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mineral wool insulation / acoustic / thermal / non-flammable - PROROX® MA 900

ProRox® MA 900 Series are industrial wrap (mat) for thermal performance in intermediate to high temperature ranges.

The low thermal conductivity of ROXUL products result in energy savings in areas where it's needed most. ROXULs ProRox® MA 900 Series products deliver consistent thermal performance...

rockwool insulation / acoustic / thermal / non-flammable - MONOBOARD® PLUS

ROXUL MONOBOARD® Plus is a rigid mineral wool board insulation.

Designed for use as a commercial and industrial roof insulation cover board. It is suitable...

polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation / acoustic / thermal / high-resistance - THERMA DUCT

Thermal insulation for rectangular, circular and flat oval ductwork, and associated HVAC equipment, installed outdoors only


expanded polyurethane (PUR) insulation / thermal / acoustic / high-resistance - SUPER TUFF-R™

Super TUFF-R™ Insulation is one of the most durable - and thermally efficient – insulation...

extruded polystyrene insulation / thermal / acoustic / panel - STYROFOAM™ RECOVERMATE™ CR

STYROFOAM™ Brand RECOVERMATE™ CR Insulation is a fanfolded extruded polystyrene...

XPS insulation / extruded polystyrene / thermal-acoustic / high-resistance - JACKOBOARD CANTO

Special construction element for angles and corners and to cover pipes

PET foam insulation / thermal / non-flammable / panel - MIROIR THERMIQUE

for reduction of heat-losses behind heating radiators in buildings
high efficiency to reflect heat with thermal insulation
save money,
long life-time
simple, practically non-visible solution

High cost saving...

expanded polyurethane (PUR) insulation / acoustic / thermal / high-resistance - THERMOCORE 1000

Thermocore 1000 is an insulated roof panel used for pitched metal roofs. Due to its metal inner and outer sheet,...

mineral wool insulation / thermal / acoustic / non-flammable - RC®

Excellent sound absorbing panel used in the cavity of intersecting partition walls between two living areas to ensure acoustic insulation.



mineral wool insulation / thermal / acoustic / non-flammable - RC®

Light natural cork for thermo-acoustic insulation of walls, flooring and ceilings

In natural environments, the cork oak uses its bark...

cork insulation / thermal / acoustic / high-resistance - 940 x 640 mm

Obtained by laminating blocks of cork, agglomerated cork sheets are available in various densities and colours...

cork insulation / thermal / acoustic / high-resistance - 940 x 640 mm

Cork is a 100% natural, non-toxic, rot-proof product offering excellent thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation properties....

extruded polystyrene insulation / XPS / thermal-acoustic / high-resistance - MONOLUX® 500/800

MONOLUX® 500 and MONOLUX® 800 are low thermal conductivity rigid insulation materials. MONOLUX® 800 has higher strength for more arduous conditions. Both materials are formulated without asbestos and mineral fibres,...

wood fiber insulation / thermal-acoustic / panel / rigid - THERMOROOM®

GUTEX Thermoroom, an insulation board with single-ply construction and homogenous...

polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation / thermal / acoustic / high-resistance - LINITHERM PAL KD

Insulated cellar ceilings for warm feet in residential rooms

LINITHERM PAL KD - with aluminium foil on both sides for fast and simple insulation of cellar ceilings.
LINITHERM PAL KD white - with aluminium foil on both sides. Light is reflected by the white surface of the visible side. Cellar rooms are brighter and more friendly.

glass wool insulation / acoustic / thermal / non-flammable - FIBERGLAS™ 700

Saves energy and reduces heat transfer, lowering operating costs.

glass wool insulation / acoustic / panel / rigid - SELECTSOUND® BLACK ACOUSTIC BOARD

Acoustic Benefits

Provides excellent acoustical performance for...

polyurethane insulation / thermal-acoustic / high-resistance / panel - UTHERM

We have been specialising for 35 years in manufacturing and developing innovative insulating roof panels and PIR insulation products. Our insulation range guarantees you the best choice for insulating any type of building to make it airtight and energy-efficient.

The insulation boards come with the CE marking guarantee.

UTHERM WALL is a rigid PIR insulation board made of polyisocyanurate...

polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation / thermal-acoustic / non-flammable / panel - UTHERM SARKING

Insulating from the inside becomes complicated when you have added bedrooms or other useful areas under the roof slope. With our sarking (Plus) insulation boards, you can insulate your roof without taking out the interior finish. In this case, we work from...

polyurethane insulation / thermal-acoustic / high-resistance / panel - AKUSTIK ONE

Three-layers sound-insulating and anti-vibration product, single bag packed.

polyurethane insulation / thermal-acoustic / high-resistance / panel - AKUSTIK GUM SLIK


Polyurethane foam sound-insulating panel with intermediate lead sheet layer.


Akustik-Gum Slik consists of a combination of two layers of polyester-based...

polyurethane insulation / thermal / acoustic / panel - AKUSTIK METAL FOAM

Akustik'R-Metal Foam is the result of the combination of two polyester-based open cell polyuretfiane layers...


How to choose this product


Rigid insulation is used to improve thermal and/or acoustic comfort, economizing energy and improving living conditions. It it made from different materials and in a variety of thicknesses. As standards in energy efficiency increase, the choice of insulation is becoming increasingly important. A rigid insulation panel may provide a great alternative to roll insulation since it requires less supporting structure.

On ArchiExpo, such items are categorized by use or material.


There is now a wider selection of ecologically sound insulation products, such as hemp, wood fiber and gypsum. Although polystyrene, polyurethane and other petrochemical-based panels offer high thermal resistance, they are more flammable and/or constitute increased environmental and health risks.

How to choose

Panel characteristics should suit the insulation needs of the space. For instance, a gymnasium requires less acoustic insulation than a music studio. Make sure that fire resistance, moisture protection, R-values and acoustic qualities comply with local regulations. Verify proper installation, without air gaps. If the panels are visible, consider ease of maintenance and how the finish fits into the environment.

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