece. Dimension (cm):25x100x100

contemporary nesting tables / wooden / rectangular
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 44 cm
Length: 60 cm
Width: 42 cm

Skovby #224 coffee table. Nest of coffee tables in a pure and simple design This compact nest of coffee tables Skovby #224 coffee table works together with the new Skovby ...

contemporary nesting tables / wooden / chromed metal / rectangular
contemporary nesting tables
CLIP by Cesc Senar

Height: 61, 54 cm
Length: 54 cm
Width: 42 cm

... characteristics of our Clip nest tables. The simple shape of the chrome-plated metal structure supports the top in wood or lacquered finishes. Clip tables fit perfectly beside the sofa to give greater ...

contemporary nesting tables / wooden
contemporary nesting tables

side table set cream colored leather reptile embossed and wood

contemporary nesting tables / wooden / round
contemporary nesting tables

Height: 50, 60 cm
Length: 52 cm
Width: 52 cm

Side table with natural or solid oak roasted top and metal feet.

How to choose this product


Nesting tables are of identical style but different size, enabling them to be stacked beneath one another, similar to Russian dolls.


While such tables are most often found in home living rooms, their practical, compact nature has brought them into professional use, as well. Ideal for small spaces, they are often composed of three pieces. They are also used as occasional tables in bedrooms and offices.


Solid and veneered wood, metal, glass and other materials are used to make these tables. They come in many different sizes, leg and top configurations and colors.

How to choose

The stylistic repetition of a set of nesting tables adds a decorative note to the room. Thus, it is important that they complement the other furniture and accessories around them. The amount of space available also should be considered.


- Minimal space requirement
- Simple to use
- Reasonably priced