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electric oven / rack / rotary / commercial - PBR-H

PBR-H, new oven with rotating trolley front side in stainless steel AISI 304 and perimeter in AISI 430 stainless steel - designed with innovative technologic solutions. The exclusive concept...

electric oven / rack / rotary / commercial - MIWE SHOP-IN

Thanks to its already uniquely designated dimensions, the shop-in makes professional rack baking possible in the smallest of spaces (that is to say on a square ground...

electric oven / rack / rotary / commercial - MIWE ROLL-IN E+

This oven keeps your piggy bank happy.

Because with the new MIWE roll-in e+ (with an efficiency significantly greater than 90%), you will be using even less energy. This increases your...

electric oven / rack / commercial - MIWE THERMO-STATIC

südback Trend Award for MIWE atmo-jet in the thermal oil heated wagon oven

Since südback 2013, the MIWE thermo-static has been showing off a new, patent-pending steam technology. The system supplies...

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