Solid wood tables

How to choose this product

A solid wood table is characterized by its construction, finish and the visual qualities of the natural grain. On ArchiExpo, this furniture is arranged by properties such as type of wood or type of table.


Whether used indoors or out, these tables can add a natural touch to their surroundings. They may be used for dining, as a centerpiece, a desk or a side table. Some have built-in seating, extension leaves or other features. The range of styles includes contemporary geometric forms, elaborately carved period styles or organic shapes which highlight the unique form or grain of the wood.


The quality of a wooden table may be judged by wood type, strength, grain and cut, as well as the method of construction or finish. Although solid wood requires regular maintenance, it lasts longer than other wood products if properly cared for. Eucalyptus, teak and other varieties contain natural oils which protect them against rot and insects. Some wood types require the regular application of wax, varnish or another protective coating.

How to choose

Consider the table's suitability for its intended purpose and how much maintenance will be required. Determine the need for application of protective finishes. Environmental aspects also may be important. It is possible to choose a model made of wood harvested in a sustainable manner. Keep budgetary constraints in mind. Teak and certain other varieties are very expensive.


- Long-lasting if properly cared for
- Attractive natural grain
- Natural resource


- Heavy
- Can be expensive

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4 products Fimar Srl
Fimar Srl VOLO
Contemporary wooden bedside table VOLO Fimar Srl


Fimar Srl ICARO
Contemporary wooden bedside table ICARO Fimar Srl


Fimar Srl PAPIRO
Contemporary extending wood table PAPIRO Fimar Srl

Extensible table in dark oak Available...

Fimar Srl SLONG
Contemporary extending wood table SLONG Fimar Srl

Extensible table in Torchio walnut Available...

1 products SIL-TRE
3 products Yota Design
1 products Compar
Compar PLUS
Contemporary extending wood table PLUS Compar

Fixed or extendible table, legs and top in walnut wood. Extendible...

1 products DAVIS GRAAS
Original design wooden table lamp STICK TO IT DAVIS GRAAS

In a day and age where everything should be easy and instant "Stick to it" is a small manifest for self initiative and persistence....

trecinquezeroluce B30 B40 B50 by Marco Stefanelli
Original design wooden table lamp B30 B40 B50 by Marco Stefanelli trecinquezeroluce

Born from the desire to offer a second chance to materials just come to the end of their life cycle, making of them the main features of the bright objects in the collection BrecceT. The wood used for...

2 products Wep light
Pepe Heykoop Products MENORAH
Original design wooden table lamp MENORAH Pepe Heykoop Products

This Menorah is a stack of various types of hardwood composed...

Pepe Heykoop Products BITS OF WOOD
Contemporary table in reclaimed wood BITS OF WOOD Pepe Heykoop Products

Bits of Wood is a series of tables and stools made from wooden cut-offs. Various pieces are modified to fit into a mold where molten tin holds...

2 products STICKBULB
1 products Offi
Offi TRUNDLE by Eric Pfeiffer
Contemporary wooden writing desk TRUNDLE by Eric Pfeiffer Offi

While compact in size the Trundle desk is packed with function. The desk has a useful second surface and...

Lange Production GJ TABLE by Grete Jalk
Contemporary wood nesting table GJ TABLE by Grete Jalk Lange Production

The launch of Grete Jalks chair the GJ Chair, and the GJ Nesting Table marks the beginning of a new era for Lange Production, who will also start producing furniture of numerous other designers. The...

1 products Ru Edition
3 products Kecebo
Traditional wooden writing desk CIRCA PHYLLIS MORRIS

Handcrafted desk shown in Espresso walnut...

1 products Bbelle
1 products YMER&MALTA
YMER&MALTA SMOOTHWRITER by Benjamin Graindorge
Contemporary wood and leather writing desk SMOOTHWRITER by Benjamin Graindorge YMER&MALTA

« When I write, time seems to stand still. The world stops turning, it listens to hear what the words will say… It is fleeting but so precious. The smoothWriter is a pure, totally intimate...

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