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sideboard table / contemporary / wood / glass - OVIDIO

Coffee table with base in welded 12 mm tempered...

contemporary table / wood / extending / solid - ET 1700

Core walnut

Extendable tables are very practical: they can adapt themselves

dining table / contemporary / wood / solid - ET 1400


Clean and simple lines, perfectly utilised:
Lengths: 160, 180, 200, 220 and 240 cm (standard sizes) in 1 cm increments, any length from 60 to...

contemporary table / wood / extending / solid - ET 300

Cherrywood gold

The connections of the ET 300 table are integrated flush...

contemporary table / wood / glass / solid - ET 600

Core walnut, white

The clean and simple lines and innovative frame of the...

contemporary table / wood / solid - ALBUM by Roberto Barbieri

Top and legs made of solid oak or Canaletto...

contemporary table / wood / solid - RAW by Garth Roberts

Signed original. Varnished steel frame, colour graphite. Top made of...

contemporary table / wood / by Piero Lissoni / solid - MINIMO

Simplicity, equilibrium and symmetry, the basic principles of Japanese furnishings, can be found in the Minimo table in natural or black stained hemlock solid wood....

contemporary table / wood / glass / solid - CLARK by Rodolfo Dordoni


contemporary table / wood / glass / by Philippe Starck - FRAME

Sometimes you can see a light and evanescent female body appearing on the...

dining table / contemporary / wood / by Riccardo Blumer - ILVOLO - 395

Table with solid maple or ash wood structure, veneered in natural...

contemporary table / wood / by Alfredo Häberli / solid - OVAL - 690

High oval table with 4 legs, top in veneered plywood with solid edge. Veneer available...

contemporary table / wood / glass / solid - GOBLIN by Modus Studio

Table with base in solid canaletto walnut, wenghè stained...

dining table / contemporary / wood / solid - EATON

A contemporary solid wood table and bench, finished in walnut, oak or cherry. Solid...

contemporary table / wood / solid - JIFF


contemporary table / wood / solid - CARPENTER

Rectangular table in solid teak, raw finish. Available...

contemporary table / wood / solid - DELTA : 421718 by Kai Stania

The minimalistic design of the Delta allows to use this table in a wide range of interiors and with diverse types...

side table / contemporary / wood / solid - DELTA : 421722 by Kai Stania

Delta coffee is elegant and practical. It comes in three different sizes, designed...

thin table / contemporary / wood / solid - DELTA : 421723 by Kai Stania

Delta coffee is elegant and practical. It comes in three different sizes, designed...

contemporary table / wood / solid - GRANVIN : 421475

This table is entirely made of solid beech or oak wood. There is no frame under the...

contemporary table / wood / solid - BRIDGET by Marco Piva

Elegant table with an oval top in wood or glass. The wooden structure is made in...

dining table / contemporary / wood / solid - TERRA by Alessandro Scandurra

This table of important thickness starts from the salvage of veneer from old houses, mixed with...

contemporary table / glass / wood / solid - BRANCUSI by Enrico Tonucci

The brancusi table has the particular merit of being created with ancient oak beams recuperated from buildings going back to 1800. The beams are carefully selected by a craftsman who chooses the...

dining table / contemporary / wood / solid - THOR by Alessandro Dubini

THOR is a table of big majesty and solidity, with massive wood legs veneered in oak wood as the top. The 
same name, the one of the Nordic divinity of thunder, recalls to the memory the forces of nature to which 
binds the element wood. The big feature of this table is the creation of destructured legs, with pieces of 
wood cut at 45° with a dynamic effect that breaks the linearity and compactness of the shape. Thor is 
available in 3 versions: bleached oak, dark brown dyed oak or grey anthracite dyed oak...

dining table / contemporary / wood / solid - Solid Araucária Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed wood dining table made with large planks...

dining table / contemporary / wood / solid - Solid Araucária Wood Dining Table

Floating Slab Coffee Table - Lucite Base

Cocktail table made with a single slab of solid tamburil wood and base made with clear acrylic.

Rotsen Furniture designs furniture pieces integrating wood’s organic...


How to choose this product


A solid wood table is characterized by its construction, finish and the visual qualities of the natural grain. On ArchiExpo, this furniture is arranged by properties such as type of wood or type of table.


Whether used indoors or out, these tables can add a natural touch to their surroundings. They may be used for dining, as a centerpiece, a desk or a side table. Some have built-in seating, extension leaves or other features. The range of styles includes contemporary geometric forms, elaborately carved period styles or organic shapes which highlight the unique form or grain of the wood.


The quality of a wooden table may be judged by wood type, strength, grain and cut, as well as the method of construction or finish. Although solid wood requires regular maintenance, it lasts longer than other wood products if properly cared for. Eucalyptus, teak and other varieties contain natural oils which protect them against rot and insects. Some wood types require the regular application of wax, varnish or another protective coating.

How to choose

Consider the table's suitability for its intended purpose and how much maintenance will be required. Determine the need for application of protective finishes. Environmental aspects also may be important. It is possible to choose a model made of wood harvested in a sustainable manner. Keep budgetary constraints in mind. Teak and certain other varieties are very expensive.


- Long-lasting if properly cared for
- Attractive natural grain
- Natural resource


- Heavy
- Can be expensive

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