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A radiator is a space heating apparatus which operates on electricity, hot water or gas. Most are attached to a wall, though portable models also exist.


Radiators can be installed in any room. However, models such as the towel radiator are intended for bathroom or kitchen use. Infrared and some other models are designed for occasional, supplementary heating, while storage heaters, hot-water radiators and additional types are designed for continuous use.


Depending on type, radiators transmit heat by conduction, convection and/or radiation. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, each with specific characteristics. For slow, steady heating, a material with good heat inertia (cast iron, glass, stone) is used. Steel or stainless steel is better for rapid heating.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the volume of the room to be heated and available budget, since there is great price variation from model to model. Intended use is another criterion. An infrared heater is better for rapid heating, while for slow, steady heating a storage or high-inertia type should be chosen. Design might also be a factor. Some are crafted to resemble works of art.

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1 products Eurotherm AG
Heat radiating panel for ceilings LEONARDO Eurotherm AG

High-performance radiant ceiling system, ideal for home heating and cooling Energy saving and high performance The versatile Leonardo ceiling system can be used for a...

2 products Ecopan srl
Ecopan srl
Reversible radiating ceiling panel Ecopan srl

A continuous technical research and many years of experience have led ECOPAN to be in the condition to achieve excellence in products...

Ecopan srl
Reversible radiating suspended ceiling tile Ecopan srl

Our first installation of a conditioning system using a radiant false ceiling with aluminium panels dates back to 1969. Now aluminium radiant false ceilings, properly improved, are...

1 products SBM
Infrared radiating panel SBM

HEATING OF SPORT HALLS Gymnasium, indoor tennis court, ice rink, bowling centre, ... The wide range of ceramic...

2 products Markel
Markel CP & RCP
Radiant ceiling-mounted heater CP & RCP Markel

For Surface Or Recessed Installation, Radiant Ceiling Panels radiate energy like the solar radiation which warms us, heats objects, not the air. With no...

Markel CVX
Radiant ceiling-mounted heater CVX Markel

Cove Heaters have a subtly contoured concave surface with a saw-tooth profile. The concave parabolic face plate performs a two-fold function: (1) it focuses the infrared rays and (2) directs the heat...

1 products Refusol
Solar radiation temperature sensor for PV system Refusol

As a high-performance and precise measuring device, the temperature and irradiation sensor...

RESOL Elektronische Regelungen GmbH CS10
Solar radiation sensor CS10 RESOL Elektronische Regelungen GmbH

The solar cell is used for measuring the irradiation intensity. The short-circuit...

1 products HARVIA
Infrared electric heater for saunas HARVIA

Infrared warmth has several positive health effects. For example, it relieves muscle tension and makes you feel good. You can easily build your own infrared cabin with Harvia equipment. The Harvia infrared...

1 products Luxplafond
Radiating stretch ceiling Luxplafond

Playing with colours and effects for unexpected results. The translucent membrane gives...

1 products Saros EST OU
Stretch Ceilings Limited
Radiating stretch ceiling Stretch Ceilings Limited

Stretch Ceilings boasts extraordinary acoustic qualities as it is a membrane and not a solid surface, therefore it is possible to cut reverberation times considerably, this can be further improved by...

Vecta Design Ltd. CLASSIC
Radiating stretch ceiling CLASSIC Vecta Design Ltd.

Ceiling system Vecta Classic consists from more than 160 various colors and the textures, capable to satisfy the most refined taste of any designer. Matt style is a strict traditional...

2 products DPS Group Ltd.
DPS Group Ltd. LAKO
Radiating stretch ceiling LAKO DPS Group Ltd.

LAKO is the perfect solution for renovation and re-decoration. This product, installed as suspended ceiling system is very easy to install and dismantle and allows you full access to the space in between...

Radiating stretch ceiling INVISIBLE DPS Group Ltd.

DPS INVISIBLE is the most exclusive DPS technology system that allows you to take full adventage of all the DPS stretch ceiling features. DPS INVISIBLE allows...

1 products Schoerghuber
Schoerghuber PB
Anti-radiation door PB Schoerghuber

Used primarily in medical facilities,Schörghuber radiation-proof doors provide protection from harmful X-rays, gamma rays and...

1 products BARRISOL
Radiating stretch ceiling BARRISOL TRADITION BARRISOL

Barrisol Tradition renovates and decorates...

1 products FRANCE AIR
Hot water radiating panel for ceilings EVOLIX EC FRANCE AIR

Gentle heat. Aesthetic. Optimum comfort (no air draughts). Fast and localised temperature...

Heat radiating panel for ceilings WPS REMKO GmbH & Co. KG

He „warm island“ principle: Heat where it is needed REMKO ceiling heating systems create new dimensions in the heating of factory halls, high-bay warehouses, sports centres, hall tribunes, sales halls,...

1 products Lindab
Heat radiating panel for ceilings ATRIUM H Lindab

Atrium-H is a heating panel. It is equipped with endpieces and can be installed recessed into a suspended ceiling (see picture 2). The top of the panel is insulated with extruded...

1 products Xpelair
Xpelair DCH3000A
Electric fan heater DCH3000A Xpelair

DCH 3000A is a wall mounted 3kW electric fan heater quickly circulates instant warmth into a room and is suitable for a variety...

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