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A programmable thermostat allows control of the time of day a heating and cooling system operates, normally to save energy. It may be mounted on or built into a wall. Basic clock thermostats offer limited options, while digital models are more flexible. Some models are radio controlled. On ArchiExpo, these devices are arranged by properties including installation type and function.


Such devices can save energy by limiting the times of day the heating or cooling system operates. Some have a wide range of programs such as differential settings for weekdays and weekends. Certain models indicate when it is time to change the filter. Many versions include a digital interface to facilitate use.

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Consider operational flexibility and verify compatibility with the appliance or system to be controlled. Choose a single- or multi-room system. The thermostat should be installed in a location that will not distort the readings. A unit designed to sense room temperature must be mounted away from heating appliances and direct sunlight. Determine ease of programming and the frequency of battery replacement.

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1 products Elta Fans
Elta Fans 149-DIGISTAT1 *
149-DIGISTAT1 * Elta Fans

A Single stage highly accurate programmable...

1 products HEKIA
Emco Bau- und Klimatechnik GmbH & Co. KG EMCOTIME III
EMCOTIME III Emco Bau- und Klimatechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Programmable clock thermostat with week and day...

2 products Verelec
Rheem Manufacturing Company RHC TST 213
Wall RHC TST 213 Rheem Manufacturing Company

We’ve enhanced our newest 200-Series programmable digital thermostat with a larger, lighted 4-inch blue display. It now offers more control, more convenience and more value than...

Rheem Manufacturing Company RHC TST 305
Wall RHC TST 305 Rheem Manufacturing Company

Rheem has set a new industry benchmark with the 300-Series blue touchscreen with advanced technology not only delivers all the best features, its truly universal. Plus, its designed to be easy-to-view,...

Rheem Manufacturing Company RHC TST 550
Wall RHC TST 550 Rheem Manufacturing Company

Communication is the Key. The 501 is a touchscreen model and the 550 model features both humidification and dehumidification controls. Rheem is proud to introduce the 500-Series Thermostat as part...

1 products MYSON
With touchscreen TOUCH MYSON

The new MYSON TOUCH range of programmable thermostats allow you to set different room temperatures for the morning, day, evening and night time. The Smart Start function will save...

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