stone wall cladding / exterior
stone wall cladding

... the supply of manufactured stone cladding and natural stone cladding for all regions throughout the UK. Everything on this website is a stone veneer which varies in thickness between 35mm - 45mm. Our ...

fiber cement wall cladding / exterior
fiber cement wall cladding

Application: ROOFING Material: Profiled Sheeting Texture: Corrugated sheet Use: Exterior Reference: Roofing, residential, agricultural, Industrial Buildings GRANONDA is a high strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene ...

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Euro Panels
wooden wall cladding / exterior / wood look
wooden wall cladding

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Jet contractors
slate wall cladding / exterior
slate wall cladding

Application: Product for external area, Product for internal area, Product for floors Restrictions: Composition: Real Dimension: 25 x 40cm Referential Dimension: 25 x 40cm

slate wall cladding / exterior
slate wall cladding

Facade slate provides reliable and durable protection against almost all-weather influences and gives an aesthetic appearance. MAGOG slate offers you a high level of functionalism combined with architectural anaesthetics. In addition ...

concrete wall cladding / outdoor / indoor / 3D
concrete wall cladding

... sought-after effect after installing these concrete pieces on the wall is always unique, as there are various combinations. One or two sets of TESSERA, in the same color or not, could decorate an empty wall ...

slate wall cladding / interior / exterior
slate wall cladding

... 610 mm from real slate. The panels can be installed outside and also inside, on preexisting tiles in living areas, e.g. on walls and floors. In contrast to thicke slate the panels have the advantage that they are easy ...

terracotta wall cladding / for facades
terracotta wall cladding

... Terreal North America, Ludowici offers a wide variety of highly innovative terra cotta wall cladding products. Beautiful, durable ventilated facades, acoustic claddings and terra cotta ...

granite wall cladding / outdoor / 3D
granite wall cladding

natural stone wall cladding / exterior / decorative
natural stone wall cladding

Natural Stone Dim.: 15x60cm 0,36m²/cx – 22,86Kg/cx

travertine wall cladding / interior / outdoor / textured
travertine wall cladding

Classic Split Face Travertine tiles provide an excellent decorating solution for areas that would benefit from a natural stone finish. Mosaic tiles have been used for thousands of years to create interesting and eye catching designs and ...

concrete wall cladding / outdoor / textured / stone look
concrete wall cladding

These stones are designed for cladding on walls, retaining walls, facades or posts. Thanks to the facing stones, an aesthetically impressive cut or ground surface can be arranged on existing ...

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natural stone wall cladding / granite / exterior / brushed
natural stone wall cladding
VESUVIO by Giorgio Parise & Marostica (VI)

A house surrounded by greenery hosts Lapitec as the cladding for both its roof and its facade. The architecture of the residence blends elegantly with the context and uses natural elements such as wood combined with ...

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marble dust wall cladding / cement / exterior / textured
marble dust wall cladding

... particular size 25x25 can be used in order to exploit the typical charatteristics of resistance of the bricks in cement for wall-facings.As a matter of fact, this solution allows to preserve the external structures from ...

wooden wall cladding / interior / exterior / decorative
wooden wall cladding

wood mosaics, antique wood ideal floor realizzacioni in green building,

quartzite wall cladding / exterior / textured / decorative
quartzite wall cladding

natural stone wall cladding / exterior / interior / embossed
natural stone wall cladding

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Franken-Schotter GmbH & Co. KG
marble wall cladding / outdoor / textured / decorative
marble wall cladding

travertine wall cladding / outdoor / textured / decorative
travertine wall cladding

granite wall cladding / outdoor / indoor
granite wall cladding

For the Granite Centre in Hauzenberg, as well as façade elements we supplied large format internal coverings and monolithic vanity tops (70 x 70 x 91.5 cm) with semi-circular basins of Tittling Fine Grain. The Granite Centre has been ...

natural stone wall cladding / outdoor / textured
natural stone wall cladding

natural stone wall cladding / outdoor / indoor
natural stone wall cladding

Luserna Stone or Gneiss tiles feature a natural exposed surface and split or sawn edges. They are especially suited for restoration work, for architectural patterns, for paving historical town centres, squares, pedestrian areas, lanes, ...

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concrete wall cladding / garden / decorative
concrete wall cladding

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natural stone wall cladding / garden / textured / decorative
natural stone wall cladding

wooden wall cladding / exterior / painted
wooden wall cladding

... trend in using wood for home exteriors in the form of wall wood cladding. With this marvelous come back every home can now radiate with a natural warmth and elegance ...