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Stick is the new lamp collection of designer Matali Crasset for Fabbian Illuminazione. It stems from an Ayous wood module, the shape of which is inspired...

Ray is the new collection of Lagranja Design lamps for Fabbian Illuminazione. It takes its cue from typically Mediterranean Persian blinds. The light which escapes...

Becky is a collection of hanging, table and ceiling lamps designed for indoor...

Diamond & Swirl is a series of very elegant lamps and chandeliers. Thanks to the hand...

Flow is a series of lamps in 24% lead crystal decorated with a refined texture....


Transforming ones environment into stage design is the aim of the new Bonsai lamp, conceived by Moredesign for Myyour. It finds...

The stylized image of a rose that creates a fascinating light source, which can give an original shape to a lamp, a floor lamp, a ceiling lamp, a wall lamp, an outdoor lamp......


Invasion from another world. It seems as if a strange creature is sliding down a rope. Gently and almost weightlessly, radiating a warm and graceful light. Alien....

Like an organically growing structure, the complex form develops out of a surprisingly simple element. White, pink and chrome modules - each with three light...

Liquid_Light presents light in a fluid form. The different shapes of Liquid_Light offer a warm and diffuse light for...

There are three rectangular, flat surfaces on every Molecular_Light ball: the flat surfaces allow an installation in corners, edges and a combination of up to eight...

There are three rectangular, flat surfaces on every Molecular_Light ball: the flat surfaces allow an installation in corners,...


Table lamp composed by a painted or nickel plated
steel base,...

Table lamp made out of steel and technopolymers, fe-

Multi directional two arms table lamp: 360° rotating


ITEM CODE Sublime 4449/4 TL

Bed side lamp 1 light
cod. 01 clear glass
cod. 83 transparent red glass
cod. 85 shiny black glass
cod. 106 pearly glass
cod. 107 milky white submerged into clear glass
The clear glass chandelier is provided with a double
kit of lampshades formed by a kit of...

Table 8 lights
cod. 01 clear glass
cod. 83 transparent red glass
cod. 85 shiny black glass
cod. 106 pearly glass


Each of its faces represents one of the four seasons of the year, and it lets the light through...


Table lamp, with diffused
light. Base in die-cast

The lamp consists of a
spherical segment placed
on a simple quadrangular
structure that acts as a
The material used is brass

Metal table lamp with
diffused light. Diffuser


This family of timelessly classical lamps with shades has been improved to satisfy sophisticated demands....

When the "poppy flowers" in this family are woken by the lamp being switched on, their shades open very gradually:...

The unmistakable lamp shades in this family are made of innovative foam ceramic, whose texture is...

The small friendly tilting gesture towards you immediately makes this lamp likeable. The clear, seemingly...


Table lamp for diffused lighting.

Table lamp for diffused and direct lighting.

Table lamp for diffused and direct...


A wide fange o! table and floof lamps.
pendant and sconce composed...

Floor lamp, table lamp and pendant composed of a satin ribbon that...

Table lamp in crushed marble with a
rotating base in black chrome . Grace is

Floor lamp and table lamp created from
three pieces of white...


Minela shines with true innovation illuminating the workspace with a wide swathe of comfortable light. Shadows are completely eliminated due to Waldmann's 5-watt high-power multichip LED strip design. The Minela combines...


How to choose this product


A period table lamp is characterized by finely-worked elements and decoration that call to mind the luxury and ostentation of by-gone eras. Its base is usually of exquisitely fashioned bronze or iron, and its shade features complex, curvilinear design and sumptuous decoration.


These low-power lamps serve primarily as decorative objects in a main room.


Such lamps usually use incandescent bulbs and traditional materials, such as bronze, cast iron, crystal or glass, crafted by artisans.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the lamp's size and aesthetic qualities, and the dimensions of the table.

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