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Modular double-faced bookcase produced in white polyethylene....


Movable bookcase in rigid polyurethane with matte


These randomly-positioned cubes, made with lacquered...

It's hard to believe that this ultra-thin console table is made...

This entertainment table, at 180 cm wide, is a nice, sleek, simple design...


The inspiration comes from the bookcase of the series entitled "Luigi" or "Do you love me?" designed in 1982 by Gaetano Pesce for Bernini. The name of the collection was a scheme in itself: a friend of...


Tolbiac introduces a 3rd dimension into the world of shelving units: with one side shaped like stairs, it forms a triangular shape which evolves to the point where the shelves regain their straight shape at the 5th level. The front edge is worked in a helix...


The customisable and modular bookshelf concept
returns. Lovely Rita evokes...


Original hanging furniture: hand-made in Barcelona in limited series piece of 6.
Its ultra contemporary design contrasts with...


FluoShop is a complete display system for fitting out windows, stores and showrooms.
All the components of the...


(All informations on www.vidamecreation.com)

Six different pieces allow a wide range of setups. The proportions are studied to let the...

(All informations at www.vidamecreation.com)

Modular wall shelves....

(All informations on www.vidamecreation.com)

Six different pieces allow a wide range of setups. The proportions are studied to let the...


Bookshelf with hand-bent tubular framework, laser-cut leaf-shaped...


Variety of forms and dimensions for the wooden...


The WineStack is a stackable wine rack with a very original design, made of 0.8mm zinc plated steel plates.
The plates of the WineStack can very easily and without tools, be...


Double face bookcase with fixed shelves made of wengè...

Freestanding bookcase made of solid oak, consists...


Concrete shelfes GFRC


How to choose this product


A design shelf differs from its contemporary counterpart in its original use of form, color, construction or materials, as in hexagonal cardboard shelving. On ArchiExpo, such items are categorized by properties including style (e.g., minimalist), materials or function.


These shelves may take on unusual sculptural or organic forms, constituting a focal point in a domestic or a commercial setting. Curved or sloped configurations challenge conventional storage and display modalities for books, DVDs and other items. Modular, stackable, wall-mounted or freestanding, they may incorporate seating, lighting or other features.


Unusual construction materials include reinforced concrete, cardboard and leather. Wall-mounted shelves may be supported by brackets or a track system, the latter especially useful for multiple shelves. Fasteners may be visible or concealed.

How to choose

Design and dimensions should be appropriate for available space and surrounding decor. A shelf with an unusual shape may constitute an interesting centerpiece or room partition, but often occupies more space than other models. When favoring function over form, shelf capacity may be more important than color or style.

Freestanding or wall-mounted, shelf size and strength must be suitable for the objects to be stored. Verify that the wall is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the shelf and its contents. Another factor is the choice between fixed and mobile shelves. Certain models, such as those in concrete, are difficult to move.

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