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Shower columns
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shower column - ONE by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba & Sergio Mori

A soft look but a strong impact, from Mies to
Kjaerholm the band has...

shower column - EVEN-T

New shower columns featuring advanced materials...

shower column - FLAT COLUMN

Thermostatic shower column in stainless...

Philippe Starck shower column - AXOR - 10920000

shower head size: 240 mm
overhead shower angle adjustable
spray type (overhead shower): RainAir (rain spray enriched with air)

shower column - RAINDANCE

overhead shower Raindance S 180 Air
shower head size: 180 mm
shower arm length: 420 mm
height adjustment:...

shower column - AXI

Trendy shower column with squared and essential shape. The upside down L shape with...

shower column - PICTOR TOP

Rectangular asymmetric shower column characterized by the oblique main lines...

shower column - RIGAL

Trendy shower column with squared and essential shape. The upside down L...

shower column - MENHIR by Luca Scacchetti

Incorruptible, without backing down,

it is like an...

shower column - SHARP by Luca Scacchetti

Definite architectonical element issuing his form from a spatial geometry.


shower column - PLUVIA by Luca Scacchetti

Wall mounted rising rail, with concave shower head “unique...

shower column - ECHO WATERFALL

Multifunctional chrome plated brass rising rail equipped with antiscale shower head and WATERFALL. Manual or thermostatic mixer. Echo...

shower column - BOMA by Imago Design

A new mix between shape and space, that it is expressed by the contamination between rigorous lines and soft rounded volumes

Boma is the collection that you can use also in bathroom with small dimensions, to permit...

shower column - ARGO by Imago Design

Bathroom becomes a hybrid space where emptiness and fullness are balanced on shapes and volumes

Argo is the collection made in Korakril™ characterized by a composition element...

shower column - VEHLA


1)Shower column in brass with integrated progressive tap.

thermostatic shower column - DOLCEVITA

Minimal design shower column...

shower column - COLONIAL


Telescopic and turning shower column in brass with adjustable mounting with articulated shower...

shower column - COLONIAL Presa acqua alta


Turning shower column in brass with adjustable mounting...

self-closing shower column / commercial building - DB1725

Power source: IP67 encapsulated transformer.
Operating pressure: 0.5 -8.0 bar (7 - 116 PSI).
Water temperature: max 70º.
Water supply: cold and hot water (2 inlets). Features a thermostatic mixer to adjust the temperature.

shower column with LED - SOFFIO led

Soffio Led External column shower
Code: SF660104
Box Pcs:...

shower column - GLOBAL

The Global shower column represents
the very essence of the Global...

shower column - CLOCK WORK NOBA4470

Precise, refined, exact. Like the clockwork. Clock Work is a complete series which alternates built-in and deck mounted solutions, square and round shapes, spouts and handles. To multiply the possibility to chose, keeping precision intact....

shower column - X-CHANGE MONO: 7570

X Change and X Change Mono are two ranges that have been totally designed by the...

shower column - WATERWALL 1

Extremely comfortable despite its restrained visual impact Waterwall has a graphic outline...

shower column - WATERWALL 2

Extremely comfortable despite its restrained visual impact Waterwall has a graphic outline...

shower column - WATERWALL 3

Extremely comfortable despite its restrained visual impact Waterwall has a graphic outline...

shower column - APOL

The Apol shower column provides the user with the fixed shower, hand shower,...

shower column - IMAG

The Imag shower column with stainless steel and gloss stainless steel performs...

shower column - NAP

The Nap column comes in three colors: Black, White,...

shower column - LIBRA

Shower column with thermostatic...

shower column - LOOK

The hydromassage column with all the necessary technology for converting our everyday shower into a playful and fun experience arrives at Systempool....


How to choose this product


A shower column is a fixture containing a single-handle control, a shower head (sometimes on a flexible hose) and a housing to hide the plumbing. The housing is usually of ABS plastic, tough and easy to clean, but may also be of aluminum, synthetic glass, engineered stone or wood.


These fixtures are used with all types of hot water systems of suitable water pressure. Excess pressure requires the addition of a regulator, while insufficient pressure may reduce their utility.


Some columns are equipped with storage shelves, massage jets, lights and other features. Temperature control may be manual or thermostatic, the latter delivering water at a preset temperature (below 38° C, to avoid burns).

How to choose

Choice will depend on materials, features (e.g., water massage) and price, which can vary enormously.

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