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swinging shutter / in wood - WINDOWS & SHUTTERS, PAROS, GREECE

Material & Finish
Accoya® wood frames coated with Sikkens paint were used

swinging shutter / in wood - ROTO FENTRO

The Versatile Comfort Hardware System for Window Shutters

Our high-quality, easy-to-install Roto Fentro hardware system is excellently suited for all types of shutters, like louvre, board and panelled shutters made of the frame materials...

swinging shutter / aluminium / door / imitation wood - 1400 KANISSE

The 1400 shutter is an aluminium shutter that combines sturdiness, simple manufacturing and excellent on-site flexibility thanks to its multi-purpose fittings.

The 1400 Kanisse shutter is available as a fully-slatted version, with partially-open louvre slats, with opaque louvre slats and with mixed...

swinging shutter / aluminium / louvered - SURF

Strong aluminium structure and smooth design: Surf shutters are the top of darkening systems.


The design of the Surf shutters is smooth and sinuous due to the characteristic wave profile of the frame and...

swinging shutter / aluminium / door - SICURSURF

Strong aluminium structure and galvanised steel triple safety mechanism.
Ideal protection against break-in attempts.


Forced opening is prevented by the safety locks fitted with five locking points.


swinging shutter / aluminium / louvered - STORICA

Strong aluminium structure, no frame. Storica shutters are the ideal choice for period buildings and quaint settings. They are available in a wide range of colours and wood effects.



swinging shutter / aluminium - SCURI

Strong aluminium structure with fixed vertical slats and wall hinges.
Darkening system particularly appreciated by those who love the traditional style.



swinging shutter / aluminium / louvered - DUTEC 70s

The model DUTEC 70 Majorcan, It is the ultimate expression of Majorcan household, use ensures a major lighting sealings, achieved practically 97% of darkness in the aluminum extrusion model and practicable...

swinging shutter / security - STRONG

Certified smash proof in Class 2 (on 2 shutters and fixed foils)
and in Class 2 (on 2 shutters...

swinging shutter / aluminium / door - volet TAOS®

The Taos aluminum profile range is made for hinged (1, 2, 3 or 4 leaves)...

swinging shutter / aluminium / door - volet TAOS®

Shutters influence the style of the façade. Our large array of shutter shapes, surfaces, colours, slats and panels make it possible to satisfy...

swinging shutter / aluminium / door - volet TAOS®

Our shutters adapt harmoniously to any architectural...

swinging shutter / aluminium - MB-SUNSHADES

MB-SUNSHADES provide an excellent solar shading to interior spaces while giving the external wall its characteristic appearance. The solution consists of a frame with diagonally arranged blades or panels. Made of aluminium, MB-SUNSHADES components are highly resistant to weather conditions and do not require any renovation work during years, which...

swinging shutter / aluminium / door / imitation wood - 1400 KANISSE

* Renovation
* Easy to clean
* Quality finish

The 1400 shutter is an aluminium shutter that combines sturdiness,...

swinging shutter / in wood - BERGAMO

Classic window frame system with double frame flush with external...

swinging shutter / in wood / door - BRESCIA

The high technology of a galvanised sheet steel sub-frame is...


How to choose this product


A swing shutter turns on vertical hinges, offering security and a way to control the amount of light, heat or wind entering a room.


Shutters can be mounted on the outside or the inside of a window.


In hot weather, closing the shutters while leaving the windows open helps keep the room cool. Shutters made of non-conductive materials also increase thermal insulation in cold weather.

How to choose

Choice will depend on shutter material and placement:
- Interior installation shades a room without changing exterior appearance, ideal for historic monuments. Inside shutters control the amount of light entering a fixed window, but require sufficient space to swing open and closed.

- Exterior shutters can improve facade appearance, especially when painted in accent colors. The slats can be fixed or pivoting.
- Shutters can be made of wood, PVC, aluminum or another material, each with its aesthetic characteristics. Exterior models should stand up to moisture, extreme temperatures and other harsh weather.


- Light and heat control


- Requires space

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