Solar panels

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Solar panels
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high-concentration solar panel - GP-1500

The main features of the GP-1500 modules are the high efficiency, wide acceptance angle, compact size, cost effectiveness and the high reliability...

polycrystalline solar module / ultra transparent / with colored cells / with aluminum frame - SPECTRUM

Available in a variety of colours
A perfect match to the colour of your roof

high-concentration solar panel - HCPV 1140-15200 W

At ISOFOTON we have sustainably maintained the same innovative dedication nd focus since our beginnings in 1981, a sign of identity that has made us commit to Solar Energy research to look for better and more efficient competitive solutions.

In the 90s, ISOFOTON participated in experiments geared at testing the effects of...

monocrystalline solar panel / Photovoltaic-Thermal / hybrid - HYBRID 250 W


High-efficiency monocristalline cell technology
15.8% electrical module efficiency
60% thermal module efficiency


polycrystalline solar panel / hybrid / Photovoltaic-Thermal - 230-255 W

Brandoni Solares hybrid module is the optimal solution for the production of electricity...

Photovoltaic-Thermal solar panel / hybrid / polycrystalline - XP 72/156 - 275 275 W

The result of experiencen gained in over twenty-five years of
operation, photovoltaic modules and solar collectors are part
of a wide range...


How to choose this product


Solar panels capture sunlight or a part of the solar energy spectrum and convert it into electricity or heat. Thermal solar panels, also called solar collectors, convert light into heat energy. Photovoltaic panels capture sunlight via semiconductors, storing the electrical energy produced in batteries or feeding it directly into the electrical network.

How to choose

Consider the solar panel's intended use and the required needs. Thermal solar panels are ideal for home water heating, whereas photovoltaic models generate electrical power.

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