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Contemporary reception desk / laminate

Steelcase Reception Counters...

Contemporary reception desk / laminate

Fusion counter offers an intelligent...

Contemporary reception desk / laminate

Represents an area dedicated...

Original design reception desk / laminate

Straight, convex and concave elements are at your disposal in...

Original design reception desk / laminate

ZEN is a special solution for...

Contemporary reception desk / laminate / modular

A personally designed office furniture matching the...

Contemporary reception desk / abaca

Code: GAVA071CA Reception desk...

Contemporary reception desk / in wood / glass / light

We can produce reception desks and other...

Contemporary reception desk / laminate

MARTINEZ 830 Laminate...

Contemporary reception desk / aluminum

The Square-System range has been created in the conviction that in the...

Contemporary reception desk / laminate

Often we combine our way of life to the world surrounding...

Contemporary reception desk / laminate

Informa has been designed...

How to choose this product


A reception desk is designed for welcoming or receiving people, for administrative tasks and as a monitoring station. On ArchiExpo, this furniture is arranged by such characteristics as constituent materials or intended installation area.


These desks may have special features such as a split-height work surface to facilitate different tasks. They may have transparent screens for security or panels to reduce ambient noise. Other options include shelves, holes for cables, built-in displays and lighting.

As the initial point of contact for clients or guests, the desk may have a bold design or attractive finish for a positive first impression. However, in some public or commercial buildings, the functional aspects may take priority.


Laminated wood boards, solid wood, plastic, glass, steel and other materials are used in the construction of this furniture.

How to choose

When choosing, consider how much space is available and ensure that the desk does not hinder circulation. Storage requirements, number of simultaneous users and the reception parameters are other important factors. Verify maintenance and cleaning requirements, as well as the details of guarantees or warranties. Desk style should distinguish it from surrounding elements.

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