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contemporary desk / glass - SCRIBE

Desk composed of two 12 mm curved glass bases and a...

contemporary desk / glass - ATLAS by Danny Lane

Executive desk with top 20 mm thick. Legs consisting of...

contemporary desk / glass - BRIGHT by Valerio Cometti

Desk in 15 mm welded glass available in one piece with transparent r glass mounting supports...

original design desk / glass - GRAPH by Xavier Lust

Desk comprising base in 19 mm curved transparent...

contemporary desk / glass - LLT by Dante O. Benini & Luca Gonzo

Table composed of a 15 mm thick transparent glass top with bevelled edges on the two shorter sides and of a base in 15...

contemporary desk / in wood / wall - SEGRETO

Even in these modern high-tech times, when data and information can be conveniently stored in tiny USB devices, we still have a physical space in our homes in which to keep and file away documents and objects we consider important. Now Ron Gilad, the eclectic...

contemporary desk / by Patricia Urquiola - SCRIBA

A desk with very clean lines and a decoratively perforated top support...

contemporary desk / in wood - MAESTRALE by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba,

Chromium-plated or nickel-plated glossy black...

original design desk - COMACINA by Piero Bottoni

Writing desk with storage unit. 18/8 stainless steel tubular...

executive desk / contemporary / glass - CAVOUR by Carlo Mollino

Plate glass top. Natural or wengé-stained...

contemporary desk / in wood / by Christophe Pillet - NANCY

To work at home and in the office, the Nancy writing desk is designed with soft lines, evoking...

contemporary desk / in wood / by Christophe Pillet - NANCY

For customized furniture solutions and information...

contemporary desk / lacquered / commercial - USM HALLER

An elegant dining room table, a multi-functional...

contemporary desk / metal / commercial - USM KITOS

The USM Kitos Table features a single lectern with height...

contemporary desk / height-adjustable / commercial - USM KITOS

The USM Kitos Table features a single lectern with height...

contemporary desk / in wood / by Antonio Citterio - ARNE


contemporary desk / by Antonio Citterio - EILEEN


contemporary desk / by Antonio Citterio - AC

A complete range of executive wood based furniture for executive offices, meeting rooms...

executive desk / contemporary - PROGETTO 1 by Monica Armani

A minimalistic table series ideal for executive offices and meeting rooms, or as working tables...

minimalist design desk - NUUR by Simon Pengelly

Nuur is the archetypal table: a single, spare plane floats above four...

contemporary desk / modular - DESK E: ALDER

Desk E is not only a stylish single desk but also a perfect add-on unit for desks E and F, allowing...

contemporary desk / modular - DESK F: WHITE LACQUER

White lacquer

The desk F table top (size 80x80 cm, height 72 cm) is supported...

contemporary desk / with shelf - ENCADO II

White lacquer, core walnut

Working form home requires an individual,...

Bauhaus design desk / by Marcel Breuer  - M45

Material & Colour

high-grade steel, 1 handle on side, glass top, 3 drawers and ext....

contemporary desk - K2D

chromed steel »tube oblique«

Tabletop and 2 drawers:

contemporary desk - M1 by Stefan Wewerka

ash veneer lacquered black, white or red, base with 2 doors, shelf inside, opening to rectilinear, side of table

Model M1-3:
like M1, mirrored top


contemporary desk - M21

ash veneer lacquered black or white, cherry tree or maple veneer, open base,...

contemporary desk - M61/El Lissitzky

ash veneer black or white lacquered, chromed leg, 2 drawers in beech, place of deposit behind the door

cherry tree veneer, maple veneer

Model M61-2:
like M61, in mirror-imaged

hanging files


contemporary desk / height-adjustable / commercial - MOBILITY

The program consists of various desks with height adjustments, offering a wide range...

contemporary desk / commercial - MOBILITY

The program consists of various desks with height adjustments, offering a wide range...

executive desk / contemporary - VITAL PLUS ST/60

A new evolution with a wide program for current work spaces: desks, operational tables, double tables...

contemporary desk / glass / commercial - VITAL PLUS ST/60

A new evolution with a wide program for current work spaces: desks, operational tables, double tables...

contemporary desk / commercial - COOL E100

Cool E100. Attending to those spaces that demand flexible solutions, the program offers...

contemporary desk / in wood / by Christophe Pillet - NOVELIST

Its name evokes past creativity, materials and aesthetics as well, while making its use modern standing out as an elegant...

contemporary desk / in wood / by Rodolfo Dordoni - FULTON


executive desk / contemporary / by Antonio Citterio - AD HOC EXECUTIVE

The corporate culture of a company finds clear expression in the workspaces and offices of its executives. Values such as transparency, teamwork and quality, which play an increasingly important...

contemporary desk / by Charles & Ray Eames - EAMES DESK UNIT- EDU

In 1949, Charles and Ray Eames developed an innovative system of freestanding, multifunctional shelves and desks. Similar to the simultaneously constructed Eames House, these designs...

contemporary desk / by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby - MAP TABLE

Map Table is a universal table system for situations requiring flexible configurations and optimal usage of space.

Through their experience with the architectural design and development of training and conference venues, Edward Barber...

contemporary desk / by George Nelson - HOME DESK

As graceful as it is decorative: this home desk with its refined,...

contemporary desk / by Jean Prouvé - COMPAS DIRECTION : 1953

Jean Prouvé developed the Compas table in various models around 1950, applying the construction principles that...

contemporary desk / by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec / commercial - JOYN : SINGLE BENCH

Joyn is more than just office furniture. Joyn
is a management instrument in an era of a
changing work culture because Joyn
combines a variety of room functions on
one single level: the platform. Its mobile

executive desk / contemporary / by Antonio Citterio - AD HOC EXECUTIVE : TISCH

A modern management style is also
expressed through office design.

A company's business culture is conveyed
through its workstations and executive
offices in particular. And within corporate
cultures, the role of values such as
transparency, teamwork and quality is
becoming increasingly important. These
values were the main focus when developing

contemporary desk / by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby - MAP TABLE HOME DESK

The veneer table tops in light oak or dark
oak give Map Table a homely note and
makes the table...

contemporary desk / by Jean Prouvé - COMPAS DIRECTION

Jean Prouvé developed the Compas table in various models around 1950, applying the construction principles that...

contemporary desk / by Hella Jongerius - SPHERE

The Sphere Table was developed in conjunction with the redesign of the North Delegates Lounge at the United Nations headquarters in New York. As part of a large-scale programme to renovate the building's interior, the project was led...

contemporary desk / in wood / leather / by Michele De Lucchi - ARTU

A well designed and flexible system for furnishing executive offices, meeting and board rooms. Artù utilises leather and high quality woods, hand manufactured with the typical Poltrona Frau quality and attention to detail. The collection comprises conference tables, meeting tables, desks and cupboards...

contemporary desk / in wood - H_O by Claudio Silvestrin

Elegant and intentionally rising above ideas of fashion, H_O is a collection of refined furniture of exclusive taste which Claudio Silvestrin designed in response to the need for a prestigious and tastefully luxurious Home Office. The collection consists of a desk with drawers, available in two different sizes; a pc table; a console table with a thick top; a cupboard; and...

contemporary desk / in wood / leather - C.E.O. by Lella & Massimo Vignelli

The pure shape, the blend of materials, the solid, technically-advanced structure, the soul of Poltrona Frau. Microarchitecture rather than simple furnishing, able to divide and populate the space of the most qualified workplaces. The CEO Cube series comprises meeting tables, managerial desks, storage units and an open bookcase. The clear-cut geometric design blends with...

contemporary desk - CORINTHIA by Luca Scacchetti

A system for management offices, complete with coordinated tables, desks and storage units. The collection particularly stands out for the strong lines of the chrome-plated steel structure, topped by elegant volutes that evoke the classic constructive geometry of Corinthian columns and capitals. The entire collection is designed around a curving, v shaped steel profile,...

contemporary desk / leather - FRED by Roberto Lazzeroni

A featherlight structure and the beauty of an uninterrupted leather surface. Handmade delicate carvings and cold markings create delicate graphic decorations on its surface. A special craft process...

contemporary desk / by Werner Aisslinger - CUBE FINE

Here its well and truly one thing after another: the new, open cabinet...

contemporary desk / by Werner Aisslinger - CUBE GAP

One thing arises from another, and thats not only the case at work but also...

contemporary desk / by Werner Aisslinger - CUBE GAP

What a good thing youre used to making decisions! You see, you also have a choice...

contemporary desk / with storage / commercial - DUO PLUS by Peter Maly

Our contribution to your very personal work–life balance: an office table that fits in...

minimalist design desk - MAMBA by V. Vasilev

Shelf - hanging writing desk made of matt white Cristalplant....

minimalist design desk - MAMBA LIGHT by V. Vasilev

Shelf and/or wall-mounted desk in medium density fibreboard with varying thicknesses...

contemporary desk - by F. Bettoni

Tables and desks.
Frame in natural anodized or polished aluminium. Built-in tops of matt Keramik (in anthracite grey, light grey,...

multimedia desk - GATEWAY by busk + hertzog

The Collection is comprised of 3 major elements that work in conjunction to provide smart solutions to multimedia presentation, video conference and traditional office requirements.


desk with storage / commercial - VOX® by Mark Müller

seamlessly integrates elements from The Vox® Collection™ to create a workstation that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In today's corporate offices, space is at a premium, Vox® Office™ takes...

desk with storage / commercial - PARABOLA® by Mark Müller

Through the interplay of elegantly understated volumes and sweeping curves, Parabola (add registered symbol) transforms the natural beauty of wood into compelling and versatile design. Impeccably matched veneers, smoothly...

desk with storage / commercial - PRECEDENT® by Mark Müller

Workplace furniture that combines clean, classic lines with the natural beauty of wood always makes a professional impression and never goes out of style. That´s why modular, versatile Precedent represents enduring value. Nienkämper´s remarkable expertise using natural and stained veneers is evident in the careful matching of adjacent panels, and in the way the wood wraps smoothly around work surface...


How to choose this product


A writing desk is designed for paperwork, computer and other types of tasks. It may be freestanding or wall-mounted. On ArchiExpo, these items are categorized by properties such as style, type of material, function, or special features (folding, etc.).


This furniture is found in private, public and professional settings, including libraries and schools, hotels and offices. It may have integrated lighting, seating, drawers, cupboards or shelves, and may be built into larger pieces of furniture, such as a wall unit or beneath a loft bed. Some include unusual features, such as an exercise treadmill.


While traditional writing desks are often constructed from joined wood, many modern versions are flat-packed for assembly by the user. Popular materials include stainless steel, glass, wood, plastic and laminated boards.

How to choose

When choosing, consider available space, intended use and users. While many configurations are standard, there are also unusual asymmetric and curved models. A sturdy design should be chosen for desks that will hold a computer or other heavy equipment. Some have holes for running cables to the floor or wall. Drawers and shelves should be adequate for the items to be stored.

Desk style may be chosen to contrast or complement the decor. A red, minimalist design desk will stand out in a room with a neutral color scheme.

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