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solar water heater - HTE 24 CG

The Schüco HTE 24 CG solar energy centre combines the latest solar and condensing technology in the smallest space. All the components are fully compatible and are integrated into a compact unit...

solar water heater - HTE 25 CG

The Schüco HTE 25 CG solar energy centre has been developed for maximum solar energy output. It is one of the first systems in a new class with a high proportion of renewable energy and outstanding efficiency. This...

solar water heater / with heat pump - GAIA MAXI ACQUA

GAIA Maxi Acqua is the new heat pump solution that replaces boiler and air
The main features are:
FOR HIGH ENERGY NEED HOUSES - For large surface houses and for
refurbishment when they are in harsh climate area and no main works on
the external walls is expected.

solar water heater - HYDROCONFORT SOLAIRE

A hybrid gas boiler combining condensing and solar energy, which modulates its heating power starting from 0 kW to 20 kW and enhances storage and solar exchange in the most optimized...

solar water heater / forced circulation - RESIDENTIAL

The RESIDENTIAL systems are designed for the implementation
of single or centralised residential solar systems for small
to medium sized consumption and supplied complete with
solar collectors,...

solar water heater / forced circulation - ALL IN ONE

Forced circulation solar systems made of vacuum pipes
FVG solar collectors and plug&play double coil thermal
storage, conceived for the rapid production of hot sanitary
water and supplement to low temperature radiant systems.

solar water heater / forced circulation - VACUUM VTN

The forced circulation system consists of a floor standing tank, CPC collectors...

solar water heater / forced circulation - GIGA SELECTIVE

The forced circulation system consists of a floor standing tank, high selective...

solar water heater / forced circulation - TOP LINE

Solar hot water systems in Wagner Solarss TOP line range rank with the best in the industry.

Perfect price and performance
The multi-award winning...

solar water heater / forced circulation - ECO LINE

Solar System for Domestic Hot Water Preparation in Single Family Homes with up to Six Persons

With our hot water system ECO line we offer...

solar water heater / forced circulation - SOLARDRIVE

The preheating system SOLARdrive supports conventional boiler based water heating and is equally suited for solar-thermal expansion of existing hot water systems and for new installations.


Supports conventional water...

solar water heater / for home use / forced circulation / with heat pump - SOLAERA

With the SOLAERA system from Consolar the dream of solar heating in our climate conditions becomes reality. While the most efficient...

solar water heater / forced circulation - EFC SERIES

Ezinç forced circulation systems are designed to give you the maximum flexibility of installation locations.Ezinç flat type solar collectors are mounted on roof, storage tank is mounted at the basement...

solar water heater - NANOSOL 2 kW

High efficiency, long durability, esthetical appearance; Ezinc Solar Water Heaters...

Hot water obtaining possibility within four seasons by high efficient solar water heaters, night and day ready hot water with electrical support heater with thermostat characteristic...

solar water heater / thermosyphon - 1

Eurostar: an innovation among solar water heaters, created with high tech engineering and respect for the environment.
The concept of EUROSTAR’s design has always been to create an environmentally safe, super-efficient and reliable solar water heater that is durable and easy to install.


solar water heater - SOLPAK: RS80-40BP

The System

Closed loop & open loop designs
Single and double collector systems
Included: Solaraide™ tank, collectors, controller, multi-speed pump, mixing valve, glycol solution...

solar water heater - SERVANT HE


Brass drain valve

Temperature and pressure relief valve included

Collector feed and return fittings located at front of tank for convenient installation

Isolated tank design...

solar water heater - CLASSIC

The PHÖNIX Classic solar water heater delivers
solar energy for a house up to four people,
providing hot water for taps,...

solar water heater - DUO

The PHÖNIX Duo solar water heater delivers solar
energy for a house up to six people, making solar
tap water heating as well as solar space heating
The PHÖNIX Duo provides you with comforting
warmth on cooler days and supports your heating
system in the wintertime.
Supreme Quality
"Made in Germany"

solar water heater - MEGA

Your roof as solar power station
Large collector fields change your roof into a solar power station. Technically optimized the
PHÖNIX Mega system is especially qualified for hot water preparation and space heating.
With the PHÖNIX Mega system your roof will become your personal and reliable energy price

solar water heater - MAX

The large-scale solar system for multi-family houses, hotels, hostels and
everywhere you have a large hot water demand.
All components are optimal...

solar water heater - SUNPRO-D2F136T2AC

Multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration
High performance...

solar water heater - SUNPRO-D3F136T2AC

Multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration
High performance...

solar water heater - SUNPRO-D4F136T2AC

Multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration
High performance...

solar water heater - SUNPRO-D4F136T3AC

Multi-temperature sensor vitreous enamel tank configuration
High performance...

solar water heater - SUNPRO-D4F136T3AC

Working in conjunction with market leaders in the solar energy field Telford can provide the perfect solar package.

An evacuated Tube Panel converts the solar...

solar water heater - SUNPRO-D4F136T3AC

Intelligent heater systems

Forced circulation systems use electricity to power pumps that move liquid through to system.

A forced circulation system is more flexible but also more complex than a thermosyphon system,...


How to choose this product


A solar water heater is used to heat water for commercial, public or residential buildings and even swimming pools using solar radiation. The system is includes a solar collector, often mounted on the roof, and an insulated storage tank. The collector may heat the water directly or indirectly, and may be active (using circulation pumps) or passive.

On ArchiExpo, these devices are arranged by properties such as type or backup energy source.


Many systems are connected to a backup system (e.g., gas or electricity) to provide hot water when the supply from the solar collector is outstripped by demand, as during cold weather or periods of limited sun light.

How to choose

Ensure that the system is suitable for the climate. For example, an indirect system may be required in areas prone to winter freezes. Determine the connection to existing hot water systems system capacity with respect to demand in both warm and cold seasons. Other factors include durability, maintenance requirements and the possibility of recycling components.

The panel should fit into the urban environment and comply with relevant building codes and regulations. Examine the details of guarantees and warranties and evaluate the likely energy savings and environmental advantages over the life of the system.


- May save energy
- Renewable resource


- Effectiveness is sunlight-dependent
- Type of system depends on climate

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