clay planter / terracotta / rectangular / round
clay planter

The Terracotta Oasi line gathers an elegant selection of the finest Italian production of hand-finished articles. All the items have been created using Galestro clay. The peculiarity of the colour shades together with the handicraft experience ...

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rattan planter / round / traditional
rattan planter
BOTANIC : 5764

Botanic is a flowerpot made in Cane-line Weave® that fits perfectly with outdoor living. It is characterized by being light, frost safe and practical. The flowerpot is easy to move around as it has a good edge to lift in. It is recommended ...

terracotta planter / rectangular / square / traditional
terracotta planter

... finished by hand, which master craftsmen from Siena produce for Cotto David using all of the knowledgeable skills and old, traditional techniques of Tuscan earthenware.

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concrete planter / round / traditional
concrete planter

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concrete planter / round / traditional / for public spaces
concrete planter

Concrete pedestal planter is now available in 5 sizes. ITEM NUMBER: SL403 DIMENSIONS 48" dia. x 18" WEIGHT: 830 lbs. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Hardware: (3) 5/8” Dia lifting inserts, Note: Lifting inserts are ...

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plastic planter / rectangular / traditional
plastic planter

The shape of the festooned flower box, with its old and timeless flavor, blend really well with the materials in order to last. Practical and light, they can be easily used and moved.

polyethylene planter / round / traditional / for public spaces
polyethylene planter
TAMBO by Luca Nichetto

Vase with a vibrant surface capable of creating precious light games especially in the lacquered version. Its size makes it suitable for any type of domestic or public space, both internally and externally. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Material: ...

cast iron planter / oak / square / custom
cast iron planter

The box is made of a cast-iron structure, which can be entirely dismantled, assembled with stainless steel heavy duty bolts. The cast-iron, molted in France to ensure a strict quality control, is guaranteed to be exempt of all heavy ...

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Fort Royal
composite planter / terracotta / rectangular / traditional
composite planter
44 T

wooden planter / rectangular / traditional / for public spaces
wooden planter

aluminum planter / rectangular / traditional / for public spaces
aluminum planter
IDESIA by Yves Corminboeuf

... Saiph posts. A large-sized bin for city use, an undulated bench with LED lighting to make it visible at night, a modular planter and a bicycle parking rack. MATERIALS Cast iron and aluminium. FINISHES The standard colour ...

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wooden planter / square / traditional
wooden planter

Our lighter weight BROOKSIDE planters are available in three sizes: 16", 18" and 23" square. Constructed with mortice and tenon joinery, our planters will last for decades and weather to a silver gray ...

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plastic planter / rectangular / traditional
plastic planter
ART. 1392

... for their production make them extremely light, shockproof, weather and UV resistant. Anticotto flower pots reflect the classic shapes of tradition, providing the beauty of ancient terracotta but with lots of extra benefits.

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fiberglass planter / rectangular / traditional
fiberglass planter

This little plant container is very elegant in design with a deckle-edged top and classical acanthus leaf corners and feet. It is a charming size and particularly suited to planting up with small alpines to complement ...

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capital garden
plastic planter / square / traditional
plastic planter

Anti-shock and lightweight Planters line. Weather resistant, variety of styles and wide color range. Casters for these planters twist on to the bottom, so that they are barely visible once in place. Our ...

metal planter / wooden / square / traditional
metal planter

- Stainless steel (marine quality on request) brushed / microblasted / electropolished finish - Available in powder-coated steel - All RAL colours available - Stainless steel sheet cladding available (marine quality on request) brushed ...

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Design espaces
concrete planter / V-shaped / traditional / for public spaces
concrete planter

A classic flower pot that has grown to the extreme.

cast iron planter / round / traditional / for public spaces
cast iron planter

Manufactured from ductile cast iron. Primed coat with Grey forge top coat. Wrought Iron Effect. Size Height 500mm Dia 1350mm Capacity 304 litres Options Available in other sizes: - Dia 800mm H 400mm - Dia 1000mm H 700mm

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Bailey streetscene
composite planter / traditional
composite planter

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Livingreen design
stone planter / round / traditional
stone planter

Material: Cast Stone Dimensions: 24″ x 8.75″ Base: 15.5″ Weight: 71 lbs.

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wooden planter / square / traditional / for public spaces
wooden planter

Our Georgetown planter epitomizes sophistication as our top of the line planter. The planter with all the works-a fine testament to the exceptional woodworking skills of our Sitecraft ...

steel planter / round / traditional / for public spaces
steel planter

Delicately shaped 1.5 in (38 mm) vertical steel bars meticulously crafted and fitted to do justice to the classic vase form. 18 gal (68 L) capacity. Standard wide-mouth formed lid. US Patent D621,295 S. STANDARD All ...

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Victor Stanley
stone planter / round / traditional / for public spaces
stone planter

... Dante outdoor tall planters are a little bit of everything. They boast the rolled decorative lip and detailed bands of a fine piece of art, but the overall appearance is one of sleek understatement that works wonderfully ...

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fiberglass planter / round / traditional / for public spaces
fiberglass planter

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Old Town fiberglass
fiberglass planter / square / traditional / for public spaces
fiberglass planter

The Lattice planter is an artfully edged display of traditional crisscross latticework constructed of high-tech, lightweight materials.