contemporary dining table / oak / walnut / MDF
contemporary dining table
8950 by Michael Schneider

Length: 160, 120, 220, 190, 140 cm
Width: 140, 98, 120, 160 cm

... stained or painted oak, oiled walnut or oiled elm) or in painted MDF. The pedestal comes in black or white. Dining table with different table-top sizes and in the following shapes: Long ...

contemporary dining table / wooden / concrete / aluminum
contemporary dining table

Round shapes add a timeless elegance to the design of this stunning dining or meeting table. The round or oval top is supported by a robust column, which creates more leg room under the ...

contemporary dining table / slate / oval / rectangular
contemporary dining table

contemporary dining table / wooden / crystal / oval
contemporary dining table

Height: 75 cm
Length: 320, 280 cm
Width: 140, 160 cm

mm w2800 x d1400 x h750 w3200 x d1600 x h750 in w110 1/4 x d55 x h29 1/2 w126 x d63 x h29 1/2

contemporary dining table / wooden / steel / oval
contemporary dining table

Length: 4 m
Width: 0.9, 1 m

... possible to choose between 4 different combinations for the table legs: 2 wooden legs, 2 steel legs, 2 open steel legs or mixed legs i.e. 1 wooden leg and 1 steel leg. The table comes in square or oval. Thors ...

contemporary dining table / glass / marble / solid wood
contemporary dining table
KALOTA by Redesign

The dining table with an oval or circular top features marble slab or glass in the centre. High quality durable materials are the logical functional choice for scenarios like serving ...

contemporary dining table / oak / walnut / beech
contemporary dining table

Height: 74.5 cm
Length: 165 cm - 300 cm
Width: 90 cm - 100 cm

Auris 11 is an eye-catching dining table: Solid wood in contrast to the delicate framing made of 10 mm thin stainless steel. LENGTH: 165 – 300 cm WIDTH: 90 – 100 cm TABLE HEIGHT: ca. 74,5 cm

contemporary dining table / oak / walnut / birch
contemporary dining table
TRIPPO by Ulla Christiansson

Height: 30 cm - 72 cm

... heights 300, 400, 460, 530, 620 and 720 mm and no less than 42 tabletop sizes. Trippo tables can also be ordered in special sizes and other finishes. Some sizes of tables in height 720 mm have two extra ...

contemporary dining table / wood veneer / steel / oval
contemporary dining table
SNAREGADE by Norm Architects

Height: 73 cm
Length: 210 cm
Width: 95 cm

... space for legs and chairs. Perfect for dining or a workspace, it is available rectangular, oval and round. And the name? Snaregade is the name of the street in Copenhagen where Norm Architects have their studio.

original design dining table / metal / oval
original design dining table

Height: 75 cm
Length: 190 cm
Width: 88 cm

... nickel thread, and even attempting to fluff-up a metal pillow!" A first sketch of cut and folded textile pieces results in an oval table with a flat and textile feeling.

contemporary dining table / solid wood / oval / rectangular
contemporary dining table

A dining room table must integrate into the domestic atmosphere harmoniously. For this reason, you should initially specify the type of wood you would like it to be made of. Its dimensions are also very ...

contemporary dining table / lacquered glass / stainless steel / oval
contemporary dining table

Height: 76 cm
Length: 130, 200 cm
Width: 100 cm

The Artica dining table has two extensions which are hidden underneath the surface. With a simple turn of a very discrete handle, the two extensions emerge automatically. This simple sliding action transforms ...

contemporary dining table / wooden / oval
contemporary dining table
IN FRONT OFF by Kristian Gavoille

Height: 40 cm
Length: 175 cm
Width: 72 cm

... I can see, hear, join in… Life.” That is how this subtly angled table was drawn, to then be interpreted at will. You can create a dining table, a coffee table, a ...

contemporary dining table / glass / tempered glass / oval
contemporary dining table

Height: 77 cm
Length: 160 cm - 240 cm
Width: 160, 120, 110 cm

... shining and with an innovative and unconventional design, the Sidney table finds its perfect place in any fashionable home. The lines of the curved glass are distinguishing marks. Fixed table with curved ...

contemporary dining table / Corian® / solid wood / stainless steel
contemporary dining table
GM 2110-2193 by Nissen & Gehl MDD

Height: 74 cm
Length: 50, 200, 230, 170, 160 cm
Width: 85, 100 cm

... stainless steel. Oval table with fixed top. The table is made in 3 sizes. The table top is avaiable in solid wood. Oval table ...

classic dining table / marble / brass / oval
classic dining table

contemporary dining table / solid wood / oval / extending
contemporary dining table

Height: 73 cm
Length: 180, 280, 230 cm
Width: 105 cm

Weve been looking for inspiration for a new dining table for a long time and the idea came with the design of the PLAY coffee tables. There has never been a more logical time to create ...

contemporary dining table / steel / laminate / oval
contemporary dining table
LASER by John Miller

Height: 74 cm
Length: 75 cm - 200 cm
Width: 75 cm - 120 cm

... or three at the table. Dimensions Dining/meeting tables small Height 740 Tops Oval 1900 x 850 (two bases) Round 800 diameter Square 750 x 750 Rectangle 1800 x ...

contemporary dining table / resin / oak / walnut
contemporary dining table
SHAPER by Kay & Stemmer

Height: 71 cm
Length: 240 cm
Width: 140 cm

The flowing form of the Shaper Table creates an eye-catching centrepiece, whether in its coffee table or dining table form. Manufactured from glass-reinforced resin, ...

contemporary dining table / walnut / oval
contemporary dining table

Height: 76 cm
Length: 240 cm
Width: 240 cm

traditional dining table / wooden / stone / oval
traditional dining table

Height: 79.5 cm
Length: 120 cm
Width: 80 cm