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Material: frame in steel tube painted in epoxy resin....


Armchair with structure in stove enamelled or chromed steel. Seat...


Year of production: 2009.


Kartell has fun revisiting a great classic and gives a
new look to the Windsor chair A return to the
glorious past of England in the XVIIIth century for a
"Comb Back" version of the chair with an opaque
texture featuring a backrest consisting of seven
"teeth" which spread out...


A busy lifestyle requires versatile design that meets our work, pleasure and relaxation needs.
Sit, relax or fully recline with the versatile Gravity balans.

Totally relax into zero-gravity weightlessness...

Actulum is an all-rounder that combines the benefits of active sitting both for work and leisure.
Due to the runners, the chair follows your bodys natural movements.

When working your...

How good does it do to stretch out and take a deep breath while working at the desk?
Pendulum is designed to enhance exactly this: lean against the slim backrest, place your arms on the side and open up your chest,...


Matt-chromed round plate equipped with rotating and rocking mechanism. Tubular frame on seat. Removable upholstery made of Sand paper yarn cotton fabric....


The all-wood cantilever was one of the few in the world that transferred wood bending technology into the spring pad....


The Dimple seat's structural design was inspired by an eclectic mix of old, vintage race car seats and golf ball patterns. The union of the two concepts has created a comfortable and highly ergonomic body, with a modern, vibrant aesthetic.


The Dimple seat's structural design was inspired by an eclectic mix of old, vintage race car seats and golf ball patterns. The union of the two concepts has created a comfortable and highly ergonomic body, with a modern, vibrant aesthetic.


Built to last, using modern techniques, the Tailored seat reinterprets the design of the 50's, with a contemporary feel. Tailored is padded with a resistant and self-extinguishing foamed polyurethane, and is carefully lined in leather, faux leather or fabric, thanks to the skill of the master...


Kristalia is always proud to present the cutting edge of Italian design to the public and this rocking chair is very much part of that tradition. It is hard not to see this product as anything other than a potential design classic....


A product in solid Scandinavian ash, that observes the tenets of classic design while adhering to the needs for modern qualities, which mutually...


This breathtaking, beautifully designed wooden rocking horse is a must have item for any child - it will definitely be treasured and is sure to become a trusted and reliable family friend! Its safe and smooth lines, unique and surprising...


Rocking horse with two-coloured...


This is a rocking horse carved out from a single piece of cedar wood so to obtain an agile and graceful shape, enriched by a leather-covered handle. A little rocking...


Similarly to the Correalistisic Instrument, the Correalistic...


Aviva Rocker

by Jarrod Lim

A casual lounge chair available as a chair or rocker, in synthetic or...


by Jarrod Lim

A fun yet stylish take on the traditional children’s rocking horse remade for grown-ups. Jarrod Lim designed HiHo so you can sit forward...


How to choose this product


A rocking chair offers the pleasures of a gentle to-and-fro movement. ArchiExpo offers a range of styles. Most are wood or rattan, but the most modern and/or design might be made of plastic, metal or other materials.


This ever-popular furniture has a character all its own. It is at home in a wide variety of settings, domestic and professional, public and private, indoors and out.


There are several types of rockers. Traditional versions move back and forth along an arc on two curved rockers, each attached to the legs on one side of the chair. Others have springs, which provide additional movement in a variety of directions. Glider chairs use a system of interconnected rods to move back and forth in a level motion rather than an arc.

How to choose

Choice will depend on available space, outdoor or indoor use, and whether the setting is public or private. While some will favor comfort, others may consider rocker aesthetics to be more important.


- Comfort


- Relatively bulky

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