Roll-up shutters

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Roller shutter / aluminium

Many factors contribute to giving you a...

Roller shutter / aluminium

Roller blinds must satisfy a variety...

Roll-up shutter / aluminium

Counter Shutters, also known as Counter Doors, with Integral Frame and Sill wrap and...

Roller shutter / fire-rated

Fire-rated rolling counter shutters, also known as fire-rated counter doors, secure openings using...

Roller shutter / fire-rated

Cornell’s Rolling Counter Fire Shutters with Integral Frame and Countertop are assembled...

Roller shutter / aluminium / thermally insulated

Ε61 system is a patented versatile and multifunctional chamber, branded as ETEM...

Roller shutter / aluminium / insulated

Thermorix TH80 Flexible, insulated aluminium rolling shutter for universal use in industrial and residential...

Roller shutter / steel / aluminium

V80 aluminium or steel Single-walled 80 mm slats, classic profile design, available in two...

Roller shutter / aluminium / insulated

Thermorix TH100 Flexible, insulated aluminium rolling shutter for universal use in industrial and...

Roller shutter / aluminium

The visual effect of this...

Roller shutter / aluminium

QUADRO is the...

Roller shutter / aluminium

The name says it...

Roller shutter / aluminium

Slanted shaped windows and glazing...

How to choose this product


A roller shutter affords exterior openings security and protection from sunlight and bad weather. On ArchiExpo, these devices are categorized by properties including material or intended place of use.


In addition to residential use, such shutters are also found on commercial and public buildings to protect against theft or to prevent windows from being vandalized or broken.


These shutters may be operated electronically via a digital key, by an electric switch or by an interior manual pulley system. Popular construction materials include stainless steel, PVC and wood. Some models are built into the lintel above the window or door, while others are installed separately. Certain window frames include an integrated shutter.

How to choose

Determine the shutter's primary purpose, e.g., security or weather protection. Consider the need for extra locking devices and if it will be opaque or transparent. Ease of maintenance and the ability to withstand vandalism are other factors.

Style, color and harmonization with the rest of the building may be important in the case of residential installation. While aluminum frames go well with concrete or industrial finishes, wooden shutters can add natural warmth and color to the exterior.

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