Reinforced concrete beams

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Main beams or girders most commonly having , L, ⊥, T, H and box-type,sections are used as side beams, roofing elements or slabs and are ususally assembled together with hollow-core slabs, TT roofing elements, double cantilever trusses, wing-contour trusses and so...

The double cantilever truss or roof truss is used as a main structure to cover industrial buildings; it allows to build aisles with large spans.

Over the main structure consisting of double cantilever trusses, TT-type roofing beams are laid integrated...

The pre-casting system by flat roofing elements having TT section is the ideal solutions whenever large spaces are required and multi-storey buildings have to be built. The TT element allows a wide range of uses, enabling the designer to create...

They can be spaced with a distance between the track lines of max 6 mt.
The structure consists of typical Y-section beams having a visible concrete gully on top for water channelling, thus creating...

They are designed to meet several requirements:

• load-bearing;
• being fire-proof;
• light weight /...


Concast can provide a wide variety of beams, such as edge beams, spine beams, lintel beams, balcony beams etc.

Edge Beams - Provide a bearing edge on one side for flooring slabs.
Spine Beams - Provide...


SPC Industries Sdn Bhd was established since 2003 with...

reinforced concrete beam / for bridges - SCAC 55C, SCAC 40C

The process of concrete centrifugation perallowed the SCAC 55C and SCAC 40C elements to be widely used in bridges with clearances of up to 13m, and in places with strong or...

reinforced concrete beam / concrete / lattice - JOIST TRIFORCE

“Open truss” type prefab I-profiles which are mainly used for residential flooring.

The OPEN JOIST Triforce® is an open and adjustable floor beam,...

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