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contemporary stool / stackable - BIMBO by Peter Brandt

A stool is a tool! Bimbo is a stackable stool made of compression moulded wood. A cut out hole as a handle makes the stool easy to move around. Bimbo can be used almost anywhere one needs a temporary little place to sit or something to balance a foot on when one can´t quite reach and, of course, as a movable small table. Bimbo can be used together with Bimbed and...

contemporary stool / stackable - DUNDRA by Stefan Barselius

A successful, thriving family that keeps on growing. Needs exist and customers exist, so were adding new products to cater for additional requests and make the Dundra...

bar stool / bar / contemporary / stackable - GECCO by S.Borselius & F.Mattson

Gecco-82 is a stackable barstool that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Gecco is usable in many kinds of environments; indoors, outdoors, cafés, restaurants, bars and many more. Gecco thrives in the company of the chair Sting and the table Level. Use our design tool to place Gecco in different settings.

The seat and foot profile of Gecco is made...

bar stool / bar / contemporary / stackable - STRAW by Osko & Deichmann

Straw Barstool is a stackable barstool constructed entirely of steel. What makes Straw; Straw Lounge and Straw Barstool...

contemporary stool / stackable - AMELIE by Italo Pertichini

Italo Pertichini designs for SLIDE, Amélie Sgabello, a stackable stool with beautiful, fluid lines. The added,...

contemporary stool / stackable - S 38 S/1 by Egon Eiermann

Stool to fall in love with

Stools for every occasion. In their typical Eiermann simplicity, the four-legged stools impress both with their stability and their perfect design.

The stackable stool S 38...

bar stool / contemporary / stackable - RAVELLE I by Murken Hansen

one of Casala's new models and can be used in many ways in a variety of locations: a bar stool combination which can be used in canteens, flexible office spaces, waiting...

bar stool / bar / contemporary / stackable - FILA by Francesc Rifé

The idea of the FILA chair, for ZIRU, is born from the concept used for the FIL model.


bar stool / bar / contemporary / stackable - CHIP by Antti Kotilainen

The extreme lightness and clean minimalistic shape of the CHIP chair attracts worldwide interest...

bar stool / contemporary / stackable - LASO™

18" (L) x 17 (W) x 30" (H) / 45,7 L x 43,2 W x 76,2 H
The LASO™ barstool was value engineered to yield as many...

bar stool / contemporary / stackable - WAKE by Christopher Panichella

Intended for contemporary offices and study areas where collaboration happens at every opportunity, Wake...

bar stool / bar / contemporary / stackable - PENELOPE by Marcello Ziliani

Stacking stool with frame in chromed or lacquered...

bar stool / bar / contemporary / stackable - TIFFANY by Marcello Ziliani

Stool for in- and outdoor use in shiny technopolymer or...

contemporary stool / stackable - SUSHI

Stool with an elegant design and modern lines, made with a single...

contemporary stool / stackable - PASTILLO by Ulla Christiansson

Pastillo (2004) is a series of furnishings that comprises chair and high, medium and low stools. Light-hearted yet highly practical in design, the chair...

bar stool / bar / contemporary / stackable - PASTILLO by Ulla Christiansson

Pastillo design Ulla Christiansson, 2004. A series of furnishings that comprises chair and high, medium and low stools. Light-hearted yet highly practical in...

stackable stool / school - 204

stackable stool, multiply beech veneer...

contemporary stool / stackable - 35 by Werkdesign

The Wogg 35 Seating Table dramatically illustrates the achievements of the Wogg Center of Competence for aluminium...

contemporary stool / stackable - VAN AMBURGH by Sam Johnson

Inspired by and named after the famous lion-tamer Isaac van Amburgh.

bar stool / contemporary / stackable - ENVY by Raw-Id

Sitting down on a barstool is usually linked with moments of relaxation. However, more often than not,...

contemporary stool / stackable - LAST by Max Lamb

L. 320 mm -W. 320 mm -H. 440 mm -Weight: 4.2 kg
The stool designed by Max Lamb is a one-piece made in metal,...

bar stool / contemporary / stackable - STACK by John-Bertil Häggström

Stack is a flexible and stackable barstool with optional seating positions. The footrest...

bar stool / contemporary / stackable - MONTOYA by Ingrid Backman

Montoya barstool is a part of the Montoya family, also including a chair on...

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