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Strip lights
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LED strip light - 552307

Bulb 96 SMD LED
lenght width 100,5 cm 2 cm
voltage 24 Volt

LED strip light - 550790

LED STRIP 3in1 RGB, 25cm, 10 LED, DC 24V, direct...

LED strip light / RGB - ROCKLED

Rigid LED bars with either WHITE, RGB or SINGLE COLOUR LEDs for cost effective low power consumption decorative applications. Using high brightness LEDs, these strips offer very comfortable assembling and easy interconnection techniques. On the RGB models, the state of the art electronic colour mixing gives real colour rendering while durability and minimal maintenance...

LED strip light / dimmable - EKOS A IP67

Wash illumination for niches, shelves and perimeters.
24V DC


LED strip light / waterproof - GL-RL15-PW-H

1. Length of Rigid LED Bar: 0.5M or 1.0M.
2. The light resources color: Warm White, Cool White.
3. Material: black aluminum body and silver aluminum body.
4. 0.5M strip can be connected in series with 8 pcs together, and 1.0M strip, 4 pcs can be connected one by one at one time.
5. Viewing Angle: 120 degree and not any shadow
6. Working Voltage:...

LED strip light - GL-RHA60-PW-E

1. Standard length of led light bar: 0.5M or 1.0M
2. The colors of led light bar's light resources can be warm white and cool white, the aluminum body can be black and silver.
3.0.5M strip can be connected...

LED strip light - GL-RB30-PW-E

1. Length: 0.5M and 1.0M
2. The colors of light resources can be warm white and cool white, the aluminum body can be black and silver.
3. 0.5M strip can be connected with 8 pcs together,...

LED strip light - GL-RL15-PW-E

1. Standard length of led rigid strip : 0.5M or 1.0M
2. The colors of led rigid strip resources can be warm white and cool white, the aluminum body can be black and silver.
3.0.5M strip can be connected...

LED strip light - LED STICK 2

LED Stick 2 the latest LED technology for general diffused lighting. Surface-mounted on furniture, displays, showcases and cupboards. Illuminates without heating, ideal for delicate...

LED strip light - FLEXLUM™

Recommended Use:
Modular, linear LED system for straight or curved applications (6' min radius) to create continuous illumination with three different fixture styles

Suggested Applications:

Standard output with illumination up to 310 Lm/ft.

LED strip light - TORA

LED strip lights supplied in...

LED strip light / RGB - FLEX: A408

Flexible linear solution with high quality and power LEDs . 4 temperatures available : 2700°K, 3000°K, 4000°K, 5000°K + a bicolour 2700° / 5000° (3500°K available on request) . CRIs...

LED strip light - I-MINILINE

Monochromatic 5mm LED linear luminaire, for indoor lighting.
Backlight , marker light : handrail, wall, window frame,...

LED strip light / waterproof - X-MINILINE

Monochromatic 5mm LED linear luminaire, for outdoor lighting.
Backlight , marker light : handrail, wall, window frame, bar, roof, showcase, shelving...

LED strip light - I-LINE MINI

Power LED linear luminaire, for architectural outdoor lighting. Do not recess.Please note that there should be a minimum space of 20cm around the luminaire.

LED strip light / RGB - 50

Easy to use RGB colour mixing Mini Chain LED IP67 using SSI Red, Green and Blue LEDs to mix any colour of your choice using our RGB simple colour controller. This will also vary intensity and perform other colour auto change functions.
Each module...

LED strip light - 50

Very user friendly product
Easy Cut and join to configure
Long Life LED
Vibrant Colours
White and Warm White available
The very best small scale IP65 LED Linear system set having 50 pre wired clear polycarbonate modules each with three Super...

LED strip light / RGB - MEGA

36 MI RGB LEDs In Line Projector manufactured from extruded aluminium and anodised...

LED strip light - AL-LBA01-L1DW

LED light bar,with 5050...

LED strip light - AURIGA

Pathway marking and decorative surface micro-system. Modules are produced in clear
extruded polycarbonate and...

halogen strip light - RADIANT by Belfer & DMA

Designed to complement a wide range of design possibilities and add visual excitement to both interior and...

halogen strip light - LOOP by Belfer & DMA

Designed to complement a wide range of design possibilities and add visual excitement to both interior and...

LED strip light - PROFILE

The Radiant Profile Series LED light fixtures are ideal for under counter...

phosphorescent strip light / for display cases - ARCHITECTURAL STRIP

The architectural strip light emits a soft glare free light. The lamp is dimmable and is suitable...

LED strip light - CARMEN

Led SMD strip in trasparent plastic witj aluminium support and fixing brackets. Suitable for indoor...

LED strip light / waterproof - DEMETRA

SuperLED strip in stainless steel AISI 316L with polished finishing. For scenographic lighting...

LED strip light / office / shop - TETI

TETI RGB is a new-conception lighting equipment, in anticorodal aluminium with brilliant...

LED strip light - IPLED

High-power LED-linearsystem, single mounted or light-band installation, to illuminate areas like walls and objects (e.g. structures of buildings, building parts, signs, wallwashing), extruded...

LED strip light - FLORA

Micro LED batten, IP65, 12 LEDs, 3W, 24V DC, extruded aluminium profile, acrylic...

LED strip light - D-LINE

Stylish, compact, Linear fixture, which generates
rich, uniform colors, and color changing effects.

All around use
Fixtures are rated for...

LED strip light / IP65 / exterior / glass - LEDIA GL

The LEDIA family of luminaires is rounded off by the LED...


How to choose this product


A strip light provides continuous or flashing illumination mounted on a flexible or rigid support. On ArchiExpo, these fixtures are arranged by such properties as light source (e.g., LED or phosphorescent) or function.


These devices are used to highlight displays, for decorative pathway illumination, task lighting, to illuminate signs or even facade lighting. They are suitable for interior or exterior use.


The most common types of light strip use light-emitting diodes (LED) or phosphorescent illumination.

How to choose

When choosing, consider the length and thickness of the strip, where and how it will be fixed, the color and spacing of the lights, and whether the support should be flexible or rigid. The color and intensity of ambient or accent lighting should be appropriate for the setting.

Consider the strip's robustness, energy efficiency and maintenance needs. Special features may include dimming and color change capability. Strips used outdoors should be weatherproof or immersible.

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