metal wallcovering / tertiary / smooth / panel
metal wallcovering

Gordon is an award winning manufacturer and provider of solutions for specialty interior finishes. Gordon Wall Systems are designed and engineered for easy installation, high durability, and fabricated to your specific design requirements. METALS Gordon ...

concrete wallcovering / home / smooth / wood look
concrete wallcovering

A seamless wall is made from grinded rock, making it watertight in the bathroom and the shower. These seamless walls are clean, resist lime and fungi and are an excellent alternative to tiles. Senso's seamless wall covering bring something ...

concrete wallcovering / home / smooth / colored concrete look
concrete wallcovering

Noble and flexible material, the microcement allows you to create a unique and exclusive design floors, transforming existing surfaces or new constructions in real personalized works of art, greatly enhancing the entire home decore. Its ...

stone wallcovering / home / smooth / 3D effect
stone wallcovering

Bianco Cave combines the design excellence with a wide selection of materials colours, sizes and quality manifacturing. Bianco Cave with its products, decorates elegant outdoor spaces. Our company produces small bricks using for the covering ...

tertiary wallcovering / smooth / wood look / fire-retardant
tertiary wallcovering

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vinyl wallcovering / tertiary / smooth / fabric look
vinyl wallcovering

This collection is exclusively sold in France

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wooden wallcovering / home / tertiary / smooth
wooden wallcovering

The use of basic materials, wood and metal provide numerous and diverse meanings to workspaces. The synthesis of commercial and residential, industrial and rural is also reflected in the design of home offices, which seek to combine the ...

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concrete wallcovering / tertiary / smooth / concrete look
concrete wallcovering

The floors and coverings Castelatto are crafted, so they may vary slightly in dimensions and colors, besides small marks in its edges. They are pieces of concrete of high performance and present as advantages of this material, high mechanic ...

resin wallcovering / home / smooth / concrete look
resin wallcovering

Materiko is placed and provided directly by our specialized team. The price depends on several variables such as the installation plan , the chosen finish and the final treatment. It will be possible to formulate the price only after ...

home wallcovering / smooth / metal look
home wallcovering

Wall covering, along with the doors, extends to masonry the use of components and materials typical for solid demountable partition walls, conforming their aesthetic choices and performances. The structure of aluminium profiles is anchored ...

leather wallcovering / home / smooth / leather look
leather wallcovering

The suggestion and magic of worn out leather, that noble patina that only time gives. Old bags or suitcases and other dear objects become more charming when they carry the signs of the past. These are the suggestions that inspired us ...

polyester wallcovering / tertiary / smooth / acoustic
polyester wallcovering

Our FRP Polyester sheets are also available on request with a pattern or custom design. Dimensions: 1.22m x 2.44m and 1.22m x 3.05m Types: Standard or custom design.

vinyl wallcovering / tertiary / smooth / fabric look
vinyl wallcovering

vinyl wallcovering / tertiary / smooth / wallpaper look
vinyl wallcovering

Onyx+ is a durable vinyl wall covering perfectly suited for commercial wetroom applications such as wetrooms of health facilities, nursing homes and senior residences. Onyx is hot welded in a standard vertical installation for perfect ...

PVC wallcovering / tertiary / smooth / interior
PVC wallcovering

WG 1004 Plate system is 1000mm width. It protects and preserves building interiors against impact damage and wear. Economic plates are installed quickly and simply. They are produced in 12 different colors and 4m length.

metal wallcovering / home / tertiary / textured
metal wallcovering
AC02 Stick-on Wall

To coat means to give new life to an environment. Not only furnishings, but also spaces, floors and, above all, walls can be customized in an infinite way. Planium has always tried to provide its clients with the possibility of ...

metal wallcovering / home / for public spaces / smooth
metal wallcovering
AC02 Stick-on Wall

Planium presents a coating system with unique characteristics. AC02 Stick-on Wall allows you to cover walls easily and quickly. Stainless steel, Calamine, bronze, copper or the new exclusive finishes: discover the metropolitan ...

wooden wallcovering / home / tertiary / smooth
wooden wallcovering

Wall coverings from pur natur Douglas and Oak Wood.

stone wallcovering / home / smooth / high-gloss
stone wallcovering

... limestone. Mostly used in traditional cladding and ventilated facades, recently has been also used on glossy floors. This is a smooth but opaque surface finish in which the nuances of texture of this limestone are appreciated. We ...

wooden wallcovering / home / for offices / smooth
wooden wallcovering

Wall panels in old reclaimed wood. (Oak, fir, briccola, larch, pine etc.)

concrete wallcovering / home / smooth / concrete look
concrete wallcovering

“Slim” are unique architectural concrete panels that can be used both on the floor and wall, inside and outside buildings. Available in two sizes (80x100cm and 100×200 cm) are perfect for creating impeccable and regular geometric surface. ...

wooden wallcovering / home / for offices / textured
wooden wallcovering

Linvisibile extended its product range with an innovative boiserie system, to decorate the walls in the same finishing as the doors. The exclusive “skin” system allows to coat, with only 3 mm of thickness, walls of any dimension in perfect ...

stone wallcovering / home / smooth / satin
stone wallcovering

Lapitec®, sintered stone, slabs are ideal as bathroom surfaces, because this material is completely non-porous and its solid surface is resistant to stains, mould, humidity and bacteria. Moreover, Lapitec® features antibacterial properties ...

synthetic wallcovering / home / smooth / waterproof
synthetic wallcovering

tertiary wallcovering / smooth / concrete look / exterior
tertiary wallcovering

Located in central Lisbon, this work was of high level of demand, because it's an intervention on a historical building. PNB is responsable for the, placement of panels facade 'Cimbonit" in naturocimento, the inside facades of commercial ...

concrete wallcovering / home / tertiary / smooth
concrete wallcovering

Boral's large range of coloured concretes incorporates all the colours of nature.Our Coloured Concrete contains a colour enhancer to provide brighter, more durable colours. Features & Benefits Uses a colour enhancer to provide brighter, ...