Original design beds

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Why should we limit ourselves in choosing simply a bed for our most beautiful dreams?...


Brera bed in New look dual-coloured...

Callas bed in Econabuk Tecnopelle with gloss tabacco...

Wing_system_tall bed with Pixel headboard upholstered...


Four smoothly polished barkless coffee trees flank this simple bed base.


king size bed - hand-made in Barcelona
Materials: aged...

"With this bed I wanted to create something with a humble personality, a close friend who you spend half your life with rather than an attention seeking protagonist always looking to impress....

Gothic styled double bed - hand-made in Barcelona



The design that customizes your environment.

Each Kreaty product is the result of a careful study.

The design that customizes your environment.

Each Kreaty product is the result of a careful study.


"The Eclipse Set, for those of you who enjoy being in awe
The unique Eclipse Set is the latest work in technology pioneer İşbir Yataks mission. This Set, which will take its place among the Style Series Sets, not only combines design and technology but also brings the enjoyment of watching television and listening to music to the...


The 2008 show will witness the presentation of the Tropicalia collection, the design of which starts off from the same structure as the Antibodi collection, though using weaving techniques.
The collection comprises a chaise longue, couch, armchair,...


How to make a bed that is comfortable and cosy, like a nest?
The result is a soft foam ring around the mattress which can be rolled up or down like a pullover collar. This creates a visual...


Awaken reborn

LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) is a unique sleep experience and rejuvenation environment. Lomme defies definition. It is a piece of furniture, a work of art and a place to rejuvenate. In its sophisticated...


Shaped curved bed covered with...


French master-craftsmen Domeau & Peres have long collaborated with Australian designer Marc Newson on projects encompassing interiors of space ship, Falcon Jet, product design pieces. Their latest collaboration was a leather-upholstered bed surrounded with chunky bumpers at its base. The piece was...


How to choose this product


A design bed is characterized by its innovative concept in either decorative or functional terms. These include unusual colors, ornamentation, materials or shape, which break with common practice. ArchiExpo classifies design beds by size: single or double.

Some of these beds have frames incorporating nightstands, shelves or other storage space.

Bed dimensions are a prime factor of choice, determined by the number and size of the users. Bed length should exceed the height of the tallest user by at least 20 centimeters. Personal preferences will dictate model, which should harmonize with existing decor.

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