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minimalist design shelf / contemporary / wall / metal - B3

The multi-function wall is the structural base element of the bulthaup b3 system from which everything is hung, such as cabinets and worktops, cooktops and water points, electrical appliances...

original design shelf / wall / by Ron Arad - LOVELY RITA

The customisable and modular bookshelf concept
returns. Lovely Rita evokes...

contemporary shelf / wall / modular / by Ron Arad - BOOKWORM

An artist creativity combined with a great company's
technology, gives life to a bookcase design of
industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the
world's most daring and revolutionary: Bookworm,

original design shelf / wall / in wood - HORIZONTES

Original hanging furniture: hand-made in Barcelona in limited series piece of 6.
Its ultra contemporary design contrasts with...

contemporary shelf / wall / metal - B-295x18

Shelf: 5" (125mm) wide, 18-gauge (1.2mm) satin-finish stainless...

original design shelf / wall / lacquered - SHELLF by Ka-Lai Chan

It is a path out of the ordinary that has characterised SheLLf bookcases. What was founded as a limited edition sculpture, a true work of art, turned into a modern furniture series, thanks to the meeting between the designer and the technology adopted by...

traditional shelf / wall / in wood - BOLGHERI

Good taste and social get-togethers are part of an Italian tradition...

contemporary shelf / wall / in wood - TECK: 3100NR - CHÊNE: 53100NR

It is ideal when space is not enough...

contemporary shelf / wall / metal - SHELFMADE by Ernesto Trapanese

A piece of art in metal. Make up your masterpiece! Two depth, Two heights, Two sides and no screws ! Enjoy counting how many compositions you are able to build and...

contemporary shelf / wall / metal - Z

Fascinating shapes on a double bed...

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