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patterned fabric / silk - SILKYWAY

A luminous iridescent jacquard. The uneven fabric ground derives from two differently coloured silk weft yarns and a warp combining...

plain fabric / silk / cotton - RASOMOSSO

A luminous satin with a very dense warp of160 silk threads per centimetre, woven on jacquard looms to obtain an uneven...

upholstery fabric / plain / silk - ROMEO & GIULIETTA CHINE'

The luminous, elegant and precious Romeo & Giulietta silk velvet is now presented in its chiné version. The delicate mottled effect is...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - ANTOINETTE

The embroidery is executed on silk shantung using a bulky cotton cord which confers softness...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - DEDALUS

The labyrinth motif, which is an icon of the Eastern tradition, emerges from the contrast between silk and cotton,...

curtains fabric / silk - DIVINE

Soft as a dream... 100% silk chiffon... for gorgeous flowing sheers with an amazing...

curtains fabric / silk - INDIA

The surprising pattern of India is digitaly printed on a 100% silk...

upholstery fabric / silk - TRESORS

When Elitis created Tresors, a 100% silk dupioni in wide width, we though of user-friendly silk for...

upholstery fabric / silk - HOLI

Wide width solid dupioni silk from Elitis as you imagined it... drapery, curtains, bead covers...

curtains fabric / silk - MARQUISE

Thin stripe, wide width dupioni silk will allow you to create curtains, bed covers or headboards...

patterned fabric / silk - ALCHIMIA

7 Colors | 65%CO 35%SE | Width 140 cm | Rep. 39 cm
As a tribute to Gio Ponti, shapes combine spare simplicity with a decorative nous, telling a story of object and...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - SAVANNA

Content: 70%Cotton 30%Silk
Fabric Width: 59"...

striped fabric / silk - SPECTRUM

Spectrum glows brilliantly. Wide bands of horizontal silk stripes are formed by three rich tonal hues. With the simplicity and...

patterned fabric / silk - KNOTTY KNOTTY

Knotty Knotty combines neutral-toned embroidery with the finest Dupioni silk, to create the effect of elite knots patterned across the face...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - RIO

Content: 75%Cotton 25%Silk
Fabric Width: 52" (132 cm)

plain fabric / linen / silk - WILDLY CHIC

Wildly Chic is faux uni jacquard (mock solid) in a combination of silk and linen. The fine...

floral fabric / silk / linen - MEPAL

Mepal is the signature pattern in the line this dramatic large scale damask was inspired by a look from the Fall 2007...

patterned fabric / cotton / silk - TASSINARI & CHATEL : FONTENAY - ALBATRE

This beautiful cotton and silk satin and gourgouran stripe is refined and understated. A rythmic and elegant alternation of satin and...

patterned fabric / silk - TWEED 3076

Decobel collections look to innovation also in tradition, in a constant search for all that is unusual, reworked and surprising,...

patterned fabric / silk - DIOMEDE 3213

DIOMEDE 3213 is the second silk presented in the Alceo collection....

patterned fabric / silk - ALCEO 3212

ALCEO 3212 is a silk fabric in 5 colours and lends its name to the collection. The silk warp and cotton,...

striped fabric / silk - DELHI RAW & TEXTURED SILK : SNOW

Fabric Content: 95% Silk / 5% Lurex...

floral fabric / silk / linen - SILK TRADITIONS : AUDUBON

Fabric Content: 61% Linen / 39% Silk Pattern Repeat:V: 11.75,...

floral fabric / silk / cotton - SILK TRADITIONS : BONITA

Fabric Content: 68% Cotton Sateen / 32% Silk...

floral fabric / silk / linen - SILK TRADITIONS : ZARA

Fabric Content: 59% Linen / 41% Silk...

upholstery fabric / silk - VERMONT

Code L8929-02
Colour Platinum
Width 140cms...

patterned fabric / silk - MARIN : ALEXANDRE

Code 04739/04
Colour Rose
Repeat 76cms approx
Width 140cms...

floral fabric / silk / cotton - MARIN : ANGELIQUE

Code 04735/04
Colour Cardinal
Repeat 150cms...

plaid fabric / silk - MARIN : GASPARD

Code 04741/05
Colour Taupe/Rose
Repeat 60cms...

striped fabric / silk - MARIN

Code 04742/04
Colour Nattier
Width 132cms...

plaid fabric / silk - MARIN : PAULINE

Code 04738/05
Colour Rose
Repeat 15cms...

floral fabric / silk - INSPIRED : COSMEA

With its never ending diversity in creation, nature has always been the great source of inspiration. Also the new collection "Inspired" is guided by nature. It culminates...

curtains fabric / silk - BIENNALE : MAGNIFICENT

Reference :


curtains fabric / silk - BELLEROSE : ENOLA

Inspired by Haute Couture. All the beauty of silk...

curtains fabric / silk - BELLEROSE : HELEN

Inspired by Haute Couture. All the beauty of silk...

curtains fabric / silk - BELLEROSE : LOUISIANE

Inspired by Haute Couture. All the beauty of silk...

curtains fabric / silk - SERANG : TARAMANA

A stylised Mughal-influenced floral trail of viscose...

upholstery fabric / silk - KEDIRI

Satins of silk with cotton in a glorious palette of twenty-seven...

curtains fabric / silk - BRILLIANT : SANSIBAR

SANSIBAR is a multi-colour stripe of the
same high quality silk-cotton material...

upholstery fabric / silk - BRILLIANT : SATINEE

Fine plain silk satin with an extravagant
lustre and high colour brilliance....

curtains fabric / silk - CA' REZZONICO


curtains fabric / silk - VENICE

A collection of five luxurious designs comprising damasks, silk...

striped fabric / silk - DIGNIFIED

DF 6125 F
"A classic, refined striped fabric that brings the luster of silk...

patterned fabric / silk / wool - FASCINATION

FSN 0455 C
Fascination`s intriguing dot pattern is captivating in both...

plaid fabric / silk - IMPERIAL

IP 6108 C
A striking silk update of the traditional plaid,...

floral fabric / silk / linen - SAVANNAH

SVH 6547 B
Seaside Green
The delightful pattern of delicate...

patterned fabric / silk - CELEBRATION

CEL 5429 D
Desert Bloom
"Explosions of color scattered atop a bed of subtle neutrals,...

striped fabric / silk - 11118.616

Grade: 0030
Dupioni Silk: 100 %
Cleaning Code: S

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