contemporary coffee table / oak / wood veneer / birch
contemporary coffee table

... matt lacquered in white, hemp, red, or veneered oak termocotto. News from Salone del Mobile 2014: a coffee table with a drawer, distinguished by a 30° slant, that is perfectly integrated ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / lacquered glass / round
contemporary coffee table

A series of tables from the circular shape, high and low, made ??of metal and glass mat or glossy, white or black, they fit the chair or live freely, complementing the padded space living. Tables ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / lacquered wood
contemporary coffee table
KABI by Ibon Arrizabalaga

Height: 31, 37 cm
Length: 65, 80 cm
Width: 65, 80 cm

... traditional nesting table. This set of two tables is designed so that the smaller of the two can be hidden under the larger one. They are ideal for a number of different spaces, and can be used as ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / lacquered wood
contemporary coffee table
LORE by Ibon Arrizabalaga

Height: 33, 37 cm
Length: 114, 123 cm
Width: 87 cm

... flower’ in Basque, is a unique coffee table made up of two or three tops arranged in such a way that they call to mind the petals of a flower. Flowers come in a wide variety of colour combinations, as ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / white
contemporary coffee table
BITA by Ibon Arrizabalaga

The design of the Bita table brings together aesthetics and functionality. The space between its two tops is perfect for storing books, magazines or the TV remote control. Different materials can be combined; for example, ...

contemporary coffee table / glass / rectangular / with storage compartment
contemporary coffee table

Height: 29 cm
Length: 110 cm
Width: 70 cm

The Ora Home coffee table has a pure white matt finish on wood, which is complimented by the integrated multi-color LEDs which are illuminated inside the table, and seen ...

contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / metal / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
1+1 by Stefano Gaggero

Height: 50, 35, 30 cm
Width: 60, 85, 120, 150 cm

... All this is possible because of its original style: metal structure, wooden top and a large range of available colors. The table can be used as a single piece, near the armrest of back of the sofa, or transformed in a ...

contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / metal / round
contemporary coffee table

Height: 30, 18, 45 cm
Width: 60, 76, 90 cm

... gesture. The combinations of finishes for the top and base can be playful or elegant, just as the combinations of multiple tables from the ABACO series can be varied and original.

contemporary coffee table / metal / chromed metal / marble
contemporary coffee table

Height: 37, 47, 27 cm
Width: 120, 150, 60 cm

... with its adaptable and minimal look, while staying true to its distinctive character and stability. The dynamism of this coffee table is enhanced by the range of available sizes and variety of finishes. Icaro ...

contemporary coffee table / painted aluminum / extruded aluminum / rotomolded polyethylene
contemporary coffee table

Height: 50 cm
Length: 62 cm
Width: 62 cm

contemporary coffee table / metal / rectangular / round
contemporary coffee table

White and anthracite, square, rectangular or round, in small or large sizes, the range of Otis coffee tables furnish any interiors with taste and modernity.

contemporary coffee table / walnut / MDF / wood veneer
contemporary coffee table
NÚCLEO : NCL101 by Víctor Carrasco

Height: 403 mm
Length: 836 mm
Width: 800 mm

A collection of casual restaurant tables, whose uniqueness lays in the “nucleus” displaying the colour of the structure in its tabletop. Materials: · E1 (low formaldehyde content) MDF fibreboard with natural oak or walnut ...

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Scandinavian style coffee table / oak / walnut / solid wood
Scandinavian style coffee table
BREDA : BRD302 by Borja García

Length: 700 mm
Width: 325 mm

A collection of small-sized tables, in a Scandinavian style, solid wood finishes and textured surfaces. The top is carved to achieve a slightly concave surface along its perimeter. They are delivered assembled. Materials: · ...

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Scandinavian design coffee table / wooden / square / white
Scandinavian design coffee table
BREDA : BRD305 by Borja García

Height: 325 mm
Length: 1,000 mm
Width: 1,000 mm

A collection of small-sized tables, in a Scandinavian style, solid wood finishes and textured surfaces. The top is carved to achieve a slightly concave surface along its perimeter. They are delivered assembled. Materials: · ...

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contemporary coffee table / metal / leather / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
ADD LOOK by Mauro Lipparini

Poetry, precision, subtlety, harmony, comfort. The classic sense of refinement, the incisive approach to design, the geometric accuracy of line and volume that come together to create an aura of welcome and ease: these are the motifs ...

contemporary coffee table / marble / oak / laminate
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45, 72 cm
Length: 70 cm
Width: 70 cm

... get to choose whether you want a table top in oak, white laminate or marble. FACT Table top in oak, white laminate or marble. Base: Aluminum base polished, white ...

contemporary coffee table / wooden / rectangular / white
contemporary coffee table

... identity and a touch of originality to an ambience with TV furniture and Bar furniture with rollaway doors. The beautiful coffee table becomes original thanks to the totally disappearing chessboard. With ...

contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / square / with storage compartment
contemporary coffee table

Comfortable and functional, the coffe table with a simple touch , open the top as by magic, creating the space for a beautiful chessboard FEATURES Wooden structure, glossy white lacquered with mother ...

contemporary coffee table / lacquered wood / square / white
contemporary coffee table

... Brummel presents loft, an elegant base support, able to enrich any fusnish accessory on it.FEATURESBlockboard wood, glossy white lacquered with rhinestones.

contemporary coffee table / solid wood / oval / living room
contemporary coffee table

Height: 515 mm
Length: 1,300 mm
Width: 640 mm

Bright and shiny … Oval centre table With lights inside Ideal for cafe / restaurant Number of size options available to suit any interior space Primary usage Commercial, Residential Application ...

contemporary coffee table / teak / round / living room
contemporary coffee table

Height: 400 mm
Length: 600 mm
Width: 600 mm

Perfect symmetry … A solidwood round table for living room Natural teakwood finish Beautiful display of teakwood grains Sturdy table for long life Primary usage Residential Application ...

traditional coffee table / solid wood / plywood / lacquered wood
traditional coffee table

Height: 527 mm
Length: 570 mm
Width: 570 mm

The classical coffee table is an elegant addition to your living room, office or other lounge environments. The table comes in 3 different stains: 1) clear lacquered, 2) whitewash and ...

contemporary coffee table / birch / round / hexagonal
contemporary coffee table

Height: 417 mm
Length: 880, 900, 800 mm
Width: 800, 880, 900 mm

Tango table, made out of birch plywood, is a modern addition to the living room, office or other public space. The table is designed by Danish designer Thomas Leerberg. The table comes ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / HPL / triangular
contemporary coffee table
AITA by Aitor García de Vicuña

Designed by Aitor García de Vicuña, the AITA Designed is a balance between surroundings and timeless aesthetic. It is a fit for everyone, a solution to the demands of new architectures and spaces with soul. AITA is the fruit of ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / walnut / rectangular
contemporary coffee table
CORNER by Pierre Dubourg

Height: 40 cm
Length: 120, 180, 140 cm
Width: 120, 100, 90 cm

Corner tables were designed to disrupt the classic position of the legs of most of the tables, putting it on a particular position that assures the stability and leaves the corners free. The different ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / solid wood / lacquered MDF
contemporary coffee table
AMSTERDAM by Mateusz Karewicz

Height: 42, 43 cm
Length: 60, 80 cm
Width: 60, 80 cm

... AMSTERDAM round coffee tables with shelf will suit most of modern interiors. The bottom shelf is subtle enough not to steal the show, but at the same time it provides space for random players, newspapers ...

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contemporary coffee table / oak / lacquered wood / aluminum
contemporary coffee table
FOLDER by Ezio Pescatori

Height: 24 cm
Length: 90 cm
Width: 40 cm

A very modern and interesting coffee table with a special slots for newspapers or magazines. That coffee table was designed for waiting rooms, where newspapers are necessary ...

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minimalist design coffee table / oak / lacquered wood / solid wood
minimalist design coffee table
RENO by Mateusz Karewicz

Height: 43 cm
Length: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm

A round coffee table with an oak wood top and a very minimalist, yet intriguing, base. SPECIFICATION DIMENSIONS diameter: 80 cm height: 43 cm MATERIALS base: powder coated steel / top: lacquered ...

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contemporary coffee table / polished stainless steel / marble / oval
contemporary coffee table

Height: 30, 40 cm
Length: 150, 200 cm
Width: 100, 130 cm

Francesca was born out of the desire to link the eternal beauty of marble with the nobility of the best stainless steel. The result is a piece based on a refined careful geometry, which invites us to feel the idyll of nature itself.

design coffee table / beech / oak / walnut
design coffee table
RHOMBI LINO by gg designart

Height: 40 cm
Length: 46 cm - 80 cm
Width: 46 cm - 80 cm

... : Mauve Wood type: Solid American walnut, oiled Sharp edges. Linoleum table top flush to legs. Framework in solid wood standard coating: treatment with herbal oil. Table top with bevelled edges ...

contemporary coffee table / metal / trapezoidal / for public buildings
contemporary coffee table
by Nicola Cacco

New Baroque design coffee table / lacquered wood / beech / marble
New Baroque design coffee table

Height: 55 cm
Length: 110 cm
Width: 110 cm

Firenze by Orsitalia: the large square coffee table for living rooms, in lacquered wood and Crema Marfil marble, in classic baroque style of 100% Italian production. The structure of the Firenze by Orsitalia ...

classic coffee table / wooden / round / white
classic coffee table

... as a coffee table, we find the colors flashy as well as the carved motif of Marquis of Bérangose That characterizes the range. You can of course personalize your Big Diabolo by asking for the color of ...

contemporary coffee table / walnut / MDF / chestnut
contemporary coffee table
SOGLINO by Act_romegialli

Height: 20 cm
Length: 135 cm
Width: 110 cm

Low table belonging to the design-family Soglio of which it maintains either the specially tapered top which gives formal lightness and also the asymmetrically but well-balanced egg shape. It becomes smaller. The top ...

contemporary coffee table / sheet steel / commercial / white
contemporary coffee table
SAPPORO by Toni Pallejà

Simplicity. A small table that turns out to be ideal for contemporary waiting areas due to its look and the wide range of colours. Made of 3 mm steel plate, adaptable for multiple surroundings.

original design coffee table / plywood / birch / commercial
original design coffee table

Length: 88, 124 cm
Width: 56.5, 82.3 cm

Birch Plywood Coffee table/Side table with SPOKE MINI legs.New, complete Birch Plywood table top with hand-oiled finish combined with 37cm SPOKE MINI legs in one ready-to-go ...

contemporary coffee table / oak / beech / melamine
contemporary coffee table

Height: 45 cm
Length: 70 cm
Width: 70 cm

A contemporary version of a timeless style. Simplicity of form allows complementary role with other environment styles without committing its innate elegance. Structure painted with epoxy powders and treated in a polymerization ...

contemporary coffee table / varnished wood / rectangular / outdoor
contemporary coffee table
ArchiDeco No Tools ®

Height: 50 cm
Length: 100 cm
Width: 50 cm