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infrared sauna - SA-LINE

With its real walnut finish Villeroy & Boch offers you...

sauna - SASHA by Alberto Apostoli

Emotional shower, sauna, steam bath: a real wellness centre in just 8 square metres. With Sasha, Jacuzzi® has invented a new wellness...

sauna - SASHA 2.0 by Alberto Apostoli

The timeless charm of Corian™, an extraordinary, indeformable and unalterable...

sauna - SASHA-MI by Alberto Apostoli

A real home wellness centre in just 3 square metres.
Finnish Sauna
Roman Sauna


The wedi benches, made from waterproof wedi building boards which can be directly tiled, are suitable for private or public wellness landscapes, steam rooms and swimming baths.



On just a minimum of floor space Tylö has created a sauna which can be equipped...


On just a minimum of floor space Tylö has created a...


Tylö has combined a sauna and...


The uniquely innovative shape of Round Vision has set a totally new standard for what a sauna room...


The name says it all. Space Vision has been designed for those who enjoy saunas surrounded...

finnish sauna - SWEETSAUNAPRO by Cristiano Mino

SweetSaunaPro is a Finnish sauna designed with care, where tradition is revealed through innovation. The color of the fading LED bar RGB follows the elegant lines of the slats, and emphasizes shapes and...

finnish sauna - SWEETSAUNAPRO VISION by Cristiano Mino

The Vision version of SweetSaunaPro is an encounter between wood and glass, creating a pleasant feeling of freedom and lightness for the heat bath of the Finnish sauna. The front wall of tempered crystal glass opens up space to create an evocative environment where,...

finnish sauna - SWEETSAUNA90 by Cristiano Mino

SweetSauna90 offers a complete multisensory experience with a style never seen before: in the bedroom, the bathroom, or in a personal area of the SPA. Forged by Starpools experience, SweetSauna90 accommodates up to two people in a unique environment where the bouquet of fine oak and...

finnish sauna - SWEETSAUNAXL by Cristiano Mino

Heat bath, soft lighting, music, wellness paths and persuasive aromatic scents for a new variation of the Nordic tradition. SweetSaunaXL offers a multisensory experience with a style never seen before: in the bedroom, the bathroom or the personal area of the SPA. Forged by Starpools experience, SweetSaunaXL accommodates up to...

finnish sauna - SWEETSAUNA90 COMBI by Cristiano Mino

SweetSauna90 Combi is the perfect solution for those who wish to feel free to choose at any moment. With its double system of a traditional...

salt stone sauna - RUSTIC

The salt stone sauna, clad with genuine salt stone from the Himalaya mountains, operates at a temperature of 65 to 70°C, with a relatively low level of humidity. The cabin air is ionized and saturated with salt compounds. This can provide relief for a wide range of conditions....

finnish sauna - ALPINE ELEGANCE

Bio Sauna:
Higher levels of humidity mean that the entire body is moistened. The relaxing action of heat enriched with higher humidity has beneficial, caring effects on the hair, skin and respiratory system. The combination heating system allows various herbs to be added to the evaporation bowl. The steam softens the herbs, releasing their natural scents which are then introduced to the sauna...

infrared sauna -

Our saunas are made of excellent quality woods and materials, in order to guarantee a result that will keep you satisfied...

finnish sauna - CLASSIC LINE

Domestic sauna totally equiped with reduced measurements of 114x114x206 cm., capacity for 2 people and 3 kw power system. Your personal electrical household appliance which will provide you the comfort you need without necessity of arranging ample...

finnish sauna - PROFESSIONAL LINE

Aiming to optimise your investment in commercial or professional installations, Inbeca has created the Professional line. With a sober but appealing design that meets two basic needs for professionals: maximum...

finnish sauna - SELECTE LINE

If you are looking for a sauna cabin for an exclusive environment, Inbecas Select line is your best option. Let us surprise you like we do to our most demanding clients....

finnish sauna - GENEVE LINE

Inbeca Grup has developed from its R+D department a new line of Sauna. This line...

finnish sauna - GENEVE LINE

Sauna and steam room design from Guncast Swimming Pools will help to create the perfect day spa atmosphere for ultimate...

infrared sauna - ROYAL I

1 Person Sauna, Wood: Hemlock Fir, Interior Lighting, Quick Warm-up Time, CD Player & Radio, Dual Digital Temperature Control and Timer

infrared sauna - III-C

3 Person Sauna Corner Unit, Wood: Hemlock Fir, Interior Lighting, Quick Warm-up Time, CD Player & Radio, Dual Digital Temperature Control and Timer

infrared sauna - III-C

Sauna IrealmenI uses heat to its advantage, causing your pores to expand and provoking an immediate increase in perspiration....

infrared sauna - COPENHAGEN

This cozy two person sauna is ideal for some quiet time...

infrared sauna - STOCKHOLM

The Stockholm offers a more open style in a 2 person sauna....

infrared sauna - OSLO

The Oslo is a beautiful 3 person sauna...

infrared sauna - HELSINKI

The Helsinki has a spacious design incorporated...

steam sauna / with hydromassage cubicle - K9707

Products Information
Dry and wet sauna steam room
1. 6mm tempered...

sauna - CONCEPT

While wood is the main element, it is not the only protagonist of our saunas.
Unusual shapes, large windows, lighting; rustic, classic, or modern style; personalised themes.


sauna - CLASSIC

Scandinavians have been using saunas for centuries, they know that they help them to live longer, in better health and with an improved sense of wellbeing.

When we step into a sauna, the dry heat at high temperatures (anywhere from...

sauna - HEMLOCK

Canadian Hemlock Fir, without knots, is ideal when a sauna needs a more modern look to fit...

sauna - STUBE

With the application of certain artistic techniques, we can...

sauna - ALMSAUNA

The Almsauna is made with original antique wood from old...


Our VARIOLINE cabin is a particularly flexible concept specifically aimed at individualists wishing for a broad...

sauna - LIFELINE

Especially in the family circle, the sauna experience becomes a unifying form of joyment.



the designer edition from saunalux . just as individual as you!
With the PRIMERALINE from saunalux, you can design...


This design cabin is the way saunalux wants to show how any colour and shape integrates into a sauna.


commercial building sauna - STUDIOLINE

Robust and resistant, efficient and durable - that's STUDIOLINE, which we design with commercial and trade use in mind.

The materials, workmanship,...

hammam sauna - LOGICA TWIN

Logica Twin is the culmination of many years experience, resulting in a harmonious combination of both the Finnish sauna and hammam.
The practical design makes it possible...

hammam sauna - S+H TWIN

If you want to convey a sauna and a turkish...

sauna - LOGICA

The energy of water and fire. With Logica, the sauna is transformed into a real...

sauna - SKY

Sky is the new line of saunas created by Talocci Design for Effegibi, a welljudged combination of technology...

sauna - KOKO

Koko is a Finnish word that expresses the concept of shape, dimension, size. Drawing inspiration from this, we have given each model a simple code that immediately identifies...


How to choose this product


A sauna offers healthful well-being and relaxation in a convivial ambiance through exposure to high heat, dry or wet.


Saunas provide relaxation and well-being, but also have medical uses, including pain reduction. They are appropriate for a wide range of people, barring contraindications. Saunas are common at spas and health resorts, but are occasionally found in apartment buildings and houses.


The traditional sauna consists of a small wooden structure with benches and an electric, gas or wood stove. Folding or portable saunas can fit into a carrying case. They are ideal for travel or for dwellings where limited space prevents installation of a permanent model. Economical prefabricated saunas are made of easily-erected panels. Combination models include the features of a sauna, hamam (Turkish bath) and shower with hydro-massage.

How to choose

Choice will depend on available space, budget and intended use, including travel, home and professional models.


- General relaxation
- Muscular relaxation after exercise
- Bodily detoxification

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