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aluminum patio door / sliding / double-glazed - WICSLIDE 160

The new WICSLIDE 160 lifting sliding element combines excellent thermal insulation with highest functionality and design. Impressive leaf dimensions and enduring operation comfort are your guarantors for maximum...

aluminum patio door / sliding - WICSLIDE 23

The special characteristics of WICSLIDE 23 make this sliding and lifting/sliding door a favourite for use as a partition. The construction can be executed with very high leaf weights of up to 300 kg. WICSLIDE 23 is weather-resistant...

aluminum patio door / sliding - WICSLIDE 26

WICSLIDE 26 is a lifting door or lifting/sliding door which is principally used as a room partition and as facing for balconies. For these applications in particular, this...

aluminum patio door / sliding / folding - WICSLIDE 65FS

WICSLIDE 65FS is the solution for special spatial situations where there is only limited room for the opened elements. This is frequently the case in conservatories, which are the main area where this structure is put...

aluminum patio door / sliding - WICSLIDE 24E

WICSLIDE 24E is used as a classic sliding window or as a sliding door. Frequent uses include balcony facings, for example. As an insulated structure, the system can...

aluminum patio door / folding / sliding - CF 77

Concept Folding® 77 combines high insulation and comfort with maximal transparency and aesthetics. This folding door system optimizes your way of living by drawing the exterior into your home, with a minimum of space usage. This high performance...

aluminum patio door / sliding - CP 130

Concept Patio® 130 is a highly insulated slide and lift-slide system, which meets the highest requirements with regard to insulation, stability and safety. The system perfectly links up to the CS 77 series.


aluminum patio door / sliding - CP 45PA

Concept Patio® 45Pa is a non-insulated sliding system offering a wide range of solutions ideal for applications in warm climates, winter gardens or the partitioning of indoor office...

aluminum patio door / sliding - CP 50

Concept Patio® 50 is an insulated sliding system that is elegant, slim and extremely lightweight. Besides meeting...

aluminum patio door / sliding - HI-FINITY

Enjoy an infinite view with ultimate performances! The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity sliding door creates large transparent surfaces, with a light,...

aluminum patio door / sliding - HI-FINITY

Accoya Wood has been used in the construction of a Balinese style home in Khandala in the Western Ghats near Mumbai, India. While designing and constructing any house in Khandala, one the key factors be taken into consideration is its exceptionally moist climate and heavy monsoon season,...

professional patio door -

This Italian restaurant, situated on the top floor of an exclusive outdoor shopping center in Santa Monica, California, specified a dark-colored storefront, designed to catch customers eyes.
The west-facing location not only needed to withstand intense UV exposure but the moisture-rich...

aluminum patio door / sliding - AA®3200

AA™3200 Thermal Sliding Door meets the challenges of thermal, coastal and hurricane resistant conditions. Available in both High Performance (AA™3200HP) and Hurricane Resistant (AA™3200IR) versions, it features contemporary hardware, clean sightlines and endless configuration options.

aluminum patio door / sliding - HPX

High performance Sliding Doors designed to meet extreme conditions

Key Features Include:

aluminum patio door / sliding - 990

The 990 door is engineered for rain-battered, high and low-rise applications.

Key Features Include:

Features an adjustable steel...

professional patio door - TR-8300

Operation Ease
Oversize pull handles provide a comfortable handgrip
Operating panel glides on adjustable steel wheels
Screen glides on two pairs of adjustable wheels

Wheels roll on a raised track bead to avoid...

sliding patio door - 1010

The 1010 Sliding Mall Front has a low profile multi-track which can...

PVC patio door / sliding - TECNOCOR>2

The Deceuninck Tecnocor>2 patio door combines great looks, great security features and great technological advances. The...

aluminum patio door / sliding - ASS 28 SC.NI

The Schüco systems ASS 28.NI and 28 SC.NI offer a cost-efficient solution for interior design - and for any situation where no thermal insulation is required. The leaf profiles of the two systems differ in that ASS 28 SC.NI is butt jointed whilst...

aluminum patio door / sliding - ASS 32 SC.NI

The Schüco ASS 32 SC.NI system is a non-insulated system, providing an economic and cost-effective solution for sliding doors in interior design and any situation...

aluminum patio door / sliding - ASS 32.NI

Basic depth of 65 mm (double track) or 50 mm (triple track)
Glass thicknesses of 4 mm (single glazing)...

aluminum patio door / sliding / thermal break - ASS 32 SC

The Schüco ASS 32 SC system offers an intelligent and space-saving solution for sliding doors and windows. The leaves simply disappear completely, for example, into the wall. The result is optimum use of space even when the door unit is completely open. Unimpeded access is...

aluminum patio door / sliding - ASS 43 / 48

The Schüco Sliding Doors ASS 43 and ASS 48 (Aluminium Sliding System) are high-quality, insulated sliding systems with high flexibility. The outer frames can be combined with different leaf types.

Key benefits

PVC patio door / sliding - IN-LINE

Hardware Systems for Simple Sliding Windows and Doors

The modular In-line Sliding hardware system for aluminium, PVC and timber profiles enables windows and balcony/terrace doors with sash weights of up to 200 kg to be pushed to the side comfortably and practically.


PVC patio door / sliding / folding - 6080

Our Roto Patio Fold Premium hardware for timber, PVC and aluminium profiles allows you to open large Fold&Slide systems with individual elements up to sash weights of 100 kg both elegantly and efficiently....

PVC patio door / sliding - LIFE

Comfort' Hardware for Large Sliding Doors
With our innovative "Lift&Slide" hardware system Roto Patio Life for timber and VEKASLIDE PVC profiles, it is possible to move large and heavy balcony doors up to 400 kg sash...

PVC patio door / tilt-and-slide - PS

The standard hardware for Tilt&Slide windows and doors up to 160 kg

Our Roto Patio PS standard hardware for Tilt&Slide elements...

PVC patio door / tilt-and-slide - S

Standard Hardware for Tilt&Slide Windows and Doors

Large windows and balcony doors with sash weights of up to...

aluminum patio door / sliding - AA 3572

Our new aluminum lifting/sliding system AA 3572 doesn`t just offer excellent thermal insulation, but is also cost-effective and quick to work with. According do you needs, the number of components was specifically kept low. Light, openness, and a special sense...

aluminum patio door / sliding / folding - AA®3720

The Kawneer AA®3720 Folding/Sliding Door has been developed as a solution for projects that demand the highest levels of thermal and weathering performance at a competitive price.

aluminum patio door / sliding - AA®3572

The Kawneer AA®3572 Lift/Slide Door has been developed as a solution for projects that demand the highest levels of thermal and weathering performance.

The AA®3572 thermally insulated system delivers optimum...

aluminum patio door / sliding - AA®3110

Special projects need special products and the AA®3110 horizontal sliding window & door is just that - a product designed to meet the needs of any project that requires maximum ventilation, including...

aluminum patio door / tilt-and-slide - AA®603TE

The Kawneer AA®603TE Tilt Slide Door is available in a variety of single or double tilt slide combinations providing flexibility to suit individual project requirements.

The Kawneer AA®603TE Tilt Slide Door is especially user friendly. Sliders in the top guide rail and high precision bearings in...

sliding patio door - PMC

Physical, but not visual, partitions is possible
thanks to the construction of this system that
is made of a single sheet of tempered glass which
are suspended and slide from an overhead...

aluminum patio door / sliding / double-glazed - PMITT

This movable wall with acoustic and thermal insulation having UNI EN 14351-1 certification compulsory for external doors and windows, has been designed to satisfy the requirements of those wishing to use outside space in any season under all weather conditions,...

aluminum patio door / folding / sliding - S.60/24

Particularly robust structure composed of modular elements made from aluminium profiles with thermal...

aluminum patio door / sliding / folding - S.30

Very simple and reliable structure composed of modular elements made from aluminium profiles. Rounded...

aluminum patio door / sliding / folding - S.40

Robust structure composed of modular elements made from aluminium profiles. Concealed hinges, rounded...

wood patio door / aluminum / sliding / folding - S.62

System constructed with composition profile sections, with extruded aluminium outside and wood inside, joined by a PVC profile section that...

PVC patio door / aluminum / sliding - ISOL70 Q MIX

Window in PVC-aluminium with a wide range of options for personalised colours and maximum weathertightness guaranteed. All without the need for tiresome maintenance.


PVC patio door / swinging - ISOL82 Q

The new PVC windows SPI, partner Schüco, ensure heat insulation performance beyond all expectations.

Enhanced heat insulation is ensured...

aluminum patio door / sliding / thermal break - TRIAL VAL

Innovative windows in aluminium with a polyamide thermal barrier which make traditional thermal break windows obsolete. Enhanced insulating performance, no maintenance, extreme customisation.


aluminum patio door / sliding / thermal break - TRIAL VAL

Sky-Frame is a unique system for large-surface sliding doors with a frame that can be installed flush with the walls, ceiling and floor a 20 mm vertical mullion where two sections overlap is all that is visible of the frame. This makes for unimpeded panoramic views and threshold-free transitions between the inside and the outside. Besides offering esthetic advantages, the system also meets the highest...

aluminum patio door / sliding - SLIDE

The pureness and brightness of glass in a real sliding door which turns the outdoor of your house into a comfortable...

wood patio door / aluminum / sliding - SW 130S

The sliding Sw130s, with a capacity per wing...

wood patio door / aluminum / sliding - SW 180S

The Sw180s, with a capacity per wing of up to 300 kg, offers...

wood patio door / aluminum / sliding - SW70TT

The Sw70tt insulated system contributes to heating and air condition cost reductions...

wood patio door / aluminum / sliding - SK180STT

The sliding Sk180stt, with a capacity per wing of up to 300 kg,...

aluminum patio door / folding - SL 35

The SL 35 folding glass door is an uninsulated aluminium folding glass door that is easy to operate and can be used in a wide range of areas: as...

aluminum patio door / folding - SL 45

The uninsulated aluminium SL 45 folding glass door offers optimum impermeability, stability and burglar protection. A special feature of this folding glass door system is its wide range of opening options with the...

aluminum patio door / folding - SL 60E

The SL 60 offers a huge range of installation options. In spite of the fact that it more than fulfils the rigorous requirements of the German energy saving regulation, this folding glass door system comprises extremely slim frame sections, which serve to further underscore...

aluminum patio door / folding - SL 70E

This folding glass door offers an almost unlimited number of opening constellations. A segmentation of the glass doors and extremely large panels are enabled by the tracking roller-mounted post of the SL 70e, which ensures the stability of the system.

Technical information

aluminum patio door / folding - SL 80 / SL 81

Our premium product if you want the highest level of thermal insulation. This folding glass door offers excellent thermal insulation! You too can benefit from huge savings while enjoying the unique design of our folding glass doors available...

aluminum patio door / sliding / thermal break - baie vitrée SATIN ROAD®

The Satin Road® range is the very latest series of...

aluminum patio door / sliding / thermal break - baie vitrée TOUAREG®

The range of Touareg® TH slidind doors is designed for the...

aluminum patio door / sliding - baie vitrée TOUAREG® TRADITIONNEL

The Touareg® design profile range si made to manufacture...

aluminum patio door / sliding - baie vitrée FURIO®

Furio® was the very first Profils Systemes® series....

aluminum patio door / sliding - baie vitrée FURIO®

FINSTRAL lift and slide doors create a new sense of space and are perfectly user-friendly. With a flick of the wrist our lift and slide doors open and close easily.

The particularly low...

aluminum patio door / PVC / sliding - KAB

PVC and aluminium are building materials that offer many advantages such as low maintenance, durability and easy care. In addition, these materials offer a wide range of design options.

Proven and tested in...


How to choose this product


A patio door is a glazed door which allows visual contact between indoor and outdoor areas. It may be folding, hinged or sliding. Some open completely, unifying the indoor and outdoor spaces. On ArchiExpo, a patio door is classified by opening technology (hinged, sliding, etc.) or constituent material.


These glazed doors provide significant interior illumination and offer a view of the outdoor garden space, terrace or balcony. In addition to home use, patio doors are found in hotels, restaurants and other public settings to maximize illumination and facilitate movement from interior to exterior areas.


Popular frame materials for patio doors include PVC, aluminium and wood.

How to choose

When choosing patio doors, consider the dimensions of the wall opening, which sometimes span an entire room. While this may ensure that the interior is well lit and unify indoor and outdoor spaces, extensive glazing exacerbates interior overheating in summer and heat loss in winter.

Ease of use and security features are prime considerations. Applicable local regulations regarding safety and energy efficiency should be observed. Double-glazed safety glass is more robust, energy efficient and safer than standard glass.

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