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half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - AIRA

Aira is the new cantilevered stair designed by Rintal that enhances the space thanks to the perfect balance among materials, shape and an almost imperceptible physicality.

The steps, available in various essences and shades, are fixed directly into the wall by means of a Rintals patent anchoring system that combines solidity and...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - PASSEPARTOUT


PASSEPARTOUT the innovative stair designed by Rintal as the perfect alternative to the spiral stair.

PASSEPARTOUT combines indeed the simplicity of the spiral stair to the comfort of the open stair, creating...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - EXCELLENCE : SWING VIEW

Suspended staircase with wooden steps mm 60 fixed to bearing wall...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - SPINNAKER

Self-supporting staircase with massive wood steps,...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - GRAVITY

Trescalini - Straight staircase Gravity steel frame and wood stairs, glass railing :

Details :...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - SKYSTEP VERRE CLAIR MARCHES BOIS

Clear glass and wood staircases Skystep : straight staircases frame with clear glass piece in exterior, wood steps (oak).

The Skystep is a straight, quarter or half turn staircases caracterized by a stainless steel fixation system on...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - RESIN COATED

The resin-coated wooden cantilever staircase comprises beech wood steps coated with resin in any colour to the customer’s sample...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - CLOSED WOODEN

The wooden steps of the stainless steel-wood cantilever staircase come in various types of wood (Beech, Oak, Doussie, Wenge, Teak, Iroko) and with several finishes (oil, bleached, polyurethane varnishes, etc). The thickness of the step and riser...

circular staircase / hanging / wood / metal - OPEN WOODEN

The wooden-stainless steel staircase comprises wooden steps supplied in various types of wood (Beech, Oak, Doussie, Wenge, Teak, Iroko) and with several finishes (oil, bleached, polyurethane varnishes, etc). The thickness of the step and riser (73-80...

circular staircase / hanging / wood - PAROS

Staircase with cantilever steps in wenge wood type in colour L 13, also available with risers....

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - MAGNOLIA BARN RD 02

Height 13 rise
Width 800mm
Materials Glass & Oak


straight staircase / hanging / wood - CUPS YARD SS 786

This straight stair has each tread individually fixed to the wall via two pins and utilises the...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - BOSTON HOUSE SS 562

Designed by the architects department of the Arup group this pair of straight stairs...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - WILTON MEWS

The Wilton Mews staircase is adaptable for many environments.
The secret to this staircases success is in the large piece of glass acting as a structural stringer, along with the hidden metalwork. The first fix involved mechanically...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - HARTLEY TINSON

The cantilever staircase is adaptable for many environments. The secret to this staircases success is in the hidden metalwork in the wall. The first fix involved mechanically...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - HARTLEY WOOD

The simple lines through the glass balustrades give this staircase character as it rises from the open-plan ground floor of this stunning family home.
To achieve...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - TURLEY CORNER

This type of cantilever staircase is adaptable for many environments. The secret to this staircases success is the hidden cantilever metalwork frame; CANAL has the experience of constructing...

half-turn staircase / hanging / wood - GLAM H12

Modular interior staircase made of solid beech wood (finger joint), no structure.


straight staircase / hanging / wood - KONSOL : KON001

This staircase, KONSOL, is surrealist and minimalist. A suspended staircase which is supported by a simple structure solidly...

circular staircase / hanging / wood / metal - FUTURA

Cantilever stairs laterally fixedy, 60 mm thick wooden steps.

Stainless steel railing with 6 rods diameter 12 mm, double...

circular staircase / hanging / wood - TWE-549

Helical staircases, sometimes referred to as curved staircases, lead you upstairs in an flowing arc. This makes these staircases ideal for retail, showrooms and other public spaces, but they also look glamorous in an office or residential location. Helical staircases...

circular staircase / hanging / wood - TWE-480

When it comes to creating an impressive look, EeStairs® floating staircases are in a class of their own. That may explain why they’re so popular and so intriguing. The floating treads are attached on one side, either...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - TRE-478

Massive staircases feel safe and look substantial. They give the impression of being compact and secure in any setting. Massive stairs have no gaps between treads. The gap is filled with risers...

straight staircase / hanging / wood - CLARENDON

This delightful open tread stair is constructed from, Stainless Steel and American Walnut.
A simple but very...


How to choose this product


The wooden staircase is made of solid wood. This material's versatility enables its use in straight, L-shaped (quarter-turn), U-shaped (half-turn) and spiral configurations.


The following are among the many different wood species used for stair construction.

- Oak: light brown, very durable, suitable for interior or exterior stairs
- Maple: light beige to white, moderate durability (interior use only), elegant appearance
- Ash: brown/beige, very strong and durable, interior or exterior use, suitable for any style from rustic to modern
- Beech: pinkish, great strength and durability, modern and natural look
- Pine: white softwood, natural and traditional look, easy to work, economical, minimal durability.

How to choose

Choice will depend on type and frequency of use. High-traffic areas require a hard, durable wood.

Appearance is another factor. The numerous wood varieties offer many tonal options, from a natural look to gleaming refinement.


- Large variety of styles
- Wide range of prices

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