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protective barrier / for public areas - FLORILEGE™

The city gates normaclo™ combines originality and security to protect the sidewalks near public places (schools, city councils ...). 2 models available: FLORILEGE™ and OOBAMBOO™. Ideal for: cities, parks, pedestrian zone ...

Specifications :

protective barrier / for public areas - FLORILEGE™

The innovative and high-performance post system provides many
individual solutions for barriers and way guidance systems indoors


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A security barrier organizes, delimits or protects outdoor public or private spaces, controls pedestrian or vehicular movement, indicates access points, enhances safety in dangerous environments and performs similar functions.


These devices are found at public access points, parks, terraces, parking areas, along streets, at restaurants, recreational facilities, construction sites, excavations and roadways, among other locales.


Barriers are usually made from galvanized or stainless steel, wood or any other material capable of withstanding inclement weather, vandalism and occasional collisions.

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