Original design tables

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Coffee table / original design / metal / home

During the thirties in Paris, Salvador Dalí surrounded himself with a circle of friends involved...

Coffee table / original design / polyethylene / garden

F3 = Form follows function. A collection...

Coffee table / original design / garden / home

Ramón Esteve, architect of harmony, serenity,...

Coffee table / original design / luminous / garden

BUM BUM was born from the principle of not designing...

High bar table / original design / garden / home

The WING collection by A-cero for...

Side table / original design / home

Small table. Year of production: 2012. Dimensions:...

Sideboard table / original design / home

Defying laws of physics, this...

Original design table / indoor / home

A fresh contemporary dining...

Original design table / indoor / home

Extreme simplicity, contemporary...

Sideboard table / original design / indoor / home

An example of utmost level of both...

Original design table / glass / in wood

Design: Steven Holl, 2013 The originality and workmanship of its legs are the...

Original design table / glass

Design: StH - Homage to Toyo Ito, 2007 The Ripples bench by Toyo Ito, winner of...

How to choose this product


A design table expresses innovation through an original use of form, construction, materials or in its function. It reinvents the table, perhaps by taking an unusual form. For example, it may be made from a single stainless steel sheet folded asymmetrically to form legs and painted bright orange. On ArchiExpo, such pieces are defined by properties including materials, function or style.


Such a table can make a great centerpiece in either a residential or a commercial setting, including interior and exterior dining areas. It may have integrated seating, storage, lighting or planters. There are fixed and mobile, folding and stackable models, as well as those with extension leaves.


Fabrication can involve a number of innovative materials and techniques. For example, rotational molding can produce organic, seamless forms.

How to choose

Consider functional needs such as the number of people to be seated and proper height for a particular task or individual. Organic or unusual shapes may require extra space around them to avoid making the room appear cluttered or unbalanced.

Determine how style and materials will contribute to or contrast with the surrounding decor. Delicate designs which are easily damaged may not be suitable for restaurants, public areas or other high-traffic environments. Evaluate maintenance needs. Outdoor models should be weatherproof and resist corrosion.

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