modular shelf / original design / wooden
modular shelf
SECOND-HAND #8 by Maarten Baas & Franck Bragigand

This special edition of Baas’ project Hey chair be a bookshelf is made of contemporary discarded products, like a skateboard, laptop and push-carts. Artist Franck Bragigand painted it in subtle colours, of course in close collaboration ...

wall-mounted shelf / original design
wall-mounted shelf
WAVE by Tormena & Neadesign

Wave is a system of shelves and curved connectors that can be joined together to produce various design solutions for the living area. With a range of modules that can be put together to create different ...

wall-mounted shelf / original design / metal / for CDs
wall-mounted shelf
XCD by Massimo Cavana

CD holder with anodized aluminium frame available also in mat lacquered or covered by wood. The inside part is made of extrude aluminium. A wide range of dimension are then possible.

original design shelf / oak / walnut / cherrywood
original design shelf

... briccole. What an extraordinary idea to recover the briccole of Venice! The Briccolone is a big briccola made using the original wood of marker posts making out of it a book case. It shows off the beauty of the material ...

modular shelf / original design / plastic / garden
modular shelf
BAGIGIO by Simone Micheli

A modular element, unique yet capable of being joined with anything without limits, a threedimensional representation of the symbol for infinity, born from the revolution of the symbol around is axes and at the same time ...

original design shelf / metal
original design shelf

Framework Aluminium Silver Backpanels mdf silver and red Measures 730 x 412 x 34

original design shelf / wooden
original design shelf
CROSS by Carlo Contin

Set of shelves extremely light supported by two junctions in solid wood that determine the position. Modular aggregatable bookcase, available in two different finishes ash anthracite and bleached ash.

wall-mounted shelf / original design / wooden / lacquered wood
wall-mounted shelf

SIZES 2 Shelving modules: 120 x 30 x 200 h. / 1236 3 Shelving modules: 160 x 30 x 200 h. / 1237 4 Shelving modules: 200 x 30x 200 h. / 1238 FINISH Only Lacquer: White, black, red, orange, violet, pistachio green, grey, metallic grey, ...

original design shelf / metal / lacquered metal
original design shelf
FRIDA by Roberto Mora

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wall-mounted shelf / original design / powder-coated steel
wall-mounted shelf
ONE by Andrei Munteanu

the shelf for myself: a shelf without restrictions and open to all areas of life. suitable in many rooms and can be used at any time. attractive vertical as well as horizontal. size: 110 x 33 x 21 cm material: ...

wall-mounted shelf / original design / MDF / with storage compartment
wall-mounted shelf

What to (un)expect Color your wall with this imaginative butterfly. Open the wings and discover the hidden mirror or storage (both options included). Environmentally friendly, made using eco materials and non-toxic colouring. Comes ...

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modular shelf / original design
modular shelf
KONNEX by Florian Gross

... 3 modules can be arranged individually to form a rack. In addition, different numbers of basic sets can be added to form a unique storage surface: for this purpose, the comb-shaped grooves around one cube are inserted ...

modular shelf / original design / plastic
modular shelf

Innovative as regards both materials and design, FluoShop is a complete display system for fitting out windows, stores and showrooms. All the components of the FluoShop system are extremely easy to install. The speed ...

original design shelf / wooden / brass
original design shelf

elmswood, brass | 2013 A cabinet inspired on the beautiful mechanism of an archetypal ironing board. The handcrafted brass elements emphasize the construction of this cabinet, made of elmswood.

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Kiki World
shelf on casters / original design / metal
shelf on casters

wall-mounted shelf / modular / on casters / original design
wall-mounted shelf
FLÄPPS 60×40-1

Material: birch plywood, stainless steel Dimensions: Folded 60 x 40 x 2 cm + 1 cm wall mount Table unfolded: 50 x 30 cm Finish: Lacquer No.:FL150002

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modular shelf / original design / oak
modular shelf

Made of 11 units, all sliding on the 3 axis but 7 rotating as well. 3 Mats shelving will create infinite designs for your bookcase. Delivered assembled. Units to be adjusted. 100% solid oak from french sustainable ...

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Drugeot Manufacture
modular shelf / original design / fiberglass
modular shelf
FAVO by Verter Turroni

Modular wall elements in fibreglass DESIGNER Verter Turroni YEAR 2011 CATEGORY Accessories

corner shelf / modular / original design / wooden
corner shelf
PARTICLE by Shin Azumi

... comes to storage, one size rarely fits all. Shin Azumi approached the concept of the Particle Shelving in a different way; to design a system which can stand alone as well as it does combined with multiple units to make ...

original design shelf / tempered glass facing
original design shelf

nfinity bookcase in 12 mm thick transparent tempered glass, 5 shelves in 12mm thick transparent tempered glass cm110x40x180

modular shelf / original design / cardboard
modular shelf
MORETTO by Giorgio Caporaso

... a modular system. Moretto combines intelligent shapes, environmental compatibility and versatility to create the perfect shelf to exhibit objects or store anything of your liking. Made of heavy duty cardboard, its materials ...

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wall-mounted shelf / original design / solid wood / ash
wall-mounted shelf

... nowhere a smoke-like wisp appears and transforms itself into an elegant, slender shelf. This skilfully hand carved piece can be seen as functional art when used as a floating shelf or displayed in its ...

wall-mounted shelf / original design / metal / child's unisex
wall-mounted shelf
TANGRAM CAT by Pinar Yar Govsa

Tangram Cat and Dog shelves are cute wall displays for nurseries. These metal shelves can be assembled easily with a nail and can store a few light toys and small books. Dimensions : H55 / W15 / L33 CM Materials ...

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wall-mounted shelf / original design / oak
wall-mounted shelf

The impressive-looking Deer shelf is inspired by the wild deer in the forest, and their noble nature, which is reflected in the appearance of the shelf.Dimensions: H: 1070mm W: 930mm D: 215mmMaterial: ...

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modular shelf / original design / beech
modular shelf
VASE by Bakery studio

The Vase Shelves project is a modular shelving system that is constructed of beech wood planes and vase shaped lathed wood elements that serve as connectors between one plane to another and give the object its unique ...

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