Rigid insulation

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melamine foam insulation / acoustic / foam / rigid - BASOTECT®

Basotect® is a flexible, open cell foam made...

melamine foam insulation / acoustic / foam / rigid - ISOTEK SLIK

Gey BASF Basotecf melamine resin foam. High Thermal resistance: -6UC to

melamine foam insulation / acoustic / foam / rigid - ISOTEK GUM SLIK

Light grey melamine foam (Basotect - BASF) with intermediate EPDM layer (5.5 Kc/m2). Resistant to temperatures...

melamine foam insulation / acoustic / foam / rigid - ISOTEK GUM FOAM

Combination of two layers of Basotect (BASF) melamine foam separated by an EPDM layer (5,5 kg/m2), Isotek Gum Fcam especially absorbs medium and low frequencies...

melamine foam insulation / acoustic / foam / rigid - PYRAMID

Melamine Pyramids reduces reflected noise within a room by trapping and absorbing sound energy. Pyramid shape allows for seamless installation.

Melamine Pyramids - Fireflex Anechoic Wedge Acoustic...

melamine foam insulation / acoustic / foam / rigid - V-BLOCK

These 1 X 1 cubes are V cut from our MELAMINE foam with 3-V tapered pattern are ideal for low bass, anechoic or impact...

polyurethane insulation / foam / rigid / street - DENELIFT 400

Dene-Lift 400 is a two component rigid polyurethane system for injection and pour foam applications. This...

polyurethane insulation / foam / rigid - DENEEF FLOTATION

DeNeef Flotation Foam is a two component rigid polyurethane system designed for pour foam application requiring constant...


How to choose this product


Rigid insulation is used to improve thermal and/or acoustic comfort, economizing energy and improving living conditions. It it made from different materials and in a variety of thicknesses. As standards in energy efficiency increase, the choice of insulation is becoming increasingly important. A rigid insulation panel may provide a great alternative to roll insulation since it requires less supporting structure.

On ArchiExpo, such items are categorized by use or material.


There is now a wider selection of ecologically sound insulation products, such as hemp, wood fiber and gypsum. Although polystyrene, polyurethane and other petrochemical-based panels offer high thermal resistance, they are more flammable and/or constitute increased environmental and health risks.

How to choose

Panel characteristics should suit the insulation needs of the space. For instance, a gymnasium requires less acoustic insulation than a music studio. Make sure that fire resistance, moisture protection, R-values and acoustic qualities comply with local regulations. Verify proper installation, without air gaps. If the panels are visible, consider ease of maintenance and how the finish fits into the environment.

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