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A stair lift is the ideal way for a person with mobility problems to overcome the barrier of a set of steps. An electric motor propels a seat or platform mounted on one or more rails up or down the stairs. The device is activated by switches at each end of the steps or by a remote control on the seat.


Stair lifts can be installed in both new and remodeled buildings. For example, a home staircase can be retrofitted to accommodate the needs of a senior, an ill person or accident victim.


There are two main categories of stair lift, straight and curved. The first is installed on straight, single-flight stairways, while the second is for quarter-, half-turn or spiral staircases.


- Silent operation

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7 products Stannah France
video ThyssenKrupp Access FLOW II
Curved chair FLOW II ThyssenKrupp Access

When mobility is an issue, a curved stairway may seem daunting, but the Flow® II makes freedom easy and luxurious. Elegant and thoughtful design, plus an array of features, allows the Flow II to...

ThyssenKrupp Access LEVANT COMFORT
Chair LEVANT COMFORT ThyssenKrupp Access

If you have a straight stairway, the most stylish distance between two points is the Comfort™ straight stair lift. The Comfort offers the comfort and innovation you can expect from ThyssenKrupp...

video ThyssenKrupp Access LEVANT
Chair LEVANT ThyssenKrupp Access

Simple and capable, the Levant® is the economical choice for straight stair lifts. Offering the power and reliability of its siblings with streamlined options,...

ThyssenKrupp Access SUPRA
Platform for the disabled SUPRA ThyssenKrupp Access

Curved incline platform lift The Supra is the culmination of decades of wheelchair lift experience. Reflecting the seventh generation of the ThyssenKrupp platform lift,...

ThyssenKrupp Access RPSP
Platform for the disabled RPSP ThyssenKrupp Access

Straight inclined platform lift The RPSP is proof that powerful accessibility equipment can be much more than a toolit can truly be a thing of beauty. With a sleek, European-inspired...

video Stannah Stairlifts STARLA
Chair STARLA Stannah Stairlifts

Contemporary design, with a host of innovative features for straight and curved...

video Stannah Stairlifts STARLA
Curved chair STARLA Stannah Stairlifts

Contemporary design, with a host of innovative features for straight and curved...

video Stannah Stairlifts SIENA
Chair SIENA Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah know that not all homes are the same. If you think your stairs are unsuitable for a stairlift, we think you might be...

video Stannah Stairlifts SIENA
Curved chair SIENA Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah know that not all homes are the same. If you think your stairs are unsuitable for a stairlift, we think you might be...

video Stannah Stairlifts SADLER
Curved chair SADLER Stannah Stairlifts

Designed specifically for people with limited flexibility, the Stannah Sadler is a totally...

video Stannah Stairlifts OUTDOOR
Outdoor chair OUTDOOR Stannah Stairlifts

A robust stairlift designed to withstand the elements on straight stairs Designed...

Stannah Montascale STARLA
Chair STARLA Stannah Montascale

Our newest chair This stairlift combines exceptional comfort with practical ease of use. The slight recline to the seat gives an added sense of security when traveling up or down stairs, and the standard...

Stannah Montascale SOFIA
Chair SOFIA Stannah Montascale

Extraordinary comfort and style This stairlift was designed with a lot of input from our customers to create a graceful, comfortable stairlift that incorporates...

Stannah Montascale SOLUS
Chair SOLUS Stannah Montascale

Contemporary design with loads of useful features. This stairlift was developed after our customers asked us to design a stairlift with a more...

Stannah Montascale SAXON
Chair SAXON Stannah Montascale

A slim profile with practical features, the perfect stairlift for straight staircases When you dont have the luxury of a wide and winding staircase, finding the perfect chair lift can be a bit of a challenge....

Stannah Montascale SARUM
Chair SARUM Stannah Montascale

The ideal Stannah stair lift for complicated curved staircases When you have stairs that turn, you need a stairlift that can move up and down without a problem. This...

Stannah Montascale STANNAH ALL SEASONS
Outdoor chair STANNAH ALL SEASONS Stannah Montascale

The stairlift specially designed for the great outdoors Whether you have a long flight of outside stairs or just a few steps up to the deck,...

7 products VIMEC

Transform the problem of a flight of stairs that has become difficult to face into a resource that would restore value and maximum utility of your home for the aged. Climbing and descending the stairs...

Curved chair ELBA VIMEC

Climbing and descending the stairs comfortably sitting, in safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift, is the solution offered to you by Vimec, attentive to the needs of the family...

Curved chair CAPRI VIMEC

Taking the stairs seated in comfort... with Vimec you can! You’re thinking that climbing the stairs of your home is no longer as comfortable as it once was? Are you looking for a solution,...

video VIMEC V65
Platform for the disabled V65 VIMEC

The V65 platform stairlift with straight rail is available in three models: standard - with reduced platform dimensions (mm 830 * 770) for installation on constrained stairs and landings; large - with...

video VIMEC V64
Platform for the disabled V64 VIMEC

Since 1980 Vimec has designed and created stairlifts with platform, practical and safe solutions that you will...

Mobile wheelchair stair chair lift T09 ROBY VIMEC

The best in mobile stair climbers for comfort and safety Designed and built to overcome straight staircases with square/rectangular landings: - without the risk of damaging them thanks to the special...

2 products Cibes Lift AB
Cibes Lift AB CIBES S300
Platform for the disabled CIBES S300 Cibes Lift AB

The Cibes S300 is a versatile stair lift that makes homes and public environments accessible for both indoor and outdoor use. For left or right configurations,...

Cibes Lift AB CIBES S200
Outdoor platform for the disabled CIBES S200 Cibes Lift AB

The Cibes S200 is a stair lift above the ordinary that combines easy installation and modern technology. This stair lift...

Handicare Stairlifts BV Handicare Rembrandt
Curved chair Handicare Rembrandt Handicare Stairlifts BV

The Handicare Rembrandt has been developed specifically for mounting...

Handicare Stairlifts BV Handicare Van Gogh
Curved chair Handicare Van Gogh Handicare Stairlifts BV

The Handicare Van Gogh has been designed specifically for...

Handicare Stairlifts BV Handicare Vermeer
Curved chair Handicare Vermeer Handicare Stairlifts BV

The Handicare Vermeer is the stairlift for you. The Handicare Vermeer enables...

video Handicare Stairlifts BV HANDICARE 2000
Curved chair HANDICARE 2000 Handicare Stairlifts BV

The Handicare 2000 is unique - no other stairlift on the market...

video Handicare Stairlifts BV HANDICARE SIMPLICITY
Chair HANDICARE SIMPLICITY Handicare Stairlifts BV

Economy stairlift: the Handicare Simplicity Looking for a safe economy stairlift? If you are looking for an economy stairlift, the Handicare Simplicity is the...

video Handicare Stairlifts BV HANDICARE SIMPLICITY+
Chair HANDICARE SIMPLICITY+ Handicare Stairlifts BV

The Handicare Simplicity+ is the luxury version of the Handicare...

2 products CIAM
10 products Garaventa Lift
8 products Garaventa
Garaventa EVACU-TRAC
Mobile wheelchair stair chair lift EVACU-TRAC Garaventa

Does your emergency evacuation plan include an evacuation chair for someone with a mobility-related disability? In the event of a fire or earthquake, elevators should not be used for the emergency evacuation...

Garaventa POWER-TRAC
Mobile wheelchair stair chair lift POWER-TRAC Garaventa

The Power Evacu-Trac is a versatile stair-climbing chair that can be used for emergency evacuation from below...

video Garaventa GSL ARTIRA
Platform for the disabled GSL ARTIRA Garaventa

The Artira inclined platform wheelchair lift is a safe and reliable way to travel between floors for passengers in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. This wheelchair lift fits easily in to...

video Garaventa XPRESS II
Platform for the disabled XPRESS II Garaventa

The Garaventa Lift Xpress II inclined platform wheelchair lift is designed to provide economical access between two landings. The platform travels...

video Garaventa X3-R
Platform for the disabled X3-R Garaventa

Accessibility Simplified! Wheelchair lift for residential or commercial applications! The X3 is a simple and robust inclined platform lift...

Mobile wheelchair stair chair lift GENESIS STAAGE Garaventa

The Genesis STAAGE lift is a safe, simple and cost effective accessibility solution for low-rise vertical barriers such as stages and podiums....

Outdoor platform for the disabled DELTA SAVARIA CONCORD

The Savaria Delta inclined platform lift carries a passenger with wheelchair up and down stairs by travelling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Suitable for home or commercial applications,...

Outdoor platform for the disabled OMEGA SAVARIA CONCORD

Savaria Omega Inclined Platform Lift The Savaria Omega inclined platform is designed for access over stairs with multiple levels, curves or intermediate landings. This lift carries a passenger with wheelchair...


SL-1000 Stairlift - NEW! The new SL-1000 stairlift works on straight stairs in residential and commercial applications to glide...

Mobile wheelchair stair chair lift ROBY SAVARIA CONCORD

Roby Powered Stair Climber The Roby powered stair climber allows an operator to move a person in a wheelchair up and down stairs using a motorized traction control system. The Roby is well-suited as...

video Bruno Independent Living Aids ELAN : SRE-3000
Chair ELAN : SRE-3000 Bruno Independent Living Aids

The Elan Straight Rail Stairlift Offers Exceptional Value. A home stairlift with features usually associated with top-of-the-line models, our Elan...

video Bruno Independent Living Aids ELITE : SRE 2010
Chair ELITE : SRE 2010 Bruno Independent Living Aids

With superior styling and superb craftsmanship, the Electra-Ride Elite (Model SRE-2010) offers the finest in streamlined, ultra-compact design and performance. A home chair lift that reflects the taste...

Bruno Independent Living Aids ELITE : SRE-2010E
Outdoor chair ELITE : SRE-2010E Bruno Independent Living Aids

The Outdoor Elite is the leader among chair lifts for outside applications. An outdoor stair lift with many standard features, it’s remarkable. SRE-2010E Outdoor Electra-Ride...

video Bruno Independent Living Aids ELITE : CRE-2110
Curved chair ELITE : CRE-2110 Bruno Independent Living Aids

- Leading-edge technology assuring complete stability as you move up and down the stairway – even during power...

Bruno Independent Living Aids ELITE : CRE-2110E
Outdoor chair ELITE : CRE-2110E Bruno Independent Living Aids

The Outdoor Elite Custom Curved Rail Stairlift is specifically designed for exterior use, providing you with the same quality, comfort and convenience available with...

3 products Acorn
video Acorn ACORN 120
Chair ACORN 120 Acorn

The perfect choice for a straight staircase, the Acorn 120 Straight Stairlift could give you the full use of the home you love. The Acorn 120 Straight Stairlift...

video Acorn THE ACORN 80
Curved chair THE ACORN 80 Acorn

An innovative, unique solution for curved staircases The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift comes with all the comfort and safety features that you’d...

Outdoor chair ACORN Acorn

A stair lift designed to resist the elements For users who require a stairlift outside their home, Acorn can provide a fully weather-proofed stairlift...

5 products Otolift
Curved chair OTOLIFT ONE Otolift

Besides the two stairlifts for curves, ONE and TWO, we also provide a special...

Curved chair OTOLIFT TWO Otolift

The TWO is designed for the outer curce...


The Otolift PARALLEL stair lift is specially designed for straight...


Are you in a hurry? Because you are being discharged from the rehabilitation centre and...

Outdoor chair OTOLIFT SPECIALS Otolift

Do you have an outdoor staircase? No problem. Our straight stairlift is completely...

1 products Handi-Ramp
Chair STRAIGHT Handi-Ramp

Handi-Ramp’s B.07 Straight Stairlift can meet a wide variety of accessibility needs. This versatile stair...

6 products Minivator
video Minivator SIMPLICITY
Chair SIMPLICITY Minivator

The Minivator Simplicity straight stairlift offers a safe, practical and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down stairs If you do not require powered options, and you have a straight...

video Minivator MINIVATOR 1000
Chair MINIVATOR 1000 Minivator

The Minivator 1000 straight stairlift comes with the Smart Seat, optional powered features and the sleekest track in our range. It offers a safe, stylish and reliable way of overcoming the problem of...

Chair SIMPLICITY+ Minivator

The Minivator Simplicity+ straight stairlift comes with the Smart Seat and optional powered features. It offers a safe, stylish and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down stairs For...

video Minivator MINIVATOR 2000
Curved chair MINIVATOR 2000 Minivator

The Minivator 2000 curved stairlifts are tailored to meet your needs exactly. The Minivator 2000 is a well establish is a versatile stair lift system with some of the tightest track bends available from...

Minivator MINIVATOR 1000
Outdoor chair MINIVATOR 1000 Minivator

Minivator also supply Stairlifts for staircases outside It isn’t only stairs inside the home that cause problems for some people. Steps up to a porch or front door can be...

Minivator PERCH
Chair PERCH Minivator

Perch stairlifts are designed to assist those who find a seat position uncomfortable If you have restricted movement in the knee or hip joints you may find...

Platform Lift Company
Curved platform for the disabled Platform Lift Company

Disabled Wheelchair Stairlift (Internal or External use) For multiple staircases or simply for an upper landing or 90 degree turn a curved stairiser must be used. There is no...

Platform Lift Company STRAIGHT RUN
Platform for the disabled STRAIGHT RUN Platform Lift Company

Disabled Wheelchair Stairlift (Internal or External use) For a single flight of stairs (with no landings) the straight run disabled stairiser is the perfect low cost solution. This inclined lift follows...

2 products KLEEMANN
Outdoor platform for the disabled KLEEMANN

Platform lift Type stair lifts are designed to allow a wheelchair user to access and use any building, where the installation or use of the elevator is not feasible, autonomously, with safety and easily. Wheelchair...

Curved chair KLEEMANN

Chair Stair lifts have been specially designed for people of any age having problems with the climbing of stairs. These chair stair elevator systems may be installed at every staircase, at internal...

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