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Bench-Table made from shaping a single laser...


When we started Extremis 20 years ago, we named our first piece Gargantua. It was based on a famous 16th century series of novels by a French monk, Rabelais, describing the life of two giants: Gargantua - whose appetite was...

Marina is a picnic table in its most basic shape and made out of pultrusion fibre glass...

The gargantua table offers superior functionality thanks to its adjustable benches that can be changed in height...

Look around you at a reception and you will see guests grabbing a chair to sit down or to just lean against its backrest. Abachus...

Dirk Wynants got inspired by the hop culture and his very own hop garden. He was thinking about the large groups of hoppers and farmers who used to celebrate the end of the...


NamePlay table Banana
Product #8002653
Product # (old)155070

NameBenchtable Allround

NamePicnic Table Gullviva
Product #8002691

NamePicnic Table Skagen
Descriptionwood 7 Pl


Material: Made of pine treated wood. 1940 x 95...

Material: Made of pine treated wood. Stainless steel screws....


The Rough&Ready Picnic Set has a robust, industrial appearance and is part of the R&R...

The SMC Picnic Set from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection consists of a large table with two benches on...

The Wooden Picnic Set from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection consists of a table with two...

The Solid Picnic Set from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection is part of the Solid range....

The X-Table & X-Picnic Set from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are part of the Solid range....


Charlie contributes to the sense of movement in vibrant public spaces. Tabletop and seats...

Handsome, practical and durable Gretchen picnic table features a built-in...

Providing outdoor seating-for-eating in the traditional rectangular...

Strength. Durability. Signature Design. Like the prized coral fossil stone...


Side part elements made of 15 mm galvanized...

Wooden slats 8 x 4 cm, rear connection, table size...


The Murton picnic table has a light, clean and contemporary design which belies its integral strength. The slats...


This structure is made of Northern pine being...


It consists of polypropylene fiber-glass with a DurelTOP.Extra Kit:is a special brace that increases the stability of the table...


Born from a reflection on how to rethink the "traditional" picnic table.



Electro-galvanised steel structure, powder coated polyester,...

Electro-galvanised steel structure, powder coated polyester,...


Manufactured from recycled waste plastic, the Iplas Picnic Table is an excellent alternative to wood,...

Sineu Graff Rendezvous Table with Timber Slats can be combined with the Rendezvous Benches and Seats to create a contemporary picnic table in crowded spaces....


How to choose this product


Picnic tables are equipped with chairs or benches, often attached. They usually seat four to six people.


Such tables are often installed in public areas to allow visitors to eat comfortably. In private yards they are often used to serve snacks to children.


Public models are made of extremely rugged materials such as concrete, metal or wood, to withstand permanent exposure to the weather, intensive use and possible acts of vandalism.

How to choose

Choice of materials is important and must be adapted to the installation location. Areas subject to frequent vandalism should be equipped with concrete or metal models, while more secure settings can have wooden tables, less sturdy, but more ecological.

Aesthetics are also important. While picnic tables were purely functional a few years ago, much effort has been made by some manufacturers to add a touch of design to those intended for public spaces.

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