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Wood frameworks
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glulam wood framework - RUBNER HOLZBAU

The leading company in Europe for the realisation of large wood projects

With its wood structures, Rubner Holzbau gives life to quite fascinating settings. The Company is market...


The Kebony-Wallpaper* Dog Retreat is a one-off bespoke piece made of sustainable Kebony bones exhibited at the 2012 Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition, Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan Furniture Fair).

Specially commissioned by Wallpaper* and working in collaboration with acclaimed Norwegian architects Jarmund/Vigsnaes AS, Kebony have delivered a...

solid wood framework - FLAKE-STRUCTURE by J. Ravlo Stokke and Øystein A.

The young designduo StokkeAustad won the pitch for designing the 100% Norway exhibition stand for the London Design Festival 2009. The exhibition was curated by Henrietta Thompson (Senior editor, Wallpaper*) and Benedicte Sunde (curator at DogA - The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture),...

solid wood framework - FLAKE-STRUCTURE by J. Ravlo Stokke and Øystein A.

Innovative and high performance solutions for...

glulam wood framework - INTERSPAR LEHEN/SALZBURG

Project manager Franz Freudenthaler, Corporate Construction Departmental Manager at the construction company SES Spar European Shopping Centres and responsible for Interspar-Projects:
For the construction of the ambitious timber roof of the INTERSPAR-Hypermarkets project in Salzburg Lehen, we have found...

glulam wood framework - ATRIO SHOPPING CENTRE

Shopping "senza confini - Choosing a central theme for a Shopping-Centre.

ATRIO is situated at the junction between Carinthia, Slovenia and Friaul Julisch-Venetien....

glulam wood framework - EXHIBITION HALL SALZBURG

Supported Barrel roof

Supported Barrel roofs made of glued timber are amongst the most economically efficient timber construction types....

glulam wood framework - SCRAP RECLAIM FACILITY HALLEIN

Unhindered freedom of movement for all appliances and machines is offered by the roofing area of the Weiss Company scrap...

glulam wood framework - WAREHOUSE

Job: Timber structure and roofing components


glulam wood framework - WAREHOUSE

Glued laminated timber framework is the main activity of MATHIS. Leader, specialist and expert in this field...

glulam wood framework - WAREHOUSE

Glulam dome structures are built, for example, to store bulk goods. Their design and structure...

solid wood framework - FINNROOF

Finnroof is a new comprehensive LowE roof solution
used in the construction of residential buildings.
A complete...

solid wood framework - FINNROOF

Glulam is made of sawn structural timber. No fewer than four lamellas are cut along the grain, which are then finger-jointed and glued together. Glulam is an ideal material for the...

solid wood framework -

Construction timber cutting class A and S fresh according to DIN 1052-1 S 10/C 24

Cutting class
Construction timber spruce/fir cutting class A fresh

solid wood framework -

LANIK designs and develops glue laminated-timber structural systems.

Glue-laminated timber is a proven technology. It makes an ideal building material and is a perfect...

glulam wood framework - CEPL - WEILBACH

We make insulated coverings, with load-bearing laminated wood arches or, where requested, galvanized steel. The load-bearing frameworks are made-to-measure in order to house the required covering and therefore secondary warping complies with the necessary parameters laid down by the standards in force regarding...

glulam wood framework - CEPL - WEILBACH

Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely used siding type. It is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. The manufacturing...

glulam wood framework - CEPL - WEILBACH

# Western Red Cedar,...

glulam wood framework - EPICÉA

Manufactured to any design which may be presented to us, our trusses can be made...

glulam wood framework - EPICÉA

We are constantly striving for perfection. The technical challenge in the...

glulam wood framework - EPICÉA


Frame systems are economical support structure solutions (beams and support columns) for optimized load distribution in difficult assembly situations, such as if it is not possible to transport heavy precast concrete members...

glulam wood framework - EPICÉA

If it is true that works are not only remembered for their dimension, it is also true that it is...

glulam wood framework - EPICÉA

If it is true that works are not only remembered for their dimension, it is also true that it is...

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