Wall-mounted double-handle mixer taps

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How to choose this product


A wall-mounted double-handle mixer tap runs both hot and cold water through a single spout, though they are adjusted independently. This facilitates temperature control. Tap height above the sink can be customized. These units are often easier to keep clean than sink-mounted fixtures.

On ArchiExpo, such taps are defined by properties including intended use, number of mounting holes needed and special features (e.g., temperature regulation).


These taps are found in bathrooms and kitchens in commercial, public and residential settings. Some have a pull-out spray head, infrared sensor, automatic shutoff to save water or other special features.


Monobloc models supply hot and cold already mixed. Dual-flow units have separate controls for hot and cold water running through the same spout. Triple-flow versions add a third feed, usually for filtered water.

How to choose

Consider a style and color that fits well with other fixtures in the room. Design should suit intended use. Commercial models must be more robust and easier to maintain than a home kitchen tap. Determine the need for a water-saving or temperature regulation feature. Verify the suitability of the wall or partition, the required number of mounting holes and accessibility of the plumbing for maintenance.

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