wooden cladding / smooth / grooved / lacquered
wooden cladding

New design projects for contemporary architecture During the last years Silvelox has developed new architectural solutions characterised by a strongly design-oriented approach. The collaboration with the renowned architects Gabriele ...

wooden cladding / oiled / strip / FSC-certified
wooden cladding

... treatment performed on these boards considerably enhances the solidity of their wood against atmospheric agents, but to keep them unaltered over the years, we heartily recommend to oil them twice a year. ...

wooden cladding / textured / strip
wooden cladding

Thermowood® is the thermally treated wood from MetsäWood, which results from a process of molecular modification of the wood carried out only through water vapour and high temperatures, with absolute ...

wooden cladding / painted / strip / vertical
wooden cladding

glue-laminated wood cladding / smooth / strip
glue-laminated wood cladding

... off excessive tensions, so it does not curve evidently. With this solution, we are able to manufacture a large variety of boards with thickness of 18 mm to 32 mm and width of 75 mm to 270 mm.

poplar cladding / matte / strip
poplar cladding

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wooden cladding / matte / strip
wooden cladding

We design our constructions using the full range of wall facings available on the market. Our design office defines the facing pattern with all the finishing details regarding junctions and seals to ensure elegant weather resistance ...

hardwood cladding / matte / strip / rustic
hardwood cladding

Hardwood timber cladding provides an envelope that protects a building. Hardwood timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial ...