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patterned fabric / silk / cotton - ANTOINETTE

The embroidery is executed on silk shantung using a bulky cotton cord which confers softness...

patterned fabric / silk / cotton - DEDALUS

The labyrinth motif, which is an icon of the Eastern tradition, emerges from the contrast between silk and cotton,...

curtain fabric / silk - SOLEIL QUI BRILLE

This geometric motif evoking the multi-coloured decorations on sub-Saharan...

patterned fabric / silk - PAVILLON

Of Moorish inspiration, this pattern has been printed with a lacquer effect onto a raw...

patterned fabric / silk - SILKYWAY

A luminous iridescent jacquard. The uneven fabric ground derives from two differently coloured silk weft yarns and a warp combining...

upholstery fabric / floral pattern / silk / polyester - ALLURE : WILD GINGER

Width: 54
Weight: 19.000 OZ.
Repeat: V:12.000...

patterned fabric / silk - ALCHIMIA

7 Colors | 65%CO 35%SE | Width 140 cm | Rep. 39 cm
As a tribute to Gio Ponti, shapes combine spare simplicity with a decorative nous, telling a story of object and...

floral pattern fabric / silk / linen - MEPAL

Mepal is the signature pattern in the line this dramatic large scale damask was inspired by a look from the Fall 2007...

curtain fabric / silk - DIVINE

Soft as a dream... 100% silk chiffon... for gorgeous flowing sheers with an amazing...

curtain fabric / silk - INDIA

The surprising pattern of India is digitaly printed on a 100% silk...

upholstery fabric / silk - TRESORS

When Elitis created Tresors, a 100% silk dupioni in wide width, we though of user-friendly silk for...

upholstery fabric / silk - HOLI

Wide width solid dupioni silk from Elitis as you imagined it... drapery, curtains, bead covers...

curtain fabric / silk - MARQUISE

Thin stripe, wide width dupioni silk will allow you to create curtains, bed covers or headboards...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - SAVANNA

Content: 70%Cotton 30%Silk
Fabric Width: 59"...

striped fabric / silk - SPECTRUM

Spectrum glows brilliantly. Wide bands of horizontal silk stripes are formed by three rich tonal hues. With the simplicity and...

patterned fabric / silk - KNOTTY KNOTTY

Knotty Knotty combines neutral-toned embroidery with the finest Dupioni silk, to create the effect of elite knots patterned across the face...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - RIO

Content: 75%Cotton 25%Silk
Fabric Width: 52" (132 cm)

plain fabric / silk / linen - WILDLY CHIC

Wildly Chic is faux uni jacquard (mock solid) in a combination of silk and linen. The fine...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - TASSINARI & CHATEL : FONTENAY - ALBATRE

This beautiful cotton and silk satin and gourgouran stripe is refined and understated. A rythmic and elegant alternation of satin and...

patterned fabric / silk - TWEED 3076

Decobel collections look to innovation also in tradition, in a constant search for all that is unusual, reworked and surprising,...

patterned fabric / silk - DIOMEDE 3213

DIOMEDE 3213 is the second silk presented in the Alceo collection....

patterned fabric / silk - ALCEO 3212

ALCEO 3212 is a silk fabric in 5 colours and lends its name to the collection. The silk warp and cotton,...

floral pattern fabric / silk - OPTIMISTE : EUGÉNIE

Elegant and subtle embroidery enriched with a gauze appliqué and a generous...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - CARLYLE : FIGHTING KNIGHTS

Embroidered Chinoiserie which portrays traditional hunting scenes vignettes . Draws inspiration from an ancient...

floral pattern fabric / silk / linen - TIZIANO : VERROCCHIO

Decorative velvet appliqué on a silk linen fabric using an elegant,...

striped fabric / silk - DELHI RAW & TEXTURED SILK : SNOW

Fabric Content: 95% Silk / 5% Lurex...

floral pattern fabric / silk / linen - SILK TRADITIONS : AUDUBON

Fabric Content: 61% Linen / 39% Silk Pattern Repeat:V: 11.75,...

floral pattern fabric / silk / cotton - SILK TRADITIONS : BONITA

Fabric Content: 68% Cotton Sateen / 32% Silk...

floral pattern fabric / silk / linen - SILK TRADITIONS : ZARA

Fabric Content: 59% Linen / 41% Silk...

plain fabric / silk / linen - LAGO

product number de10313

plaid fabric / silk - TARTANS

product number de12601

floral pattern fabric / silk - VAL D'ELSA

Flowers in bloom and butterflies adorn this striped taffetas. The sparkle of silk has the colours...

floral pattern fabric / silk - OLIMPIA

Monochrome embroidery of sinuous stalks in flower on a taffeta with irregular threads, more commonly called Chantung....

patterned fabric / silk - MOGHOL

Embroideries made on silk satin showing traditional Uzbekistan

patterned fabric / silk - MOGHOL

Product No.: 2620-02

Silk satin with...

curtain fabric / patterned / silk - VERDI

Product No.: 2617-02

Decorating fabric...

upholstery fabric / striped / silk / cotton - SOLICE

Product No.: 2422-01


curtain fabric / patterned / silk / jacquard  - CONTURA

Product No.: 2479-04


curtain fabric / patterned / silk / damask - MINERVA

Rich, opulent silk damask with a linear,
imaginative pattern. The basis is formed

patterned fabric / silk / cotton - ENTRELACS

This highly graphic fabric has large, interlacing geometric motifs, composed as

striped fabric / silk - CALLAS

Small black and silver stripe silk, in ottoman effect,...

curtain fabric / silk - CASANOVA

Plain silk taffeta in wide width, available in...

patterned fabric / silk / cotton - CHORUS

Bright contemporary jacquard with a drawing of large circles on a silk warp...

curtain fabric / silk - CITY

Nice two tones semi-plain jacquard, 100%...

patterned fabric / silk - MARIN : ALEXANDRE

Code 04739/04
Colour Rose
Repeat 76cms approx
Width 140cms...

floral pattern fabric / cotton / silk - MARIN : ANGELIQUE

Code 04735/04
Colour Cardinal
Repeat 150cms...

plaid fabric / silk - MARIN : GASPARD

Code 04741/05
Colour Taupe/Rose
Repeat 60cms...

striped fabric / silk - MARIN

Code 04742/04
Colour Nattier
Width 132cms...

plaid fabric / silk - MARIN : PAULINE

Code 04738/05
Colour Rose
Repeat 15cms...

striped fabric / silk - BANGALORE

composition : 100%...

patterned fabric / silk - ELANA FH

content: 100% SILK
width: 54"

patterned fabric / silk - WHITE HALL

content: 100% SILK
width: 52"

striped fabric / silk - TANGO FH

content: 100% SILK
width: 54"

curtain fabric / silk - DOTS

Repeat 32 12,6''

curtain fabric / silk - FLOWDERY

Repeat 38 15''

curtain fabric / silk - MARBLE

With the emperor Augustus age, Rome started a renovation in a monumental sense.
During this time were conceived the most spectacular buildings:...

upholstery fabric / silk - RE SOLE

Repeat 56 22''


How to choose this product


Silk fabric is a cloth produced from weaving threads of natural protein produced by insects such as the silkworm. It is available in a number of textures and varieties. Chiffon is a fine, sheer cloth. Jacquard silk is made on a jacquard loom to produce complicated or raised motifs. Tussah silk is composed of short fibers). On ArchiExpo, this material is arranged by properties including use and motif.


This material is used for upholstery, drapery or clothing. While very durable, it readily absorbs moisture and is prone to staining. Silk is insulating and hypoallergenic, making it particularly suitable for seating upholstery. Silk is found in high-quality drapery and wall coverings. Its reflective properties can be used to filter natural light and create a unique interior ambiance. However, strong sunlight may cause fading or damage.

How to choose

Choose a fabric suitable for the intended use. Silk is very strong, hypoallergenic, dirt-resistant and offers tactile comfort. It is also very attractive and available in many colors, textures and opacities, making it an ideal finish for upholstered furniture or drapery. However, maintenance can be difficult in high-traffic settings, as it is prone to staining.

Determine ease of replacement in case of damage when used for upholstered furniture. Less expensive, more easily replaced alternatives or higher quality silk may be more appropriate where use is intensive.

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