plastic decorative panel / wall-mounted / for false ceilings / bathroom
plastic decorative panel

Width: 50 cm
Length: 50 cm

... 32.9 ft2 / (12 panels of 50×50 cm / 19.6×19.6 in) Wall Forms panels are made of white bone-colored plastic with a wall-like texture. They can be used both in interiors (painted with ...

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Habitarte SAS
plastic decorative panel / wall-mounted / for furniture / backsplash
plastic decorative panel

Width: 4'00"
Length: 10'00", 8'00"

MirroFlex Structures are deeply textured, decorative, thermoplastic wall panels and ceiling tiles. This product line offers design flexibility and is available in multiple sizes suitable for walls, wainscoting, ...

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Advance Technology Inc.
acrylic decorative panel / for partition walls
acrylic decorative panel

Variety of decorative panels wall covering to create effects with opacity, texture, brightness, color of mateterial. The material is characterized by: - Burning with minimal smoke emission. - Halogen ...

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Polimer Tecnic
MDF decorative panel / composite / aluminum / stainless steel
MDF decorative panel

... of lattices and panels for architects and interior designers. We can find out more lattices in our catalog.Our primary goal is to provide specific solutions in each case. We would like to detail some attribute of our ...

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composite decorative panel / acrylic / for kitchens / bathroom
composite decorative panel

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plastic decorative panel / concrete / for interior / for exterior fittings
plastic decorative panel

... ideal for a wide range of uses: for instance as plastic panels for interior design, in concrete for outdoor applications and, in the B1 version, as panels for shop-in-shop needs.

wood decorative panel / aluminum / stainless steel / acrylic
wood decorative panel

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polyester decorative panel / fiberglass / for interior / for exterior fittings
polyester decorative panel

... price gel coating fiberglass flat panel with low cost and high performance and customized service. With anti-corrosion, weatherproof, high tensile strength and lightweight as the main characteristics, ...

acrylic decorative panel / for interior / smooth
acrylic decorative panel

Name: Acrylic Core Panel Product code: HC-D-03W Infill Material: 8mm thick polycarbonate Surface Material: 3mm thick clear acrylic Dimension: 1200mm x 2400mm Thickness: 14mm

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MDF decorative panel / polyester / for furniture / bathroom
MDF decorative panel

Panelux the ecological, anti-scratch, glossy panel for furniture Panelux is the glossy panel created for modern and refined designs. Its brightness is applied where the light is the leading player. Panelux ...

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Panelux S.r.l
polymer decorative panel / wall-mounted / antibacterial / colored
polymer decorative panel

Pure Health Cover offers a wide range of products to suit all needs,designed with care and respect for the environment. All the covering strips on the Pure Health baseboards, corner guards, edge protectors and the handrails have had the ...

acrylic decorative panel / wall-mounted / painted
acrylic decorative panel

Artwork realised with acrylic colors, natural pigments. Evident brush-strokes for a abstract painting. This pattern can be realized in: visioniflat, visionifexible, visionitranslucent, visionisee-through, visionisilk and visionicom.

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plastic decorative panel / for false ceilings / wall-mounted / made from recycled materials
plastic decorative panel

... fittings in the walls and ceilings. As an interior application for walls and ceilings, Polli-Brick™ technology adds a stunning decorative touch and boasts impressive acoustics that leave interior environments calmer and ...

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Miniwiz S.E.D. Co. Ltd.
leather decorative panel / PVC / for interior / wall-mounted
leather decorative panel

... easier to transport and assemble. The panels are available in sizes ranging from 25x30 cm to 125+75 cm, with any of the tailor-made alternatives for special sizes. In addition, Millepelli produces special panels ...

polyurethane decorative panel / laminate / HPL / for interior
polyurethane decorative panel

Colour is life, narrative, symbology. Compact Paint® opens up to architects and designers practically limitless colour horizons: it is available in all the RAL, Pantone and NCS colour ranges. The product offers an interesting option: ...

polyester decorative panel / fiberglass / wall-mounted / textured
polyester decorative panel

Size (height x lenght): 1.31 m x 3.28 m Surface area: 4.30 m2 Pannel weight: 36 kg Outdoor installation Indoor installation Resistant to the sun (UV) Waterproof (Damp proof and Weather) Resistant high temperatures Resistant to erosion ...

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MSD Panels
polystyrene decorative panel / composite / wall-mounted / insulating
polystyrene decorative panel

polystyrene decorative panel / for false ceilings / wall-mounted / textured
polystyrene decorative panel

There are countless reasons for you to prefer Hekimpor in decorative products. Some of these are: They are aesthetic. Resistant to pressure. They are not fragile. Long-lasting. Do not undergo changes in time. Not ...

acrylic decorative panel / for false ceilings / wall-mounted / varnished
acrylic decorative panel

Panels permit exceptionally refined wall and ceiling design. Madera 250 offers a range of possibilities: installed with either visible or invisible joints, you will love this collection with its high-quality look. The ...

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glass decorative panel / resin / acrylic / for interior
glass decorative panel

Inspired by corrugated sheet metal used in constructive roofing, this corrugated sheet takes on an elevated sense of refinement in resin form.

PVC decorative panel / wall-mounted / grooved / wood look
PVC decorative panel
105 MM

Collection of decorative panels Profiles VOX is characterized by durability, resistance to moisture and it's easy to clean. Quick installation is a clear advantage. The panels can ...

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acrylic decorative panel / for exterior fittings / wall-mounted / colored
acrylic decorative panel

CARAT panels are integrally colored with a transparent or pigmented acrylic top finish shade in shade. The unique natural look and the timeless beauty of the monolithic material with its delicate vein texture provide ...

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acrylic decorative panel / for interior / matte / 3D effect
acrylic decorative panel

... stare deep into space. Its reflective, contemporary clear mirrored surface suddenly springs to life with a flick of a switch! Panels can be single or double-sided and are lit with LEDs which add endless variety.Traditional ...

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aluminum decorative panel / polyurethane / for interior / textured
aluminum decorative panel

Our Wall and Ceiling Panels are: • 96" Long • Made From VOC Free Materials • Made with Non-Fading UV Inks The Class A Fire Rated Aluminum Wall & Ceiling panels come with a mounting clip for easy installation. ...

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natural stone decorative panel / fiberglass / polyester / wall-mounted
natural stone decorative panel

Manufactured from fiberglass, polyster and natural stone dust. Created from nature by special copying and manufacturing techniques and has the same texture and view of natural stone. Has average 6-7 kg/m2 weight and 3-4 mm thickness. Non-flammable. ...

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